Online and Split Screen Multiplayer, Characters, Game Modes Confirmed! – Team Sonic Racing
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Online and Split Screen Multiplayer, Characters, Game Modes Confirmed! – Team Sonic Racing

October 8, 2019

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel, it’s
me Gamerturk and today, after a bunch of leaks from Walmart, the upcoming Sonic Racing game
has officially been revealed as Team Sonic Racing with a short Reveal Trailer. I said I wasn’t going to talk about the “leaks”,
so thank god, SEGA actually decided to share all these stuff themselves. We didn’t have much to talk on since we only
had a very short trailer that gives us no real idea about the visuals or gameplay, aside
from the cars being incredibly detailed and about 3 screenshots, along with the cover
art for various platforms. But right when I was done recording this,
SEGA shared a Press Release, detailing some of the games’ features as well. But let’s start from the beginning. Yes, unlike what we were expecting, instead
of Super Sonic Racing, we got the title Team Sonic Racing. The game will apparently be available on all
current gen platforms, namely Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and of course
on PC via Steam. The release window is stated as Winter, so
we can easily assume the game will come out before Christmas to take advantage of the
holiday window there. If I had to speculate a little bit more, the
previous Sonic Racing game, Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed came out in late
November 2012, so a similar release date is highly likely. If you enjoyed the All Stars Racing titles,
which I certainly have, especially Transformed, I still play it to this day, the developers
behind Team Sonic Racing have been confirmed as Sumo Digital, the same studio who were
behind the All Stars Racing series, so this is indeed great news, since I have come to
trust Sumo Digital a lot, throughout my time with the All Stars Racing Titles and I am
very eager to see what they are going to bring to the table! To shortly talk about the 3 screenshots SEGA
has provided, we can see that the game seems to be focusing on cars specifically, rather
than having bikes and other types of stylized vehicles the previous games had. Admittedly, yes, we do not see much, the only
ones we can see are Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and Tails right there in the far back, but
all of them using fairly straight forward cars, suggests that we shouldn’t expect a
huge vehicle variety here. But, a neat detail that you can see in this
picture with Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, is that right in front of Sonic, there is a glassy
tile that we can see underneath, that suggests we will have branching pathways as we have
come to expect from the previous games. On the picture with Sonic and Shadow, in the
background, we see who I assume to be Knuckles, based on the shape of his car and right next
to him, we see a huge Eggpawn participating in the race. Also, in the far far back, we see a tank-like
vehicle up in the air that I can’t quite make out based on this resolution. My assumption is that it’s either background
geometry, like the balloons on the side of the race, but maybe, it’s a certain, purple,
fan favourite character? And of course, I do not mean Big the Cat,
I mean Nights! As for the visuals, they seem a little unfinished,
which is only natural with so much time till release, it’s not looking bad by any means
for a first reveal. The lighting here does not seem to mash up
all that well, the shadows are low quality and that background with the Chao’s seems
like a 2D picture rather than a 3D object, but we will have to wait and see what else
SEGA will show us in the future! And last but not least, I should point out
that one of the 2 maps seems to be a Planet Wisp themed map from Sonic Colors, while the
other one sure looking like a less cartoony version of Honeycomb Highway from Sonic Lost
World, but again, what do we know, since Sonic Team likes constantly shifting the aesthetics
of the world. Looking at the trees, this may as well be
the very same map as the one I mention as Planet Wisp. Now, regarding the features that SEGA detailed
in their press release, we will be getting Online Multiplayer and local Co-Op modes,
allowing up to 12 players per race and 4 players split screen on a single device, which is
absolutely great news. Split screen has been a dying breed in the
past 2 console generations, so I’m really glad that they are offering Split Screen modes
up to 4 players. Also, other modes like Grand Prix, Exhibition
and Time Trial will be available. One thing missing from Racing Transformed
here is the World Tour that gave you missions to complete, but it seems like the Team Adventure
Mode is the main replacement for that. Team Racing is mentioned as a feature and
of course it is… That is probably why the title is Team Sonic
Racing. Not sure how this is going to work out exactly
in a racing game though. Performance and Skin Customization is an obvious
point, though Im wondering, regarding the Appearance, are we allowed to alter hwo the
car looks geometrically, or is this just limited to skins/colors etc? It’d be cool if we got some true customization
options. Wisps seem to be coming back, yet again, despite
nobody wanting them back and they take the place of Items in your every kart racing game. Im not sure why such a change was needed,
but I can imagine Sonic Team wanted shove Wisps in just for the sake of it.. We have an Adventure Mode here, not to be
mistaken with the World Tour I mentioned above. Adventure mode, from the way SEGA described
it, seems to be more of a Tutorial Mode with story for characters? I hope it’s a little bit more than that to
be honest… And we have 15 characters across the Sonic
Universe, divided into 3 distinct types based on Speed, Technique and Power. But that’s it everyone, hope you enjoyed this
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  1. i think the adventure and team mode will be like sonic riders free considering the name of the title

  2. I think the character you relied as nights was just a blue eggpawn…
    Also the honeycomb highway just would be just a different planet wisp track. since there's a story i think that there's multiple tracks set within the same zones
    Mabye three tracks per zone
    I think that Teams sonic, shadow and rose will return. I'm not sure with chaotix tho

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