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Olive Oil Wrestling – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

November 29, 2019

Previously, on Global Games,
we took the action to the sky. Our Olympians and
social Influencers competed in the
fly-athon challenge, and soaring away with the
gold, was Olympian Lolo and Influencer Hendo. This win finally got a
gold on the board for Lolo, and let Hendo take the
overall medal count lead
away from Olympian Mikael, giving
him total two golds and one
silver. Can he keep the momentum
up? Or will he be in
for a crash landing? Welcome to Global Games,
where real Olympians battle it out with social Influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will test
their strength, skill, and
stamina, on a level never seen before. The participants will
be competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of the
eight challenges will take home the
gold and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win, an Olympian
or a social Influencer? This is Global Games,
Olive Oil Wrestling. I’m Spice. And I’m Mike. And together we
are Mike and Spice. Yep. We’re working on it. We’re getting there. Here we are in beautiful
Greece, combining the two Greek traditions
of wrestling and olive oil. It’s olive oil wrestling. Yes, Greco-Roman wrestling. Contested in the first
modern Olympics in 1896, and one of the six
main wrestling types still practiced
internationally today. We’re talking arm drags,
headlocks, and of course,
bear hug. And I love me a good bear
hug. Each team gets three
rounds on the raft, with a 250 pound maniac. Holy cow. See the big man
oiling himself down. It’s baby oil. He’s a big baby. Walking like that. He’s peacocking. He’s peacocking, yeah. I think he’s using the oil
to make himself look big. No, he’s not about to do that. Oh, my gosh. (GROUP GROANS IN
UNISON) He looks like the Hulk. He’s all glittery. I’m big too. Asafa might be a little
bit intimidated, because– I’m big too. –there’s a big guy here. Here’s how the scoring works. Each take down is
worth one point. If they knock the maniac off
the raft, that’s three points. But if a player gets
knocked off the raft, that’s minus two points. What was that? I want the points. I want the gold. The maniac’s got me worried. And he probably has Asafa
and Hendo pretty concerned
too, because they’re
first on the raft. Easy-peasy. What’s he doing over there? He’s just chilling. Just chilling. He’s trying to– He don’t know
what’s about to him. A gold in this event
would give Hendo a commanding lead over the
field and keep Asafa’s final
podium chances very much alive. Asafa and Hendo get the
maniac off the raft, but Hendo in as well. So they only get one point. Asafa just drills him. Asafa is my partner today. He’s an absolute
animal, and he’s going to get straight off
that starting block, nail the guy into the
sea, and I’m just going to stand there and look
like the handsome British gentleman that I am. Oh! Man! (MUSIC PLAYING) Hendo charges, but they both
go. So they only get one point. You’ve got to stay on your
feet. So now, we’re in trouble. Now we’re in trouble. Because he’s kind of
figured it out a little. With that last splash,
they get three points. Took himself out. Took himself out. What? And with that, they get
three points for round three. We had a good strategy. We were doing fakes,
set each other up. One guy was bouncing high. I would bounce high,
make him spring up. Asafa would come
in, take him out. That guy is a beast. But guess what? We were beasting. Beasting. Asafa and Hendo
scored 11 points. They looked good out there. Asafa’s got the size,
Hendo’s got the quickness. And boom, they made the
maniac look like a fool. That should probably put him
in running for gold, no doubt. Let’s see what Mikael
and Derek can do. Well, we’ll go with
the flow and see. He’s a big dude. And we’ll take him on,
have a bit of fun with it. I’m Derek Herron
from How Ridiculous. I come from Australia. I’m a trick shot artist. I work with two of my best
mates making awesome trick
shots on YouTube. So go follow us
at How Ridiculous. Who wants to lose? Like nobody does. We’re all wanting that gold. Oh, they’re trying to get them
off balance with the bouncing. Oh, that’s a take down. Oh they’re going– Whoa, whoa! He’s staying on. Look at that! And they get him off. (GROUP CHEERING) They push the maniac
into the water. Great teamwork. (MUSIC PLAYING) We don’t know what to
expect. At the end of round two, they
have a total of seven points. They need to get five points
in this round to take the lead. (MUSIC PLAYING) Whoa, whoa, whoa! They’re wrestling for real! Oh my god! (GROUP CHEERING) I was trying to push. Like the last one, I was
trying to push both of them. It’s something you don’t
get to do it every day. Mikael and Derek only
come away with six points. Overall, a disappointing
outcome for those two. Next up, let’s see what
Luis and Lolo can do. As you know, Lolo is a
runner, and not a fighter. But she does have
a height advantage. And Luis has got a
low center of gravity, not to mention,
look at that beard. Let’s see how they do. Whatever weakness you
have, you want a partner that has a strength in that. When he’s got two
competitors like Lolo and I, he might have a problem. Luis and Lolo are
in the top four. A gold here could bring
them right to the top. They start with a take
down, getting one point. Over! (SCREAMS) We get that much practice. Was that Lolo? No, to Luis. We caught him off guard. Yeah, to Luis. Lolo is taking the maniac
on mano y mano right now, and showing no fear. Come on Lolo! Come on Lolo! Yeah! Get him Lolo! At the end of round two, they
have a total of seven points. They need to get five points
or more to secure the lead. (ASAFA LAUGHING) Luis was like– Look! (MUSIC PLAYING) These challenges
have been harder than like so many of my
hardest workouts for training. Like 10 take downs. The majority of them, you. Because I was trying
to with the feet. I’m not a fighter, guys. I’m a runner. Folks at home, she’s a– That is the reason why I run,
because I’m not a fighter. If I wasn’t a runner, I’d
probably be a fighter. Lolo and Luis crushed the
maniac, getting 20 take
downs, and taking the lead
with 18 points total. Wow, what a match. Remind me not to pick
a fight with Lolo. So Lolo and Luis are
officially in the lead. Asafa and Hendo are
in second place. And Mikael and
Derek are in last. But let’s see what
Linlin and Alexia can do. We may look little,
we may look sweet, but inside, we’re just killers. Yeah. I do have like a
visual, like in my mind, of him just like picking
each of us up in one arm and twirling us around
and launching us. (MUSIC PLAYING) OK, they start off
strong with a take down, and then the maniac gets a
penalty and Linlin ends up in the water. Influencer, Alexia, has yet
to get a medal in the games. Her team has to score at
least 7 points to do that. They’re going for the legs,
which is a smart move. At the end of round 2, Alexia
and Linlin have four points. They need to come from
behind and make up a 15 point difference
right now to take the lead. God, it was a lot
harder than what– –than I saw. Yeah. (INAUDIBLE) It was a lot smaller up there. Like it looks from shore like
you have a lot of room to
move, and you really don’t. That makes it impossible
for us, to like standing up to fight with (INAUDIBLE). Look at that muscle. It is impossible. His arm is bigger
than our lives. Linlin and Alexia
hold their own. They come away
with seven points. They got a huge break when
the maniac just went crazy and nullified his
knock offs, because he went on the offensive, which
of course is against the rules. Which means Alexia
finally gets on the board, with her first bronze medal. So that means Lolo
and Luis get gold, Asafa and Hendo get silver,
and Linlin and Alexia come away with the bronze. Got to say, it was a
great day for the ladies out there on the raft. Girl power. Let’s take a look
at the medal board. Influencer Hendo maintains
his lead in the overall medal count, but hot on his heels
now, after his gold medal win, is Influencer Luis. On the next Global Games,
curling with humans. I can do that. Curl a human? Yeah. Somebody like you? Stay tuned. (CHEERING)

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