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One Life review — Beat’em up rogue-lite for Android | Obscure Edition

September 13, 2019

Welcome to Obscure Edition. In this review series, I play some obscure
and decent games, that were handpicked from a larger pool of obscure and not that decent
games. This time I’ve got you a free rogue-lite
beat’em up for Android and this is a great combo which turned out to be an alright game. The name of the game is One Life – Extreme
Warrior. Look at this clever logo. NE life. Fun. This is a very rare title that has a bit more
than one thousand of Play Store downloads and it is a very humble number. The game is basically about beating a dungeon
full of enemies in one single run, room by room. That is nearly impossible to do on the first,
second or fifth run. Players will die. And they will die a lot. Dying resets a particular run’s progress,
but a player is allowed to keep resources, all upgrades and new unlocks like weapons
and armor that were gained in that run. And those resources can be used to make future
runs a little bit easier than previous ones. The controls are pretty basic for this genre
and you probably have already figured them by watching at the screen. The left stick makes a player running around
and buttons on the right side are used to interact with the world. Mainly to attack its manifestations in different
ways. One Life’s gameplay is centered around skill-based
fighting along with some equipment management and linear dungeon crawling. Players have to adapt to the situation and
change their playstyle accordingly to the best equipment available to them. Every run starts in the Hub. It’s a place to do different stuff and prepare
for the upcoming run. While in the Hub, a player can upgrade unlocked
equipment and player’s character with resources that were found in previous runs. Not all equipment that is upgraded in the
Hub is accessible right away. It has to be upgraded now, to be found later
in a run if a player is lucky enough. Also, while in the Hub, players can choose
from a small random pool of starting weapons, can change visuals and can get achievement
rewards. A pool of weapons and an amount of offered
equipment will increase as a player unlocks new items and upgrades the character. The monetization in One Life is pleasant enough
for me, and probably for you to enjoy. There are no forced ads, but sometimes an
ad can be watched to get some in-game rewards like resources, a continue after death or
a right to enter treasure rooms which can be found in the dungeon. The in-app method exists too. With real money, players can unlock exclusive
equipment types and visuals. Or, a player can just buy some basic resources
too. A locked exclusive content may be unpleasant
for some people, but that is totally acceptable because developers need some money and support. So, if you like this game then go and visit
some treasure rooms. One Life should be played if you like both
beat’em ups and rogue-lites. It’s a neat small game that has a friendly
ad policy and offers a decent gameplay experience. That may be not the best game of its genre,
but One Life is definitely a unique experience for you to try. And here comes the end. Thank you for watching this review. It’s nice to have you around. I’m very excited to know what you think
about One Life, so don’t be shy and share your opinion in the comments. And, if you want to see more stuff like this
than you can check out my channel for older videos. New ones are coming soon, too. Have a nice one life and stay amazing. See ya.

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  1. Thank you for being around! Feel free to share your opinion about this game and the review that you have just watched. Can you name some more mobile games like this? Actually, I can’t remember something similar and this game looks pretty unique to me. Come on, educate me!

  2. Really quality content In general, I believe it would take a long time to make one like it !! And the thing is the game is actually not a bad mobile game

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