On the Run! – Archery Coyote Hunt by Solvid FIY
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On the Run! – Archery Coyote Hunt by Solvid FIY

August 16, 2019

here it is, late spring in the peak of the Mule Deer fawning season. perfect time for some predator calling with the decoy set up and an arrow knocked I turn on the Fox Pro and let it do
its thing. at about eight minutes into this stand, a coyote shows up at about 90 yards He paused for a while to scope things out, and then cam trotting in. Rolled that dog at about 50 yards on the
run after failing to squeeze in a standing still shot, I fired a missile hope which took him to the ground
the ground Then off came to camp strap and zoomed in to get a few clips of him running through the sage, which confirmed a good arrow angle and lots of blood I gave it another 10 minutes and hopes of another one coming in, then took off to camp strap and replayed the footage the arrow didn’t penetrate as deeply as I’d like but if you look closely, you can tell
its heading the right direction, and see blood gushing There the coyote is, right there Well, tracked him down He’s looking pretty tore up on the hillside behind me. He’s looking pretty gruesome, so this is probably where we’ll sign off.

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  1. Looks like fun but what do you do with the cyotoes? I would probably end up having a trophy room that looks like it belongs to the Predator if I were you.

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