Optimal Posture for Gaming, Watching TV, Using Laptops, PCs, and Reading
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Optimal Posture for Gaming, Watching TV, Using Laptops, PCs, and Reading

August 25, 2019

– What’s up, guys? My name is Chris, and in this video, I’m going to show you how to put yourself in
the best position possible while you’re reading a book,
while you’re on your laptop, while you’re on your PC, while
you’re on your cell phone, while you’re watching TV. All so you can have the
least stress on your body as possible. Now bear with me, guys,
I’m at the tail end of a cold, so if my voice sounds
a little funny, that’s why. Before we start applying
posture to technology, I just wanted to talk a couple quick tips, or quick thoughts, on
the concept behind this, so you can apply this to any
technology that comes out in the future, if you’re watching
this eight years from now, from when this is made. If I have toilet paper tube, and we wanna think of ourself right in the center of that
toilet paper tube, okay? So, we’re right in the center of that. Now, if I lean off to the right,
I’m no longer in the center of that toilet paper tube. I’ve hit one side of
the toilet paper tube, I’m no longer in my center. If I rotate, I’m probably
gonna side bend too, so if I’m over on my mouse on one side, I might turn a little bit, and now, I’m also off on one side. You can also lean back, and that would be hitting another side of the toilet paper tube. The general idea, whether you’re seated, whether you’re lying down,
whether you’re standing, is to always be in the center
of the toilet paper tube. We’re trying to stack each
body part on top of each other. So, if we started with a laptop, and I’m seated here, now this is actually a
pretty good height for me, in particular, because my hips are above my knees, I have a downward angle slope here. Also, the height of this
isn’t quite perfect, but if I were to scoot in, then my elbows are gonna rest
pretty well on the table here. I’m not gonna be in a
position where I’m hiked up. My shoulders. I’m not gonna be rolled
forward with the shoulders, as long as I elongate
through the crown of my head, and I grow tall. So, I’m growing tall through
the crown of my head. I’m rolling the front of the chest open. I’m keeping my elbows
tucked into my sides, because when you’re on a laptop keyboard, and you get into this kinda position, where the elbows flay out to the sides, and then you’re typing like this, then you see how it
drops the chest forward. My chest drops down, my
shoulders roll forward, my head comes forward. So we want to roll the shoulders open, tuck the elbows in by the sides, and then we can type from here. You might go into a little
bit of internal rotation with the arms there, but
that’s the general idea. Grow tall, keep the shoulders
open, elbows are supported, they’re not hiked, and
then we can type from here, making sure that the head is not coming forward of the spine. Ideally, we would have the
screen a little bit higher so we’re not looking down, but that’s kind of the difficulties of working with a laptop. Now, the same things
apply with a cell phone. We want to make sure that
we stack our body well, and then after we’ve done so, then we wanna bring the device up to us. We wanna make sure that
we’re not looking down in this famous pose that
everyone loves to be in, because that creates a
whole host of neck problems, and other problems as well. This is a tripod I have for video, but it worked really well for a cell phone after I got tired for awhile. I could have this to bring the cell phone at least up a little bit to my eyes. Ideally, it would be more
in line with my eyes, or even slightly above, but this is gonna be a whole lot better, because I can support my
elbows, I can grow tall, and then I can text or
do whatever I need to do, or watch a video, instead of having it down on the table, and being way down here, which is going to create a
whole lot more neck strain. Reading a book. Similar concept here. Instead of having the book way down here, invest in a cheap book stand. Definitely worth it. Bringing the book a little
more up to eye level is gonna help me to not have
my head hanging down so much, and my chest is not dropping forward. I can be here, my arms could
be supported on the table, so I’m not creating as
much stress on the neck. I don’t expect you to be in
these positions all the time, in fact, it’s impossible. I’m not either, but if you can be in a good
position more time than not, maybe even 30 percent of the time, that’s gonna allow you
to strengthen your core, and it’ll become easier over time. So, here’s an example of a lower chair, where I’m pretty much at 90 degrees. Notice I’m not sitting way back here, because that’s gonna put me in a position where I’m forced to be forward. I’m gonna have to overreach myself when I’m way out here working
on a computer, or paper, or whatever it is. Instead, I’m going to
use a little wedge here. I’m gonna lift my butt up. So again, I’ve got that
slight decline in my hips down to my knees, and
now, my elbow and my wrist and my shoulder can be
in a better position. I can scoot in underneath
the table a little bit, so that’s even a little bitter, and then I’m not hunched
forward or overreaching. Next up, we have watching TV. This might be one of the
ones that’s a little harder for people to modify, depending on how your
living room is set up. But for me, I’ve got the TV
right parallel to our day bed that we have here. Now if you’re in a La-Z-Boy, I highly encourage you, over time, to see if you can change the furniture, because La-Z-Boy is gonna
put you in this position, where you’re dumped back in the pelvis, like we talked about, and then you’re gonna have
to bring your head up. So, we’re kind of, again,
in this collapsed c-shape, which is not great for your neck, and it’s not great for your back, either. Two, another way that people watch TV, is they’ll stuff a whole lot of pillows behind them, and then
they’re looking this way. Now, imagine the long-term
torque on your neck, which is not great, as well. So, we wanna try and see if, one, we can lie on your side
with your head supported. Okay? So I’m going to have the
TV right in front that way. Hi, Ginger. Ginger wants to join
us watching TV as well. Apparently, Candy does as well. They’re excited, they like TV. When you’re watching in this position, then we still have a neutral spine. So, lying down, in a lot of
cases, is a better solution. I could lie on my back, but
I’d have to prop up my head. I’d almost rather see people,
at least in the short-term, a little bit of a head turn, because that’s still a
relatively neutral position. So, if you can, see if you
can line your TV up in a way that you can lie on your side
while you’re watching TV. Next up, we have video games. Being a gamer myself,
one of the things I find, is that video games are the
antithesis of mindfulness, because you’re usually more
engrossed in video games than any of these other things
that we’ve looked at so far. So, when you’re seated and
you’re playing video games, you wanna make sure, again, that our pelvis isn’t dropped back. We aren’t dropping into
this collapsed posture, that we’re staying tall through the spine. We’re letting the shoulders
roll open the best we can, so we’re not in a position where we’re gonna have spine problems. Try to not let your head
get sucked into the screen. Try to gently draw your
chin down and back, so we’re stacked well,
with the entire spine. Next up, we’ve got PCs,
or desktop computers. I’m fortunate enough to
have a standing desk, which, if you can save up
for something like that, and you don’t have one, I highly encourage you to do so. Give you some variety in your day, so you’re not seated so much. Especially, if you’ve got a desk job. It’s certainly worth it. I’ll show you a seated version
as well, in a second here, but you’ll notice that
the way this is set up is so my shoulders are able to open. They’re able to slide down my spine, just to rest down, instead of being hiked up near my ears. I can grow tall through
the crown of my head, draw my head slightly back on my spine, and I’m not leaned over
onto one side, either. Those are gonna be the
most ideal postures for you when you’re at a computer, especially at a standing desk. Now lastly, we have
seated with a computer. So, if I had a PC in front of me, I’d wanna have my monitor
slightly above eye level. You notice, again, that I
lifted my butt up a little bit with a cushion here. So, I am not down here, and my elbows are able to
be supported by my surface. So, I wanted to make
sure that my shoulders can just rest down my spine. I’m able to lift my chest and grow tall through
the crown of my head. So, you notice throughout these examples that the principles were the same, maybe just slightly
different in the application. We’re trying to adapt our environment as much as possible, so we can be in the best
static position possible. Now, even if you’re in the
best static position possible, I still encourage you to try and find as many opportunities to
move as you possibly can, because the body isn’t
designed to be static for a lengthy period of time. Thanks a lot for stopping by guys, I post every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday. If you found this helpful, and you haven’t subscribed
or followed already, go ahead and do so, and I’ll bring you more
videos on health empowerment for the mind, body, spirit,
whole body wellness. Thanks a lot, see you soon.

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  1. Stimbling on to your videos is one of the best things that have happened…Your insight and "thinking out of the box" gives one a more appreciate view of the body and all its ensuing issues. Good work!

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  4. Hey bud, is it nessecary to have you elbows supported by something below it, I find it very hard to get comfortable

  5. Good advice that adds to what I already knew about posture.  I never heard of holding a cellphone up in front of my face when reading from the phone, but now that I know it makes sense that it is better than hunching over with the face down.  I also got a big kick out of the dog and cat horning in on the video.

  6. Thank you very much for this, Dr. Sovey. Much appreciated.

    Being a PC gamer, and also working on desktops a lot more often than anything else, I'd love to see a separate video just for that, going into a bit more detail, maybe even creative ideas, on how how to achieve the optimal height possible for the monitor, the desk, the chair, and so on; and how to balance the best left and right arm and forearm position possible, perhaps with different keyboard sizes, when using the keyboard and mouse while gaming. I have a feeling that a full length keyboard is just not good for PC gaming, but would like you to confirm or so, as part of such a video.

    Thank you again.

  7. What an absolutely brilliant and helpful video! Information is communicated very clearly & interestingly. I will definitely check your channel out!
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