Open Season FULL GAME 100% Longplay (X360, Wii, PS2, PC, XBOX)

February 25, 2020

you have you seen your Dinkelman come on go
get him you buuut morning sleepyhead
time to get up Oh finally Houston I think we have visual come over here you
big lug what about Dinkelman
do you have Dinkelman with you not like this for yes or like this for no well do
you have him follow the instructions on the screen to say yes or to say no well
you better find him before we hop in the truck once you find him come back to me ever you find a ranger badge it will be
added to a collection in bat scrapbook and when you’ve completed a collection
you’ll earn a special reward so did you find Dinkelman yes or no come on now big
guy did you find so you found him great that’s my boy oh you two are so cute
come over here you big lug that’s perfect
all aboard hold on your perch as the vestibule is about to launch destination
Timberline if you want to lean the truck to the left or the right just move from
side to side when you’re right you can also try to pick up objects during the
ride by grabbing them careful we don’t know where that’s been think it in oh that was a good one
hey what’s that you just picked up is that right thank you hey what’s that you just picked up look at that
open season isn’t for a few more days but Shaw’s already killed a deer oh that
guy really chaps my khakis you stay here Boog I’m gonna go give him
a piece of my mind hey beer over you uh are you talking to
me yeah I’m Elliot what’s your name my
name’s Boog listen you gotta help me can you tie me untie you
no way that’s Shaw’s truck your tattoo what’s a shore only the nastiest hunter
in town wouldn’t want to make them angry at me know what I’m saying I don’t have
to untie me please Riley a little closer back into the woods little buddy hey
he’s getting away Shaw no shooting in town but that bear
leaned over and untied my buck think you see that you’ve been living in the woods
too long Shaw I saw you untie my dear you made an enemy today bear I’m gonna
get you someday understand sure you get away from him
enjoy the comfort bear you’ll have to go back in nature someday and when that day
comes I’ll be there waiting don’t worry about him Boog he can’t do anything to
you while you’re safe under my roof you huh what’s that who’s there
hey buddy hey Elliott hey hey open the door and let me in I’m busting you out
of here let’s go let’s do this no I’ll cornflake you got it all twisted
this here is my home sweet is that a bed oh I get it
you’re like a pet ain’t nobody’s pet right matching food and water ball set
you’re a pet I got something that’ll make you come with me get a whiff of
this there’s this place in town that has stacks of them come this way I know a
shortcut this is it my friend you try and find a
way inside while I stay here and uh stand the area listen
geez Louise the incredible mystery is in the house
Elliot what are you thinking you could that’s what I’m talking about
look there are woohoo bars everywhere a bitch can’t find 10 Woo’s oh no they’re gonna put us away from
good is worse the soup come on or it’s adios mostly Barthe
amigo I had a feeling this would happen
someday Luke what happened it’s just too
dangerous keeping a bear in town like this Beth please don’t take him from me isn’t this nice flower trees a deer
stuck in the ground a wide-open Vista a wide-open Vista you take a good look
Elliot know what’s missing Elliot wait don’t tell me
I Milan is missing guys just gonna say that I’ll tell you what I’m kind of
stuck here if you pull me out I’ll show you the way back timberline me help you
no way I’m getting out of here on my own yeah I’d like to see you try so explore I’m not going anywhere oh right
oh thanks partner you’re not gonna regret it I know these woods like the
back of my heart except for this part where are we what and relax relax just
toss me up on that rock I need to get a better lay of the land that’s all all
you got to do is pick me up and throw me up there just hold your throat until you see the
Arts this will show you where your aim to throw will go okay
now target your aimed throw and release your throw when you’re ready oh yeah I
can see timber life from here it’s right I found the way out of here come on it’s
this way hey let me tell you about crosshair this
is what we call the aimed throw for rabbits grab a rabbit then hold your
throw aim the bunny and let go aim it a rabbit hole and see what
happens right hey where do you think you’re going
you cannot pass through this area this is mcsquizzy stuff nobody misses with
mcsquizzy cuz that’s me who’s this little punk think he is come on in me I
warned you squirrels ready oh geez just got
humiliated by a bunch of squirrels seriously buddy I’m embarrassed for you
shut up you little one Horn freak gotta figure out how to sneak past him
I can always try to I don’t know talk to them or something some of the animals in
the force don’t like you yet if you want to distract a hostile animal all you
have to do is throw Elliot at them he’s really retarded prepare for a grunge scoping no touching
the pine tree oh you think you’re slick don’t you city bear God pass you hey you
did you went against me and my word is my bond
no I’ll have to teach you a lesson scores out looks like we have a situation here a
very sticky situation you picked up a cute little porcupine up your bike at
all you know okay now calm down I’m gonna show you how to do this
you might wanna cover your ears what hush boo just shake your butt a little
to the right like this dancing I’m in pain Elliot Dancing’s not gonna help the
incredible mystery knows a thing or two about this sort of thing now trust me
and shake it big guy oh my now this is a prickly situation
you’ve gotten yourself into quickly now shake that butt left and
right to get rid of the porcupine I told you you look after the kids and I
go get grubs I don’t have eyes on the back of my butt how am I supposed to dig
out a hiding place for open season and watch the babies at the same time
do you mind city bear can’t you see I’m losing an argument about who’s going to
find our babies oh those two are making a stink I don’t think we want to get
involved in this but the only way out of here is past those skunks
okay I have an idea why don’t we um go find the missing kids maybe we can use
them to lure the parents away and then we can get through right I was gonna say
let’s build a rocket ship fly over them but your plans better yeah let’s go find
their kids who if you want to run faster you need to hold that control down while
you’re moving thank you so much for finding our babies
you are not so bad after all why she’s still feeling you wanna know why I am
fuming where are the grubs that’s why it’s my
stupid husband listen up the mission is clear
well you gotta always involve me senior and senoritas gun you sit tight and keep
your troops from going aw oh well who can I will go scrub the grubs ASAP
return PT to Ben garv yes VP with X Y Z where was I that deer
is local why you gotta be friends with crazy people hey give me a break
don’t worry we’ll find you some grubs you should take grubs are nasty excuse me y’all want
some grubs Milagro this kind bearers brought us food to eat nodding off in
season oh thank you for getting my wife to stop complaining for ten seconds what
was I thinking I should have married the bear no touching the Pinetree it’s her who’s in only the most
beautiful dough in the whole world cheese how so go talk to her talk to her
what are you scared scared oh I’m petrified oh no little buddy it’s
easy listen here’s what you got to do first look around and find your lady
some flowers trust me she’s gonna love it
then tonight after little slow dancing and a bit of sweet talk chill take your
flowers tell you to get a bigger rack and then dump you she’ll she’ll take my
flowers are you sure come on fool let’s get the lady some flowers boom stop see the human humans are bad
bad in a way that makes bad bad I mean you get me thank you hit us on the head
and then shoot us and they ride us over and then come up our antlers hey check it out
these flowers smell purple now she’ll be so surprised
alright then Casanova go work your magic here you brought me flowers
oh what a tasty smelling bouquet my favorites when Elliot said you liked the
flowers hates Elliot they’re delicious so you’re here for the big race huh well
you better watch out Eunice Racing this time and you know he
has it out for you the big race yeah it’s like the deer games except there’s
only one event whoa see you in a few it smells it what do you doing smelling
it acting smelly good I’m here for the race
Ian oh oh are you gonna race me you’re not buck enough I am – oh please you’re
a horn short half no half fuck you’re a duck hey you stole my joke
all right come on smell it what’s rice all right on your mark
shut now Eliot let me remind you of a few things
you know you have always been a difficult student in a race don’t forget
that you need to run and jump over obstacles if you want to win yes yeah saddle mystery my ass now the
crowd goes wild no no way there’s no way the Sun was in
my eyes go over now offer admitted Ian you got locked I’d beat you fair and
square impossible you must have cheated well I
have a special punishment for rule breakers I call it both barrels this is an insult to my honor thank you
both so much you have to me a wonderful service how
did you do that well I you know Tracy that was amazing Elliot I’m impressed
what can I tell you I got the right stuff how’d you get those hoof prints on
your chest anything else you need help with this is
my sister trapped inside his cabin find a way to throw me into the chimney and
I’ll teach him the meaning of stink hey bug throw me into that chimney so I
can rescue my sister did you know you can throw skunks to make a big stink
this hunters will run away from who’s the target thank you so much
yeah and the rest of this comes from now when you’re dead if you ever need to
make something stinky we will be happy to oblige this sure beats walking Hey were these the skunk’s have good
things to say about you on I thought you’d be laid flat before some hunters
fireplace by known I tell you what beer you do me a favor and I’ll stop knocking
you about the noodle with my nuts what do you see oh good deal yeah it’s a
smart light turn in the next blend there’s a group of humans cutting down
my brains go scare them away and you’ll be getting on my good side
understand when you’re close enough to a hunter he will vote that motor start
Chuck ball at the hunter when you’re ready let go or that roar and the red
zone is the biggest roar of all which leads us to hiding hiding is a
delicate art requiring much skill patience and a whole lot of practice
years of dedication you got that okay hey you see that bunch of twigs over
there put them on that’ll do the trick when
you come up close behind a hunter you will see the sneak icon the hunter will
turn around when the time runs out on the sneak icon you need to hide for a
few seconds when that happens remember move close hide then move closer until
you can roar at him you scared off the loggers so one good
turn deserves another right through that kid is a shortcut out
of here what’s a lot if you ever need help
mcsquizzy spline will be there by your side we’re ready to whip samba okay he
wants us to go into here what’s it like keep going into the cave he’s joking
right it’s not that scary you go first if I go first I’ll just run
you over when I come out screaming fine you you okay I’m stuck some kind of bed let
me hey we’re moving you need to lean to the left or right to change traffic also
jump over holes in the tracks look for lanterns to help show you where to lean
and jump oh why buddy right I guess you have to
shake him off again hey guys look it’s a dancing bear
hey can you Foxtrot skip the light Fandango hey bear do the Lambada that’s the biddin ain’t it hey you bums
get back to work hey what are you looking at you’ve never
seen a beaver dam before get out of here OOP that’s it way to Timberline we get
up there and cross that dam and we are practically home this is it we’re done for I’m gonna be
mounted on a wall like this forever be known as a one antler deer it’s open
season all right chill brother chill I ain’t gonna let anyone touch a hair on
you you my bud oh you mean it sure as long as you bring me back to Timberline
oh sure Timberline I know where it is okay no
problem follow me and we’ll get through here no
whoa whoa we’ll hold on there cornflake human beings in my area of expertise I’m
gonna learn them my whole life right you just sit back and let Boog
lead the way all right this sure beats walking my landing holy fuck nice this is like at the gym I’m getting good
at this I need to get it later after lunch maybe what the in tarnation this summer mayor I was gonna leave them oh look there’s a hunter down there what
hunter wait shows a little squirrel right you get hit on the head a lot you
have no idea he’s on to us let’s get gone you someone’s sneaking up on them here’s a special treat look for berries
in the bushes not only did they taste wonderful but eating berries will
restore your health that’s my my spirit remember spray it don’t stand later
after lunch make summer mayor no one told me hunt would be a success like at the gym less expensive oh no one told me hunt with me this
exhausted what in tarnation let’s do this hold up belly flop this is like at the gym
it’s someone there go on without me take me away ready to spray keep your friends close keep your
enemies stinky nation Oh this is a dead end well if it ain’t the
city bear and the one horn freak was he calling one more thought you could run
from all charged ain’t you but the running stops now
unless you two also know how to fly I’d say you’re both cooked we’re gonna have to think fast now just
ride down the mountainside in the snowball and avoid the obstacles let me
go find a good perch now this’ll be fun to watch are you alright they’re alive wasn’t
that incredible hey Elliot
where are we we’re by the lake I’ve never been here before
but I’ve heard about it what I thought you knew this forest like the back of
your hoof hey sorry but I’m not the one so bad that the cliff broke beneath us
that’s your excuse I’m fat is your excuse I’ve got others
yeah anyway that’s not the point we want to find that damn we have to cross that
leg that’s the point you know how to swim don’t you oh not me you don’t know
how to swim what kind of bear are you anyway oh wait
right you’re a city bear right well we’ll figure out a way let’s go hey buddy you all right
huh dude I lost on my squatter and now my troops are scattered all over
therefore is now why just fly up and look for him fly high I cannot fly quiz
it there maybe this one broke a few branches falling from the sky branches
branches every yes the same thing we fly to the south the humans shoot at us then
my troops are scattered and then I have to retreat them but now if I even fly
our foot I will be shot well how about we find your troops for you then think
you can tackle such an enormous challenge my troops will not come
without the secret code wait wait wait I have an eight yeah okay the ways over
there there is a hunter beyond the deer crossing sign he is a secret weapon a
dangerous quack simulator get it from him and come back to me I
will show you this secret card okay and then you’ll teach my buddy Boog how to
swim Absalom Oh I will teach him to swim like a third
Pole now I think this is where Serge meant for us
to look for the duck call should I go now yes or no I know you don’t want to
see in a few you ah you will be able to do nothing
without their dangerous quack simulator get it from you on third down that path
to get past these hunters you will need to talk them into traps hunters will
always chase you after you talk them and they won’t watch where they’re going
okay now look at the hunter until he glows taunt him as you see it in the
instructions after that you must lead him into a trap or he will shoot you find the hunter with a duck call bring
it back to boobs got it where’s this hunter with a duck call right get the duck call from the hunter right all I gotta do find the duck call
can’t be that hard can it you well Darla Grom you have the quack
simulator we are trusting you very much that we would let you keep such a
dangerous item and now it is time to teach you to talk like a duck let me
have the quack simulator now listen carefully
Mantha no you’re the same thing huh just repeat what I do watch what they say and
then carefully repeat the duck secret code without making any mistakes dear
and don’t be naughty you sound just like a real dud miss you
bear now here’s your mission okay go find a
group of ducks when you get close why could the code I just taught you then
you will tell them to rendezvous at the lake he returned they want is you a new
code for the next group of duck sir there’s three of them company blue
mission you want me to find your ducks and crack the code got it man after you
found them all meet us at the lake and we will see what we can do about Alvin
you to get across because if you try to cross it without our help that girl will
push you back Sarah okay I can do this oui Monsieur
private Tremblay reporting for duty sir listen your Sarge is waiting for you by
the lake all right soldier now see I shall go but first here is the code you
will need to talk to the next group have my fellow how’d you get this cold so very secret
code I’m here cuz you’re sad sent me he wants to rendezvous by the lake but
beyond tears you papa they keep circling circling why won’t they stop circling
I cannot go up there lies on disaster there all right shit out duck I’ll take
care of the hunters for you you just try and relax now back to name is someone there what incarnation we make the unhealthy boats they are
making me edgy don’t worry I took care of them just give us your part of the
code and then go meet Sarge at the river all right ran almost your bear I am free
like a bird and here’s that code for you that is right that is the proper code
Bravo well that’s a good thing little buddy
so y’all head out meet Serge at the lake all right we we will do just that Hey let’s go looks like we’re all heading back
booster cool let’s go find Sarge by the lake so he can lead us out of here
where have you been all my life there you are everyone that’s returned
but now we have a new problema anthers have arrived and they are blocking our
way I have a plan is it like your plan to drink coffee through your nose hey
that would have worked again stop me anyway I’ll take out the hunters while
you swim across the lake with the Ducks are you sure Eliot totally I know just
how to do it come on Boog let me try okay what you
thinking you’ll be alright as long as the
boosters around Oh this sure beats walking now I know what a handbag feels like this way booster I mean 30 sec you got it I’ll prepare it oh this sure beats walking No I like this direction I think my
favorite and so the Ducks told boobed that they
too were now his friends and they would help him if he ever needed I like this direction I think it’s my
favorite Liat you are finally getting a bath boob steer the outhouse down the
river and avoid the obstacles in your path the beavers are depending on you to
fix their favorite dam don’t hit the rock anglers hey man this done
next time I’m fine Oh you next time let’s try for a floater not a
stinker Oh I’m getting the hang of this what you watch where you’re going you know how to steer a boating outhouse now the toilets down the drain Oh don’t even try big rock command this is lost
oh we’re trying to not hit the rocks okay he did it that fearsome anything we
do come on Ellie follow me Tim belong here we come Cymbeline a
display it’s way downriver ticket sounds like somebody’s been leading you in
circles Eliot you sure this isn’t the right way
they ask these moles and they assured me that over the dam with moles us moles
had to get to Timberline mold offline rod the dams gonna blow
yeah get off it Elliot I know is anyone there
every you out there yes I’m on my own right huh who’s that here you’re mine now
fair night Goldilocks oh my head hurts
where am I looks like I’m in a basement Chloe what like that bear awake already come
on Lorraine we’re gonna clean his clock once and for all
whoa I’ll get you bear hold on there a second where do you
think you’re hidden off to Timberline I just want to go home ah no the animals
won’t live through open season without your knowledge and hunters you have to
help them but if you’d rather go back to Timberline any fishy crackers still you
learned it’s a beach ball Soviet anal tea that’s a flood mcsquizzy proud of you you you hey wait I thought that you came back I
knew you would right right course I came back Oh what would matter
you broke out there I lost my kids again open season is here I don’t want to be
made into a month we are sitting ducks ducks I tell you I know that’s why I
came back listen when I was dropped in these woods
I didn’t know a thing about surviving in the wild and you guys have been kicking
my butt since I got here y’all made me go from mild to wild and I
owe you a debt for that and now I can even the odds sinner hunters coming down at it there’s
loads of them weird right whoa easy everyone I’ll take
care hey you to that lab and we’ll follow you
go through what you’re worth we squirrels good help ya but you must
prove to the others what you’ll need them to scare up all these hunters and
they’ll follow you anywhere good luck Boog we’re all counting on you someone’s sneaking up on me I’m asking a wild Oh gained one firing tunic coming up well color me impressed a natural-born
leader you are you know I taught him everything he knows
well we got a lot more hunters to worry about food our adventures are awesome we got a lot of Travis to the east and
to the south trucks full of hunters and hunters in trees to the west and they’re
going to hunt down my tree and the worst relax everybody will take care of the
hunt is one at a time ok you said something about Travis baby there are
many of them to the east they had lured that traps made out
oh it’s horrible all sorts of animals could get caught or maybe we could trap
the trappers you mean lured them into the trap genius let’s take back the
forest should we head out now yes or no fantástico the forest is about to get
very stinky this plan of yours better be good I got
your sconce too tired trip wires to all the traps the trappers had laid out
now when the trappers walk over them whammo
we lock them in their own cages Oh excelente but the trappers are hiding in
their cabins that’s why I need your compadres I’m gonna toss them into the
chimneys they will stick them out and I’ll scare them into the traps okay it’s
catch some humans that’s it now let’s get going
oh these trappers they hide in their cabins use a skunk to get them out of
their cabins then throw them into their own traps keep your enemies thinking are you looking for me go booth I’ll
catch up in a sec what’s going on yo did it bog and here they thought they
were gonna clear the forest of us ever since I met you I know you were special
let’s go back to the clearing and bring a little memento huh but a long time as the ponytail clan
severed the forest but now our greatest asset is in peril the hunters are coming
to destroy a tree my tree never fear mystery is here you supply
the ammo I’ll take care of them oh man oh you you’re nothing but a scrawny
little gear how do you plan on scaring the hunters
hey I’m warning you don’t let me go like I’ve done it before
no I can do it again no we mean yes me don’t never mind what you want to go to
your doom no reason stuff on you good luck
shooting hunters is my most favorite thing to do in the world
so after whoo oh and coffee Oh engine sounds of course no you gotta
let me go me you gotta let me go you know I put the puck on the game move
aside there comes a snazzy sniper great mr. e this is an important mission
keep the loggers from chopping down the squirrels furry tail clan tree what is
that a SOTA cane me and the boys have tried to chew down
the trees but it’s just taken too long so you gotta get those trees down in a
hurry hey we ignore it as fast as we can enemy
are you thinking what I’m thinking why is it the earth is round or flat no
remember those Nagas that I scared up they had a chainsaw they why do we need
to saw through a chain no cornflake a chainsaw can cut down the
tree in a matter of seconds what really oh I gotta get me one of
those Elliot you get the chainsaw and I’ll
help Riley with the hunters I couldn’t have planned it better myself you’re
ready to go now yes or no all right let’s go teach him a lesson you’ll never
forget you all right Ellie and here’s the skinny
the chainsaw is over there on the stone pillar got it should I go now now don’t
you just stand there and waste everybody’s time will you get a move on
already uh-huh okay okay oh and remember try not
to get shot at we can’t afford the damage it
Rylee away for you at the other end of camp jeez you did it
look at that baby when Luke said chainsaw I didn’t realize he meant an
18-inch dance powered make you 2d cs540 with a 3.3 horsepower engine and open
12,000 rpm so I got the right one you done good come on let’s get back to
the others robbing you okay you look kind of crazy
I’ve never felt better and you met my chainsaw yeah I call her Sally yeah
that’s real nice you just take it easy with that thing okay oh oh listen the
hunters are hiding in the trees they’re everywhere right come with me
I’ll cut down the trees and you scare away the hunters it’ll be great
it’ll be great I tell you stop at a world mob
so you come in with me you crazy Riley but it just might work
I mean you look at him that’s it I’ve had enough I
don’t care what mix queasy says those trees are coming down I think he’s gone
mad if it comes across hunters he might be sidetracked from the mission booth
let’s make sure he stays focused and doesn’t go crackers on us Oh oh that was fun nothing will stand in
our way baby oh brother that was awesome we sure did
drink and it’s not over yet boom the hunters are coming over the
bridge down here we take out the bridge we take out some hunters let’s go here
we go again someone’s sneaking up on me thank you Riley you’re a beast
you are amazing out there food Elliot I gotta confess I think I’ve been
repressing it all repress it depression all that stress stacked up inside of me
work work work so like – well you sure got out of your
system chief come on guys let’s get back to the group I heard the hunters were heading towards
our secret Lodge it’s where we keep our most precious wood help it find it if
it’s Oh see it’s on a remote location in the middle of a big pod
plus it’s surrounded by thorn bushes there’s a couple of streams coming
through so we build bridges to cross over but now the hunters are coming in I
see and of course no one thought humans would have boats and could eventually
pass under the bridges how was I supposed to know I’m a chief constructor
not a naval architect but I know this we need to make the bridges fall it’s the
only way it’ll stop them from coming in don’t look further Ally
I’m your babe and I’m gonna take care of those hunters boots that all right then
you sure you really want this mission pal a decision kid you know one day your
life will flash before your eyes make sure it’s all worth watching good
luck you oh my they’re beaver lodge needs your
help sink all the boats and make sure they
never come back by launching beavers at the bridges you on Thursday the South they park the
trucks everywhere that’s so I got just the idea how to teach them a lesson
Eliot I’ll need you to swipe out some propane tanks sounds awesome
before you’ll see it’s a surprise I love surprises it’s not even my birthday
no a surprise for the hunters oh is it their birthday are you ready or
not sure I’m ready but are you ready yes or no I will get my ducks in a row and
yeah wait here Evan Thanks you okay your mission you must find us three
propane Thanks Isis sally forth in the danger and emerge a hero and all the DOS
will sing my praise just bring us that thanks dear
each time you’ll find it thank there will be a duck nearby waiting to take it
from you you to give a tank to each stuff here
the tanks are dangerous they explode after you drop them or if a hunter
shoots it the explosion is powerful enough to knock over a tree find the
propane tanks and bring it back surgeons men got why do I feel so at home in the forest one tank coming up all fresh and ready
for well whatever both their brains plan Bravo that is exactly what we wanted
don’t forget to get the rest of what we need a heli just put the pro back in
stealing propane tanks this mission oh it’s your aval of the
propane tanks I’m like a buck 50 Bravo
that is wonderful work MA Sudhir keep them coming now where does it dear like me find a
propane fantastique
we have enough propane tanks due to your incredible bravery uh I no longer
consider you are there you are like a duck to me ah
thanks you’re you’re a doctor ha ha ha messy messy I am honored you
think so huh now we must prepare for Phase two Monsieur Louis Eliot was on Kauai oblem
thanks already ready for those hunters in for a surprise
lot of cars now we need a secure location before we can move to Phase II
yeah phase two what’s that oh no I cannot tell you
until we are in place and all is ready never know who is listening
I trust me let’s go scare off the punch you ready booster so yeah well never
know what hit them you hello we are ready you will need to
scare away gender around the first truck before we can put boobs plan into effect
Wow off you go I really wish someone tell me what that great plan is not now
you must absolutely clear oh dentists before we run out of time now let’s do this mani fake who said not a jeweler
now go clear the area around the second truck as long as there are hunters about
we cannot blow the truck someone sneaking up on me Bravo we are almost done this time
though you must clear the area around two trucks we will destroy them both at
the same time for a grand finale who’s the target I’m all juiced up whoa I’m feeling a
little gassy boy I need get fit later after lunch maybe keep your friends close keep your
enemies stinky I think bears my favorite thing to do after eating bear of course we are all done our mission is
accomplished and not only that thanks to you
my companions and I fly once again he skies are open to us once in our it’s
been an honor serving with you sergeant merci Mon Ami the honor is mine you did it lot the hunters are
vanquished three cheers for food the mighty grizzly and Elliott the ridiculously handsome
and fantastic mule there no no I didn’t do it we did it together those funds has
never knew what hit it so know that your work is done what are
you going to do well the first thing I have to do is go back home you that’s it Balu
the start of a new life you me and that other girl in the shorts lady boy I
can’t wait to taste some of her homemade cookin okay sure
this is your first time in the forest bear and it’s also gonna be your last
cuz when I’m done stuff and your friends I’ll be enjoying my warm and cozy bear
rug next to my fireplace now make like an animal and stand still so I can shoot
you good I know you it’s gonna be bears day today you’re
mine now fair enough monkeying around
all right say good night

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