[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 THIEVING Guide (2018 Best Methods)
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[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 THIEVING Guide (2018 Best Methods)

August 14, 2019

Hey, what’s up glad you could click on my 1 to 99 thieving guide I’ll actually be posting every single 99 so make sure you check it out, and if you do find this video Enjoyable make sure you subscribe. Let’s get into it I try to start off every single one of these guide videos With the quest because if you do the quests in the beginning you’re gonna save yourself so much time and basically just skyrocket yourself I’m like level 1 to 40 or 50 or even 30 if you’re a little lazy But I would recommend it simple quest like the fighter in a giving 2.2 K xp could get you level like 15 from level 1 and the quest takes 5 minutes And it gives really good combat XP along with fairytale part 2 you’re probably enough to do that quest slug Menace that unlocks the proslyte armor it’s actually the cooler looking initiate armor that you get from the falador quest and Its really good for prayer the quest called the feud you’ll actually need to do this quest later on For thieving and it’s really helpful actually gives you an adamant scimitar, which isn’t that big of a deal? But in deadman mode people do this quest all the time free weapon but ya guys do what you want to do just my suggestion a Couple useful items are actually getting the Ardy cloak which will give you a 10% Thieving boost throughout the ardy City another item is the gloves of silence, which do help mainly for hunter But it does actually increase your percentage of pickpocketing while thieving if you are looking to get high thieving I would highly recommend getting the rogue set you get no extra XP But twice as much loot and its really good for thieving ardy Knights Etc, but you can make about 400 K an hour possibly with this set another item that’s actually overpowered but nobody uses It is called the dodgy necklace this came into the game a couple months ago And it’s actually gonna give you a 25% chance to not fail while wearing this necklace if your pickpocketing I’m doing a giveaway with every single one of these 99 videos, and I actually got this one a little mixed up I’m not gonna lie So I’m gonna give away 3 mil GP and a Ferro Scepter and feel free to check out the channel like 5 days to see if you won And you know if you’re watching this video months and months after it’s been posted I might have another giveaway on my sleeve for you guys or just some other content So check out the channel lots of good stuff the items you’ll need will definitely depend on which route you choose to thieve But you’re most likely gonna want food anti poison a maple blackjack U Which you can buy from the GE. It’s only like 15 K a pharoah scepter, which is about 5 mil You don’t need this, but it’s really gonna help you during pyramid plunder And you could also get the rogue set which I just talked about only 50 thieving and agility required and very helpful Starting it off at Lumbridge and real quick before we begin go to your wrench actually and Go to NPC attack and turn it to hidden or right-click this should make it a lot easier to train on NPCs like guards etc so yeah you guess that one the 5 men or women you could also go to Camelot in the in the village in the pub and Leave them there or varrock. They’re all over the place to be honest You know you’re gonna be here for about one minute, and it’s it’s the worst gold ever it’s like three GP a pickpocket So once you’ve gotten 5 thieving I suggest heading over to RT you might want to take the lever or you could actually buy like a tablet a cami tab from the GE to get there and just walk south you’re gonna want to head to the center of RT and go to the marketplace and Steal from the cake, so this is roughly 8 K an hour, and it is pretty good food If you are in low level and if you’re like a level 10 HP Skiller you might want to watch out for the guards because they can hit you pretty nice especially if you’re afk I would stand on the the east side and Then if they are attacking you actually just run into the grass, and they should let up next up stealing from the silk stalls from 22:38 roughly 15 k XP an hour, and you could sell later to the merchants or just just drop it It’s not even worth that much or you could sell to the GE If you’re really hurting I would suggest doing this in a populated world some of the guards do come around they actually attack Another person instead of you But if you can’t seem to find anyone you can actually open this door just north and hit the guard Lure him in and then lock them in there, and then you’re good to go So next up 38 to 45 master farmer You should be expecting about 20 k xp an hour once you get higher thieving of course you could actually come back here With the rogue outfit, which I’d recommend if you get this set it takes about five hours You’ll actually get no more XP, but you’ll get double the loot So let’s say you got a ranarr seed you get two of them amazing I’d also highly recommend any iron men doing this for a couple hours to get some base Level seeds to start training farming If you’re not able to get too ardy or you just don’t like the scenery you can actually go to draynor village I find That there is more people here. It’s kind of more friendly and other people actually drop seeds, which could be of value I Do want to touch upon the rogues then minigame and the rogues outfit real quick the guide would be increased about 10 minutes if I Were to show you you know me going through every single trap and trying to get the outfit it takes about five hours But I will show you guys the map and a pretty cool money making method So if you teleport to Burthope via the game’s necklace, and then you actually go to the bar go down the ladder This is where you actually purchased the graceful outfit with the marks of grace check out mine on an agility guide But you can actually buy lock picks here and a stethoscope for Martin Twite And then just move ten squares over here to the middle of the room and pick lock these safes You could afk, or you could go full focus you can get some good gems So once you get about 50 agility and 50 thieving I would highly suggest getting the Rogues outfit this is gonna Take multiple multiple hours, but it’ll grant you double the loot from any NPC you actually thief And if you’re planning on getting you know 99 thieving this is gonna Make you 30 mil 50 mil more, then you would actually get I would highly suggest getting every single piece And you know not just the gloves or not just the boots Like I said earlier take me another 10 or 15 minutes Just to cover this section of the guide, so I highly suggest checking out another guide, or you know Wikipedia or something? But this is the map and we can see it’s very very complex each runs gonna Take you about five to ten minutes, and you will get a huge amount of XP then of course And you could also unlock one of the pieces of the rogue outfit Alright, so the next method is found deep out in the desert around pallav an inch you’re definitely gonna want to bring a desert out Of it and some water skins you’ll also want to bring gold for the carpet And if you’re low on food you can actually buy wine and other various liquids from this bartender for very cheap And I believe these wines Heal nine to eleven so it’s awesome so the method I’m about to show you is actually the quickest XP in the whole game But it is a little bit tedious, and there’s certain levels you unlock better XP cuz there’s actually three different guards You could come here in the level and do the bandits, but I’m gonna come here at higher Level and do the thugs and you could actually go to 99 make a good amount of gold And it’s the quickest method like I said So what you want to do is actually lure one of these guys into the hut and then close the curtain of course and then You’ll want to zoom in on your camera or right-click and knock out and then Pickpocket twice and then just keep repeating you’ll actually get in a pretty good rhythm it might be a challenge for 20 minutes But I guarantee you you will get it armored doing this for a couple hours And actually became kind of pleasant especially if you’re just chilling back watching a movie Another alternative at 55 is ardy nights Although I would suggest coming here like 60 to 70 to 80 Because you’re not gonna fail as much which means more XP and more gold Like I said before you might want to get that rogue outfit which is gonna Give you twice as much loot cuz this method is gonna Give you a lot of gold and everyone else has it so you kind of feel embarrassed if you don’t Pickpocketing ardy Knights is somewhat clique intensive really good for like an alt account You are on a main, and yeah There’s been rumors of people doing this all the way to 200mill XP and they actually put a laptop on the floor and click there with their big toe it sounds crazy But people do it anything for some gold man so moving on to one of the best methods to get to 99 Pyramid plunder and makes you guys stay to the end cuz I actually do have some money making methods Saved at the end I would highly suggest if you can afford it getting a pharaoh scepter there about five mill But it’s gonna teleport you right to the pyramid Once you get inside just start the mini game with the mummy and you might want to find a populated world so you can do It with another person and actually trying to have him go before you like five seconds And you could actually trail in his spot and see which doors didn’t work for him And if like he goes through a door, and it does work, that’s the same door you want to go through Now depending on your thieving level you’re only gonna want to do the last two to three rooms so skip the first couple It’s not very good XP and as far as gear and inventory goes you really don’t need anything except an anti poison potion a little bit of food and some stamina so if you do get any gold seals or scarabs I would Totally keep onto them because they’re about a K each And that’s all the gold you’re gonna be getting from pyramid plunder unless you get a pharaoh scepter, which is 5 mill like I said And you can actually get them from the sarcophagus and the chests in the middle of the room the XP rates are pretty good 125K at 71 190K at 81 and 250K at 91 Once you have a moderately high thieving level you can actually make some gold on top of the ardy Knights or if you get a Pharaoh’s scepter I Level 78 you could go to the dorgeshunn chest and actually unlock it for 2.5 K and a whole bunch uncut gems like the topaz is 3 K each. You got some other you know diamonds on there It’s actually pretty good gold. It’s 300 seconds to respond time, so you’re definitely gonna want to hop at 84 There’s a rogues chest which is probably about 800 K an hour, maybe a little bit less or even more I’m not sure you know based on the prices, but it is good gold But it isn’t the will be there’s lots of pkers, so bring food get ready log out, yeah I Do hope you learned something and found the guide helpful and subscribe Guys that means so much it really does and I’ll actually be posting every single 99 so make sure you guys go check those out Also guys feel free to check out seers village and come support the channel, and it would mean a lot. Have a good one boys

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  1. How do you black jack at level 45 thieving? I watched another guide and it said you have to have 55 thieving and a quest done

  2. Hey thanks for your 1-99 vids very helpful… 🙂 just about to start thieving and I'm excited to blast through it…. unfortunately for me I'm making a obby mauler so can't do quests. tyvm I subbed rsn : kingsquidau

  3. I suggest not doing master farmers at 38. Dude keeps hitting you and you'll eventually get 13k xp per hour, compared to Fruit stalls which will give u 15k per hour.

  4. something is wrong with knock out i tryed 50 times before i could get him knock out is that a bug or something


  6. How do you just endlessly click at Ardy Knights? Seems like, even with Dodgy Necklace, you get hit faster than you can regenerate.

  7. doesn't work. 9/10 times he just attacks me or if i successfully knock him out i have just enough time to get 1 pickpocket in and then thats only successful like 1/3 times

  8. You did an incredible job from start to finish. I really enjoy the location you chose for your character to be at the end of the video. You get a like and a new sub. Keep up the great work 🐉🔮⚡…

  9. for theiving silk just high alch your silk in between stealssteal a few then put one directly under spell and your set

  10. This guy literally lies in all his vids on the time it takes never belive the time he says for each skill they are always wrong 1-25 thieve literally took my good 50 minutes… also fishing guide all wrong

  11. tbh i feel like the exp per hr always is so far above what you actually get … like master farmer was sooo slow compared to what he's saying

  12. you said the fight arena is a good quest to get from 1 to 15 but fail to mention a lvl 137 monster you have to defeat in that quest

  13. The Master Farmer tip is by far the worst one ive come across in any guide. You loose so much cause you always get hit for 3 and have to buy tons of food. The exp rate per H is far lower than what u listed here aswell. If you are at the level you specified in the beginning. So dont do this unless ur really lvling farming after.

  14. What should you do when on mobile the black jack technique doesnt work very well it barely works at all? Just slowly grind master farmer till 55?

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  17. Sorry but this isn't very helpful. It seems like this vid caters to viewers who have been playing RS forever and already have background knowledge on all these things you're talking about. While some parts are straightforward, the part about blackjacking was VERY unclear. "Since I'm starting at a higher level I'm gonna do thugs…" totally skipped over useful explanation for lower levels.

  18. hey my rs name is greenbombs1 and I am fairly new to osrs and I love it, I already have a wc cape but I would love the thieving cape, if you picked me for a giveaway that would be so awesome, thanks for the helpful videos

  19. What is "arty"? It's not self explanitary to everyone dude. Candy tablet in ge? Nah there isnt one. If only I knew how to get there and where "there" even is lol

  20. just lost a my blowpipe at revs.. had to spend my bank stack to get it back. plz help 🙁
    name – maxd 0ut <- zero for 0ut

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  22. Considering the fact that you'll be getting constantly stunned up until level 45 pickpocketing the master farmer, it's just not a good way to go. Yeah you can get a ranarr seed once every 5000 seeds, but you can always pickpocket the master farmer later if that's what you're after. Keep stealing from the hosidious fruit stalls for m u c h faster levels.

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