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Olympics & Paralympics Useful Tips

March 26, 2020

Olá! I’m Todd. I’ve been in Brazil about a
year and a half working at the consular section. I’d like to share a few tips to help make your visit to the
2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio as enjoyable as possible. First, it’s important to know that the Olympic and Paralympic events will take place in 30 different venues, most of which are located in four areas of Rio: Deodoro, Maracanã, Copacabana and Barra. Most events will take place in Barra,
which will host 22 sports. If you plan to go to events
in different zones on the same day, we recommend that you allow at least two to
three hours to get between the two. For soccer fans or, as they say here in Brazil, futebol, matches will take place in five other cities
in addition to Rio. Belo Horizonte, Brasilia
Salvador, Sao Paulo and Manaus. To some you can drive but others you will definitely
need to fly. So plan ahead! Highways and airports will be crowded, so make
sure you leave plenty of time to get through security. Second, if you want to attend events, but
haven’t bought tickets yet, there may still be some available but you must
purchase them through an authorized ticket reseller, which for US-based buyers is Cosport. For ticket availability and instructions on how to
buy and pick up tickets, visit their website. From June until the end of the
Olympics and Paralympics unsold tickets for each of the game’s event will be sold at
box offices located in the four competition zones in Rio and in the other Brazilian cities
hosting football matches. If you have extra tickets
please remember that: in Brazil it is illegal to resell tickets for more than face value and they will be cracking down on it. Cosport will not reimburse you for
any return tickets but the good news is that you can transfer those tickets to
family members, friends, or an acquaintance. Children under 2 years old do not
require a ticket to any of the competitions. And children 14 and under must be
accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. We hope these tips are useful
and you have a wonderful visit to Brazil. We are looking forward
to having you join USinRio! Até já!

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  1. É possivel ficar no Brasil por mais de 6 meses (acho que é o prazo maximo) após o recebimento do green card? Mesmo que a justificativa seja o término de uma college. Obrigado!

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