Online Dating in the 21st Century : Playing the Game of Online Dating
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Online Dating in the 21st Century : Playing the Game of Online Dating

November 4, 2019

DR. LIOR KANE: Hi. I’m Dr. Kane with Expert
Village. I’m also the author of “How to Become a Professional Bachelor.” You know, with cyber
dating in the 21st century and the use of the internet, it’s become a whole new world
in dating outside of your local area. I particularly like using the dating game, I call it, especially
when traveling abroad or traveling to different cities which I usually don’t do. My recommendation
is the following. As a professional bachelor, you always want to have women surrounding
you. So, if you’re going to travel to your next business venture in a city outside of
you, get on the local site; Craigslist is a good one, specific to the areas,
JDate, eHarmony, you name it. Bottom line, be honest with your intentions. Tell me you’re
not local to the area and you’re looking for a nice woman or man depending on what the
situation is, is to show you around the town. You’ll be surprised the impulse and the amount
of people that will respond. So, therefore, when you go to a new city, you’ll have tons
of dates. Before the advent of the internet, before cyber dating, this was a much more
difficult test, could be done but much more difficult. So therefore, use the internet
to your advantage. So, when traveling, definitely use the internet and have women surrounding
you no matter where you go even around the planet.

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