Original Big-Block Camaros in Arizona | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 11
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Original Big-Block Camaros in Arizona | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 11

December 29, 2019

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  1. Hi all! We had a lot of interest in the 2 Big Block Camaros. We put the owners in contact with several of you and are happy to announce that both of them are SOLD If the Plymouth Duster or Impala convertible is still of interest to anyone we'd be happy to put you in contact with the owners. Thanks!

  2. I seen a 1957 Chrysler 300c Hemi Convertible in my neighbors driveway, everyone always bugged her to buy it and she never let it go. her and her husband bought it new and got married in it so it was special and yes It sat right there for 47 years.. one day in the year 2004 I drove by and it was gone, I asked her were it went? she said i donated it to my church Lol.

  3. I am extremely interested in purchasing one of the cars shown in this video. I tried calling the numbers in the description and couldn't find any help there. How could I get in contact with somebody who could help me out?

  4. First time watching this. Had me till you said even though it's a Mopar. Keep looking for your Chevy debris then. I am interested to know about all makes. Just not from this series

  5. Dig the videos of the iron you find, keep up the good work !!! FX Buckler/Elk City, Oklahoma here on Route 66.

  6. Hi Tom. I was wondering with all the treasure you have found during the show, has any made their way back to your garage?

  7. prices out of his arse. between this chump and the BS on alleged reality cable…forget it. "..4 doors doesn't matter anymore" ? that chinese 1/4 panel better be adjustable, some dad & lad are going to have their weekend ruined not being able to finish it in 44 minutes including commercials.

  8. I like this show, I like seeing the cars, but I think our 'expert' is kinda full of crap with his 'values'.

  9. The big block Impala was interesting. I still own a '73 Caprice Classic 2dr hardtop, dark blue with a numbers matching 454 that I bought in 1987 from a seller in Arkansas. I tried selling it on eBay last year for $3000 and there were no takers. I have started to restore it. I took my wife to prom in it!

    P.S. I am loving these episodes and I really appreciate you all doing them. I like listening to you, Tom. I watch a little bit, then I head back out to the garage to work on the restoration. Thanks!

  10. Tom has a way with him and these programmes are the best classic car programmes I have seen. His enthusiasm for these old cars is really catching!

  11. I sold my sweet 1968 Camaro with AC, power windows, black vinyl top, 350, rally wheels, chrome trim, and turquoise metallic paint for $1000 back in 1988. Everyone's head was on a swivel when I pullled up to a light. I wonder where it is now. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3925637122/in/datetaken/

  12. back in 1985 i was approached by a neighbor asking if i wanted to buy a 68 camaro for 100 bucks, i said i wanted to see it, he said well come out front, and check it out, went out there to find a 68 camaro hanging from a sling on an old wrecker, it had 1973 plates on it, we threw a battery in it and dumped some gas in the carb, fired up on 3rd try, i paid the 100 dollars and had them drop the car in my driveway, i spent 20 years working on that car, engine after engine, trans after trans, suspension parts upgraded, new vinyl top, new quarters, floor pans, whole frame off backyard restoration, then one day i just got tired of all the work, all the time spent and sold it, i love them cars, but that thing took so much of my time and money i just couldnt stand it any longer.

  13. What to me is a shame anymore people know that theses cars are hard to find.The owners know that there will be someone out there to send the money. Where the average guy like me can not afford the car.Which I am not rich but would so badly love to have a old car. But just like everything else only the rich get everything that they want.

  14. No way is that '71 Charger in "good condition". Mechanically it may or may not depending on whether they guy did the work properly. Cosmetically it is toast inside and out. Let's be realistic.

  15. great stuff, would like this channel even more if there was footage included about working on the cars, start-ups after decades of sitting are great to watch. Personally I'm not a concourse condition kind of guy, I like 'em best in original good condition. I want these cars to drive, to see them on the road, not to sit in a museum or a private collection, only to be driven to an event on a trailer. That's why I don't like seeing some of them cars skyrocketing in prices. It takes them off the road and traffic these days is boring as hell so we need them.

  16. Id like to see you go visit classic truck rescue . Hes on youtube also and collects restores and uses the old big trucks.

  17. I have to admit I'm not a YouTube kind of person but I have came across this series and I'm addicted. Thank you for posting these videos.

  18. I am a mechanic, I like Old Car, but there is (really really almost)no Old Car in South Korea. Besides, it is illegal to import Old Car into South Korea. I really envy you.

  19. I like the outdoor rusty cars, as long as they drive you can have fun and thrash em around and not worry about digs or scratches cause they are already in rough shape yet they still look cool 😛

  20. I was driving around scottsdale on the street of a house i saw a 70 ss nova patina looking on flat tires for sale real ss probably cheap

  21. The Camaro’s are a good deal at that price if you do the restoration yourself. Bring it somewhere and the cost will be a lot more than collector value.

  22. Great job on the show man. Love it. You’ve got me taking the long routes checking yards. Thanks a lot ?. I’ll be buying my first vintage car soon. Would like to see a ‘49 merc up for sale soon

  23. looking for a 1968 camaro parts car, manual preferably, no need for a motor or trans or rear end. need a shell and all the trimmings.

  24. I'm from maine… there are chicken barns next to my property that are full of old cars. Hundreds. Solid. No rust. Southern cars that were bought and brought here and stored. There is a GTO that is buried standing on its end in sand inside a barn, the floor of the barn is sand and the GTO front end is about a foot out of the ground. Contact me, there is another episode waiting In maine… lobstah rolls are waiting….

  25. —–>> I wonder how long it took to sell those two Camaros? The owner wasn't too smart, if he had done any homework whatsoever he could have learned that Haggerty would give him a lot of exposure, and he could have easily gotten 15 for them each.

  26. That's difficult for me sir as I have been watching ur BARN FIND HUNTER… each episode.. feel me I should be with u to c all the BIG BLOCK AND HEAVY CAR HEMI ENGINE AND made in company.. I feel ????????? hurt lonely broken from inside ….. I wish if I get chances… thank you.

  27. 2 Unicorns for the price of a Donkey!  Great finds, I love this show.  Those Camaros would be 20k each  here in Vancouver

  28. Man I love watching this show but I think the price guide is a little out of touch when compared to actual market/street pricing. A crashed Camaro is a crashed Camaro. Wish there was a price and year on that impala though. I’m guessing 1973

  29. Hey Tom:
    Do you have a newsletter? for some of theses Barn finds have cars for Sale? How do I find out about these? I would really appreciate this.
    Also you have a Great "GiG", keep up the Great work! a really tough job! [ha-ha!]. Johnny P. D.

  30. When dad purchased a early 68 RS/SS, most all the showroom cars were big block, and he waited for his 350 4spd, and was worth it

  31. I'm curious how far apart the VIN numbers were on the Camaros. Woulda been sweet if they were neighbors on the assembly line.

  32. Like the show like the cars…. That being said non of these cars are a bargain really. In 2019, today's economy, the average Joe can't just drop 15k for cars like these. That's why all these cars are still setting. Owners asking 15k. Sure it's below appraisal. But no one is shelling that kind of dough out . 10 years goes by and tge owner is still wondering why it's not selling…. You want to move cars or not?? Sell them at 3,4,5k and move on!! Greedy mothers

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