On Location: The Karate Kid (1984) Filming Locations!
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On Location: The Karate Kid (1984) Filming Locations!

November 16, 2019

(funky music) (grunting) – Is that what you call a kick? (suspenseful electronic music) – You’re doing it wrong. (80s electronic music) (snapping wood) – All right, so we only got about twenty six minutes left and. – We got this. – Its gonna be a race,
its gonna be a race. I don’t know if we’re gonna make it. – I think we’re gonna, whatever we make its gonna be it. – I don’t think we’re gonna make it. Let’s go, let’s go, come on! Come on Curtis! There it is, there’s the sun! – We got it, we got it, we’re here. (80s electronic music) – If you’re like me growing up in the 80s the karate kid was a movie that we all identified with. It’s the story of Daniel LaRusso, a young New Jersey high
school kid having to move to Southern California
because of a change in his mum’s job and he gets
dropped into a new place, a new school, a new culture
and he is overwhelmed. He finds himself not only
having a hard time connecting but getting bullied and
picked on by Johnny from the Cobra Kai and he
thinks his only solution is to learn karate to find that
next level, to find that edge and it puts him right
smack dab in the path of Mr. Miyagi. And what this movie shows
us is that we’re all in need of some kind
of Miyagi in our lives. Daniel was without a dad,
without really a core family and Miyagi had lost his
family so you find these two guys put together,
learning from each other and learning together what
it means to be great friends, to be a great mentor to
a great young learner and through all of that challenges are met, challenges are fought
back and we all get the ending we love. Winning, triumphing, good over evil, the bad guy loses out, the good guy wins. And if that’s not enough, we
get the epic 80s still frame ending on Mr. Miyagi’s face looking on in complete satisfaction that his young, learned student has put all of his wisdom together and we
get the best send off. Which makes sense that we
should start this movie in the best 80s way possible. (80s electronic music) – So we just left the
beach where I learned the hard lesson that crane kicks
and skinny jeans don’t mix. But now we’re making our
way through the beautiful San Fernando Valley and
we’re about to head to the apartment complex where, if
you remember in the movie, Daniel and his mum make this
great cross country journey, we see a little Americana,
we hear some great music and a chance to roll
some important credits and then they finally
roll up to their new home here in Southern California. And if you’ve been
watching for a few episodes I bet you thought I forgot about this, I didn’t, I love this movie. – There it is, there it is. – Where, where, where is it? – To the right. – Oh my gosh, there it is. Oh! Look at that. So this is where I get
really excited because even though it’s been 35
years, this location is exactly the same. It’s almost like you just
picked it up 35 years ago and dropped it right
here because if you look, the sign’s still the same,
the paint is still the same, the palm trees, two of the three
palm trees are still there. I mean this is the kind of
stuff that we really, really live for as fans because it’s
exactly as we remembered it, exactly, nothing has
changed, it’s right here. The garden of Eden as she
pitched it to Daniel, right? – Open your eyes my darling
son, this is the garden of Eden. – Which we’d find out,
maybe not so much but, this would be the place
where they would start their new life right here in The Valley. So showing up here at
the apartment complex, there’s a few things that
have changed over the years since they’ve filmed. Right to my left here
was obviously it was a chain link fence. This is where Daniel
finds himself at the mercy of the Cobra Kai and, of
course, Miyagi sweeps in and cleans house and then
right to my right here you’ve got the complex and
during filming they built a couple of these parking spots
out as Miyagi’s apartment. This was the hallway that
Daniel would walk in and through going into Miyagi’s
apartment and, of course, once they left they removed the apartment. So you gotta wonder in places
like this where people live and do life, do they really
consider where they’re living and all the amazing things
from a great movie over 35 years ago happened? Do those people that part
in these parking places realize they’re parking
smack dab in the middle of Miyagi’s apartment,
his place where he trimmed bonsai trees and operated
out of as a handy man for this complex? I mean this is a place where people live, this is their home, this
is everyday life for them and so they wanna make sure
that we don’t intrude on that or mess up what’s going on with them but just to have a chance to also take in a little
bit of the history that we find right here in
the middle of The Valley. Yeah so we had some time
so we busted over here from the apartments to
check out the school that was used in the film and
it wasn’t a high school, it was a middle school. I’ve always wondered if there
was some sort of decision based around that or if
it’s just availability but like, in a middle school
things probably felt smaller so I’m trying to figure out
why you would already put. Because Macchio was 22
when they shot this film and he looked like he was
15 so it seems like this would also make everybody
look older too but. I don’t know, maybe it’s
just all that was available. So this school is not too far
from the apartment complex so we decided to swing by
because there’s a few things that happened here at the
school that helped tell the story about Daniel
adjusting to school life or really establishing the
bully nature of Johnny. But this alleyway and that
gymnasium are the places where the dance happens
and where Daniel comes bolting out in the shower
costume and then takes off running down this way. That’s probably the most
memorable scene that happens here and so we wanna take a look at it. The school’s abandoned now but, again, it’s still a location that
was used in this movie and it’s pretty cool that
we just get to swing by and check it out. (80s electronic music) – So this turned out to
be a pretty cool location ’cause we get to see kind
of the gymnasium set up, we see the alley where he
comes running down after the. Oh my gosh, they found me, I
don’t know how they did it, but they found me, oh no you guys! (dramatic electronic music) – So it wasn’t all punches
and kicks for Daniel. No, the great thing about
this movie is it also had this great sub story of
Daniel falling for this girl named Ali who was the
popular girl in school and he was the young, quirky
dude and it just didn’t seem like this would ever happen
and what better place to start this romance
than Southern California’s Golf N Stuff, which today is known as Golf N Stuff Family Fun Center. Now it’s a little
different than it was but imagine if you will, Mrs.
LaRusso’s green station wagon wheeling up, dropping off Daniel and Ali. They make the corner now
the water park’s gone, it’s not there any more
but everything else is because as you begin to
walk the very path that Daniel and Ali walked,
you got the Party Room which was the arcade
then, the miniature golf, the bumper boats, the indie
cars, all of which leads us to an amazing gaming montage. Let’s go! (upbeat electronic music) – There is no reason
not to love this place. I mean, Golf N Stuff. If you’re ever down here in
the Southern California area, be sure to swing on by. I mean the go karts, the
putt putt, the bumper boats, the arcade, all of it, man
it just takes you right back ’cause nothing really has
changed and that’s what makes it such a great
location and really it was the greatest location for Daniel
to just get his confidence back, to kinda give him
that extra boost which would carry him on to the next
part of his training. Which is really what we gotta do now. It’s time for us to move
on, it’s time for us to get trained up ’cause there’s
some tough stuff coming. Let’s go. (80s electronic music) – Every time we find
one of these locations I am reminded that they’re unique. And this one is no exception;
the Cobra Kai Dojo. Again, in the movie you
don’t get the full grasp of everyday life, traffic, weather. That’s what’s happening right
now and a few years have past but let’s see what story
this dojo can still tell. So this is where training
happens, in the dojo. We are now in the Cobra Kai
Dojo from The Karate Kid and I gotta tell ya, as a super fan, it’s a little overwhelming
because I’ve only seen this place on film, on screen and now
to be here is really awesome. Now it’s a little different
but if you work with me a little bit here we can
kinda get the image of how this really played out. I mean, first of all, as
we walked in there was kind of an office here
with a wall that kind of framed it up and, of
course, you can’t forget the big, bad, menacing John
Kreese cut out against the wall over there. But as Daniel came in to,
literally, the lion’s den with Miyagi, they were kinda
pressed up against this wall here, witnessing all the
mean badness of the Cobra Kai students and their sensei. And this is where we get
the reminder that Daniel is up against a big challenge
and in order to even get training a deal’s gotta
be made so he can kinda have a little bit of space from
the Cobra Kai so that then he can also agree to being a part of the All Valley Tournament where
it all actually happens, you know, where the
final battle happens and Daniel is triumphant. But you can’t get to that
kind of triumphant ending without a little bit of training. – Combat, fight! – So there’s a couple
of key elements when it comes to training. Obviously you’ve gotta have a sensei, and there doesn’t seem to
be one around here today, but there are a couple of things that we can definitely fulfill. Number one, the appropriate
fighting stance and, of course, the appropriate attire. You know, training is
one thing but it takes a good opponent to truly
test your abilities. (80s electronic music) – I gotta tell ya, the
training is pretty exhausting especially when you’re flying
solo and you don’t have a sensei to really coach you
and guide you and give you the best possible ways
to be training ’cause even though I won, I also lost. (laughing) (shouting) – Every great student needs
a sensei of sorts, right? Somebody to kinda help
guide you along the way and you really wanna get the right sensei, the sensei that helps
teach you every element. (laughing) – How are you man? Welcome, welcome. I’m Curtis, it’s great to meet you. – Hey Curtis, how you doing? – What’s it like man? – Wow. – First time since the movie? – Yeah, first time since Karate Kid 3. – Okay. – And this bit right here,
there used to be a curtain here, a curtain, and I would keep
my Thermos there ’cause in Karate Kid 1 I was so sick,
all the barking up and down the, you know, mercy is
for the weak, you know, and an enemy, one of the
lines, if someone confronts you he is your enemy, enemy
deserves no mercy and I’m walking up and down the
aisles and then I get to Billy Zapco over there and I say; what is the problem Mr. Lawrence? You know? Mercy is for the weak. Here on the street, in competition. A man confronts you, he is the enemy, an enemy deserves no mercy. What is the problem Mr. Lawrence? All of that just beat me
up because I was sick. I had 102 fever. – Oh my god. – So all that up and down,
I would have to go behind this curtain and chugalug
a hot tea Thermos and I would go through
a lot of it all day long because that sequence in the beginning of Karate Kid 1 was all here
and it was several days in a row. But coming back here, I
haven’t been here in 30 years. – Wow, wow. It’s a little different. – It is, it seems a lot longer
but it doesn’t seem as wide. – Right, we were saying the same thing. – But this, this is, this is how it was. That obviously was my office,
so there was a wall there. Yeah, there had to be a wall here. – Yeah, this was the office. – There had to be a
wall, the office was here ’cause here was the All
Valley poster, on the wall. And you know, I do the;
if you don’t show it’s open season on him. If you don’t show and
it’s open season on him. And you, you know, it
was just kind of fun. – This is like, I’m getting
chills he’s saying this stuff. – And that’s the picture they used, the production shot they
used, of me pointing you know. – Uh huh. – Let’s see, along here
I remember coming right. Here we go. So here was where, I have
a lot of photographs, here was where we had the fighting, the preparation, and they
would have little red flags. It wasn’t flags, actually
it was just a red ribbon. And I would be on that
side actually and go, you know, fight! You know, whatever the key,
the key was aits I think. On guard. Aits! And then they would come
in and they’d stand up, sit down and this was the square. – Were these guys afraid
of you, like in real life? Were you kind of emitting
that vibe to the actors that were kind of like
this guy’s the real deal? – Interesting question
because we were separated. John Applestone kept us
separated so that I was separated from my Cobra Kai, no social, we didn’t get together, we didn’t talk. We actually, we kind of
stayed away from each other because there was a level of respect, he didn’t want me becoming
too friendly with anybody. – Right, makes sense. – And Miyagi certainly stayed with Ralph and they would train
separately so Miyagi was trained with Ralph. Pat Johnston, who was
our stunt co-ordinator, who was brilliant, who played
the referee at the end, he trained the Cobra Kai
by themselves and then he trained me by myself
and I originally had only one action sequence which
ended up being the beginning of Karate Kid 2 when I
have the fight with Miyagi. ‘Cause they decided to,
while we were waiting to do the scene outside the
parking lot, to do the spinning crescent kick and go
through the window and all. They cut it and so three
years later we went back to the same parking lot and we did it. But we were all trained
separately to keep the mystique going, you know. It was great, it just was
really interesting and who ever expected it to be the iconic gift that keeps giving, to do
this television series? And now we’re standing in
the middle of Cobra Kai. – Right here in the middle of Cobra Kai. Martin, as a super fan
I can’t thank you enough for swinging by and spending
some time with us and for all of our fans watching
I know this is gonna be kind of a monumental moment
to not only be in the dojo but to have you back here so
I appreciate you doing that. – I was wondering if it’s
okay, I would love to get you in costume and have a
little instruction from Martin. Are you okay with barking
some orders at Curtis? – How do you want me to drop it? – Like I swept you. – Okay. – I sweep your leg and you flipped. – Okay, alright, I’ll try to drop, yeah. – You guys should be over there. You shoot over there. – Okay, so I fall down. – Go ahead, you fall down, I’ll sweep ya. You’ll fall down. – Okay, oh yeah, then you. – I got bad knees to. So, let me just think
for a second how I got in the position. So was that okay, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gave him a punch. – Oh, I’m sorry.
– No that’s good. – I gotta punch. (laughing) – Alright, it’s all good, it’s alright. – You lose focus in a
fight and you’re dead meat. Give me 60 push ups on your knuckles. – Yes Sensei. (laughing) (clapping) – Oh that was amazing, thank you so much. – Oh my gosh. – That was wonderful. – I wish life was this easy. (laughing) – You lose concentration in
a fight and you’re dead meat. – Yes Sensei. – So this has been a dream come true for a super fan like me. The locations, the real life
places that made Karate Kid the iconic film that it
is today 35 years later, and now, with Cobra Kai on YouTube. This has been an amazing thing. Martin, do you think I
would have made it in Cobra Kai at all? – Er, now way. – Man. – It’s the beard. (laughing) – This has been such a thrilling
journey for this super fan. Martin is there anything
you could close us out with? – Well all I can say is
follow Beyond the Back Lot because the real story’s only just begun. (cheering) (80s electronic music)

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