One Last Shot – The Deer Hunter (7/8) Movie CLIP (1978) HD
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One Last Shot – The Deer Hunter (7/8) Movie CLIP (1978) HD

December 7, 2019

Don’t do it. Is this what you want? Is this what you want? I love you, Nick. Nicholas. Come on, Nicky, come home. Just come home. Home. Talk to me. Look, Nicholas, talk to me. Nicky. Nicky. Wait a minute.
What did you do to your arms? Nicky, you remember the trees, all the different ways
in the trees. Remember that?
Remember? Huh? The mountains.
You remember all that? One shot. One shot. One shot. Hey. Yeah. Nicky! Nick! Nick! Nicky! Nick! Nicky! Nick! Nicky. Nicky. No! Nick! No! No! No! Nicky! Nick!

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  1. In that moment, Nicky chose to die. He'd been in limbo for so long that he became numb. Mike's humanity jolted him back into reality for a microsecond before Nicky decided it was over.

  2. I love Pacino,I love Brando…but there's something about DiNiro that is so Transcendent especially in some of these older movies

  3. If this happened today all he would have to do it pull out his cell phone and show Nik pictures of them together and he'd be right as rain again… ?

  4. Bullet through the head.
    Preferably two in the back while I'm sleeping.
    because I will never be what you want me to be.

  5. If I was one of those spectators then the last place I'd be is standing in the direct line of where the bullets gonna be travelling as soon as it comes out of one of their heads.

  6. THIS is what Scorsese means when he says Marvel films are not real cinema. There is no real tension, we all know how the movie are going to end before they even start. Superhero loses first battle, then wins final battle, followed by a funny scene, then end with a punchline.

  7. People can't understand why Nick is like that but the thing is when you are so addicted to heroin you will do anything for a fix

  8. One of the most deepest scenes in movie history this film is one of the best ever made! And it tells how a war changes a man!

  9. My buddy Benny. S. Did. away gees i cant evan explain. sucks…?? my best friend ever …09 RIP my Friend..????US ARMY RANGER..SOG…….????I Dam……

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