One-legged Soccer Player Scores Amazing Goal off Corner Kick!
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One-legged Soccer Player Scores Amazing Goal off Corner Kick!

October 9, 2019

big elaborate is a senior from concord
regional high school in massachusetts now why is his goal and a high school
game unique well he was born without one lag watches goal right here and now that they did not leave you impressed at all there’s something right really wrong with you at least i would
argue let’s clear but you keep a clear
perspective honest he has one-line they’ve been lied to twirl his body to get a decision hit the
ball at the exactly right angle to go in and cake fleeing mhm chris smooth bartley from the cult was excellently incredible so one thing that is arkady a little bit
is that many people are criticizing this is a little is good christian world over
all i could do much better you probably can so think that in perspective as well and also underwater applaud the few
commenters will many supported nico here a few tht short i
said i can understand people who dislike disrespect for the player dimmer racks said it’s a nice to see
someone doing what they love no matter what life throws adding two more nico collaborate out
awesomeness is that he climbed mount kilimanjaro at age thirteen with one leg here a few pictures of that
he is also wrestling for his high school here’s a quick video him doing that as
well and it was also the captain of his jadi
team as a junior and as well is on the roster of the united states
amputee national team his team would go on to win nine mail in a uh… inouye overt newton south
high school in massachusetts so we want to hear all
of your thoughts on this usually does that mean ever strong you
can also follow me on their i’ll friday are facing pages in the description the
low bigger comments in the comments section below they’ll be frayed
relations video guys it helps us tremendously and also please do the
favor support what we’re doing a rant subscribers do i do sports

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  1. For all the people that say that they are better who knows you might be but if you only had one leg I'm pretty sure that this guy is a lot better than all of the haters

  2. respect the sportsmanship and work hard essence of him as a player.
    Lot more other players need to learn from him … 🙂

  3. Great goal. eye watering stuff.
    Good delivery by the corner taker as well, good height and placement.

  4. Sorry but who is going to go 100% at a kid with one leg? He has it easy. Barely had to turn his body. And he has two crutches to allow him to get his leg into the air easier and with more velocity.

  5. wow. This left me speechless. What kind of heartless bastards would dislike this video. I find it very amazing that he can find find a way to play all of those sports with that sort of disability. I can't believe that there are still people that don't give others the respect they deserve. some people are so caught up with themselves that they can't see what a great play that was. Coming from a baseball fan, that guy has just earned my ultimate and infinite respect.

  6. I don't know much about soccer but I do know that it is a very competitive sport. I highly doubt that people go easy on him. And even if I am wrong, that is still an amazing play.

  7. 31 dislikes? Over what some kid who lost a goddamn leg who scores a brilliant goal… I think it's fair to say that those people are not fucking normal.

  8. I love the naysayers… those who believe it to be easy should take it to the pitch! After all… a picture is worth a thousand words. Fit them with crutches and let them go at it… one of the best educations… walk a mile in my shoes! I have seen goals performed on crutches like I have never seen And when you see a ball blocked by a handstand on crutches… sweet! Athletisism in amputee Futbol is like combining gymnastics rings, with Futbol skills. If you can catch a WORLD CUP match… do!

  9. Nothing can stop you from doing what you love even if you have only one leg, your passion for a sport can over take anything respect for you <3

  10. They way he described how he scored is the exact way anyone else would have scored. So I'm not that impressed. + Even if he had 2 legs it's not like it would have made a difference.

  11. This kid is working his but off and playing soccer with one leg and some people think it is easy but it is not

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