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Olympians face Influencers in the “Craziest Sports” | The Global Games

November 18, 2019

Yes, let’s do this. Welcome to Global Games, where
real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will test
their strength, skill and stamina
on a level never seen before. The participants will be
competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of
the eight challenges will take home the gold
and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win? An Olympian,
or a social influencer? This is Global Games – Chicken Fight Boxing. I’m so excited
to be here in Greece competing with and against some of the best athletes in
the world. All these amazing challenges
with amazing people. You got Olympic athletes here that are so talented,
that I look up to so much. We have a twist
to all these games that are going to
make them a lot of fun, but they still are obstacles
that we have to overcome. I don’t like to lose. So competing with
the world’s greatest is going to be
a challenge for me. But it’s going to be
a challenge for them as well. – I’m Spice.
– And I’m Mike. And together we are… Spice and Mike. I thought we agreed
on Mike and Spice. – Oh, right.
– Yeah. OK, OK. Let’s… – I’m Mike.
– And I’m Spice. Together we are… – Spike and Mike.
– Mike and Spice. – Goodness.
– You messed up here. I’m going to give you
one more shot. – I’m Mike.
– And I’m Spice. And together we are
Mike and Spice. There it is. Third time’s the charm, baby. OK. OK. OK. OK, big guy. Here’s how it works.
Blindfolded boxers fight on top of their team-mates’
shoulders trying to knock down
their opponent. The team that wins two rounds
out of the three gets the gold. First up, Asafa and Luis
versus Linlin and Derek. My name is Linlin.
I’m from China. I’m a world champion
speed skater. Hard to say
who will win the game. I really like a challenge. So I feel like I will
definitely be fine. Yeah, Linlin is
a speed skater, so she’s used to all that
zig and zag. We’ll see how that translates
with her ducking and dodging her opponent’s swings. Let’s see how they do. So who do you think
is going to win this? Well, not you. I think we’re going to kill it. – Yeah.
– We got it. Let’s do it. All right. So that’ll be
the winning combo, then. It’s a wrap.
We’re going to win. Everyone’s pretty
confident, it seems. So I guess we’re just
going to have to get to it. All right. Asafa, we’re
going to put you to sleep. In this challenge, Linlin is
going head-to-head with Asafa. I’m Asafa Powell. I’m from Jamaica. I’m the
former world record holder in the 100 metres
and Olympic gold medals. I’m just a great guy.
I’m all about the fun. I love to win. But if I’m not having fun
doing it, it doesn’t count. This pair should make for
an interesting match-up. Will Linlin be able to
knock out all 6’3″ of Asafa? Let’s find out. Are you sure you can hold him? Look at this. Look at this.
This is not a dream. Enough talking. You talk
too much. Let’s fight. I think they’re going into it
too confident. You know about their tactic? Like having Asafa on top
instead of the other way? Wait a second,
Asafa’s going on top? Not sure that’s going to be
the best strategy. It’s time to… Bye. Let’s go! Linlin’s singing Asafa
a bedtime song. And Linlin knocks him down
to win the first round. – He just got KOed.
– It just got serious. Go! Asafa lands with his right. But Linlin is all
up in his face. And…oh, oh! Who went down first? No, you guys went down first. They went down second. – He’s celebrating.
– You guys won. You guys won. No, you guys went down first. Let’s see that again. Asafa loses his balance first
trying to land the left hook. And ding, ding, ding.
We have a winner. Their choice of having Asafa
on top seems to have backfired, as his size was no match
for Linlin’s speed. – I want you on my team.
– I told you. – Can you be on my team next?
– Talking too much. We were confident.
We might not have been outwardly confident
like these guys. But inside, we knew that we had
the goods to get the job done. Don’t worry. That’s me eating my words. We will be back, I promise you. We’ll be back. Our next match-up
is Mikael and Andrew versus Lolo and Alexia. You got
a prediction on this one? Yeah, I’m going to
go with the ladies. Lolo is an Olympic sprinter. And Alexia is light and quick. I think they got this. We got this. Hi, my name is Alexia Clark. I’m a fitness influencer. I create all kinds of workouts
using basic exercises and combining them together
to make working out fun. You can check out all my
exercises at @alexia_clark. I think we all have a very
competitive personality, so we all are going out to win. You guys ready, or are you
still procrastinating? Still putting on
your mouth guard? She’s just like a powerhouse. She was saying on the bus that
if she didn’t bobsled or do hurdles that she would be
a fighter, which I think is going to be a huge advantage
in the chicken fights, that’s for sure. Do you need a hand? Get it? I really want Mikael
to be my team-mate because he’s a skier, so obviously, his balance
is going to be great. He’s going to be able to move
in and out like in the slopes. So when it’s go time,
he’s a fighter. The two teams are in the water
and ready to go. Let’s see who comes out on top. Alexia going on
the attack there. Come on, Alexia! But Mikael strikes back
and she goes down. And now they’re set
for round two. Alexia goes hard after Mikael,
again not giving an inch. I really want to play with
the guys for the championship. But I really wanted
a girl to win. Now, it’s time for
the final tie-breaking round to see which team advances
onto the gold medal match. Both teams are
giving it their all. Mikael and Andrew get the win. That brings us to the second
round for the bronze. We’ve got Asafa and Luis
versus Lolo and Alexia. These girls are not
going to beat me. Do you want to get your gloves? Luis and Asafa have
corrected their past mistake, and Luis is going on top. Luis ain’t holding back
and gets the best of Alexia to give his team the lead. We’ll be back. Alexia and Lolo
need to bounce back right here if they want to keep
their dream alive of reaching the podium. Push him! Push him!
Push him! Push him! Oh, Team Girl Power
takes him down. The bronze, and it’s 1-1. Should be a good fight. Big finale here. Lolo takes a bit of a spill. Luis and Asafa are
standing their ground while Alexia is working
herself off balance. And she’s down. Yes! It was brutal. They were aggressive,
but I was patient. Team Speed, all right? Bronze. I mean, you got to give it up
for the girls. You know, they put on
a good fight. Asafa and Luis take the bronze
after a hard-fought match. You’ve got to give it
to the ladies. They hung in there, even
though they were out-sized. Preach. Our final match is Linlin and
Derek versus Mikael and Hendo. Will Linlin be able to pull out
another heroic feat and take down another
giant Mikael for the gold? Let’s find out. We’re going for
Linlin and Derek. – I think the guys.
– Yeah, vote for the guys. This is it. They are about to throw it all
on the line for the first gold medal
of these Global Games. Linlin throwing some
haymakers out there. And Mikael counters back
with a dominating right hook for the first point. One more,
we’ve got the gold medal. Let’s go, we’ve got this. Bring it on. – You ready?
– I’m ready. This is Linlin’s and Derek’s
last chance at survival if they want that gold. And she goes
right for the chin. Oh, he lost his glove. Mikael’s only fighting
one-handed now. Mikael powers around Linlin,
and she’s down. No! Derek keeps her up! They will not quit. Oh, but Derek finally stumbles. And Linlin goes down. We have our first winners. Mikael and Hendo
get the knock-downs and take the victory. Linlin got some
good hits in there, but it just wasn’t enough. You got some fast people,
we got some strong people, but I’ve got
a freestyle spirit. They did a good job. At the end of the day
we bring home the silver. So Mikael and Hendo take gold. Linlin and Derek take silver. And Asafa and Luis get bronze. (LEADERBOARD) On the next episode
of Global Games, we’ve got beach volleyball
with a twist. What? Word! (GLOBAL GAMES)

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