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Olive Oil Water Polo – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

August 19, 2019

Game time, homie. Welcome to Global Games,
where real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will test
their strength, skill, and stamina on a level never
seen before. The participants will
be competing in pairs but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of
the eight challenges will take home
the gold and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win? An Olympian or
a social influencer? This is Global Games,
olive oil water polo. I think having all the
different athletes here is kind of awesome. You get to see people from
all over the world that mastered different disciplines. I’m super excited to be working
with some Olympic athletes. They definitely have
a lot of work ethic, a lot of focus and drive,
so I’m excited just to glean some of that
from them while we’re here. What I know about
social influencers? I don’t really know
a whole lot. I follow a bunch of them
on social media. They have a really
big presence online, which is a little bit different
from an athlete’s standpoint. So maybe learning
some tips from them. I’m Spice. And I’m Mike. And together, we are Mike and Spice. Today’s game –
olive oil water polo. It’s just like
classic water polo, which has been a standard event in
the summer Olympics since 1900, but just a bit more
slippery. Teams of two are competing
against each other. It’s a no-holds-barred,
olive-oily shoot-out. Whichever team of
two scores the most goals throughout the
competition wins. For the first round,
Kelsey and Julia team up with Tor and
Josh, and Ed and Emma team up with Miles and Séan. 2-1-1! (GO!) Miles, with his
long arm and reach, taking control of the court. Everything’s just flying. Tor with an impressive
dive, but can’t hang on. And Miles gains control. (GOAL!) And Miles with the first
point on the board. Séan goes for it, but it
slips through his fingers. Yeah, there was a little
bit of blood, but you know, we’ll get over it. A wrestling match ensues
between Josh and Ed. Emma to Miles, and Miles
with an impressive shot between the legs at the buzzer. That was crazy. I need a replay, please. (REPLAY) Through the legs. Hm, hm. Through the legs. Hm, hm. Through the legs. Working with Emma and Ed, Miles and Séan catapult themselves into first place with 2 points. Yeah, they got the
better of us, I guess. I think we need to
learn from these guys, obviously, cos we lost to them. I think being aggressive
is the way to go. We’ll do what they did. My partner is really
interesting because he can add a different dynamic. Julia’s my partner,
and she’s awesome. She’s got a really
good spirit about her. Emma’s one of the strongest
swimmers in the world, so she knows she has
really strong shoulders. We’ll try to be at the
front, scoring all the goals. I’m Emma McKeon.
I’m a swimmer from Australia. I just competed in Rio
at my first Olympics, and I got a gold,
two silvers, and a bronze. It just feels amazing. I’ve wanted to be on that
podium at Worlds or Olympics for so long. I think I’ll be more
on the fun side. Maybe some people might be
a bit more competitive than me. Definitely be a lot of fun
and I’m excited to compete. You guys look a little
bit nervous out there. I met Miles this morning,
and we get straight away the connection,
so it’s going to be really easy to play with him. Miles and Séan make quick
work of Tor and Josh. Miles, of course,
is an Olympic fencer, so he has insane reach. And Séan’s football skills
help him cover court easily. We’ll see if they can
carry that momentum. (ROUND TWO
GO!) Josh takes control and
tees Ed up in front. Like Miles’ spider-long arms. He’s all over the place,
kind of. Oh, and he’s unable
to capitalise. Miles launches it and Séan winds up for
a bicycle kick and misses. Not a move you usually
see in water polo. You can’t hold the ball. Yeah, exactly. If you try to throw it, it
just like hits you in the head. It’s like, you can’t hit
it where you want it to go. Yeah. Tor loses it, and it drops
into the hands of Séan. And Séan launches the ball
past Emma for a point. Competition is heating up! You didn’t really
know what to expect. Every time the ball could
slip out of your hands. (GOAL!) And there’s the buzzer
to end game two. Man, what a game. With that that last score, Julia puts herself and Kelsey on the board,
and Miles and Séan tack on another point to provide some cushion going
into game three. Like acting lower, doing what’s
best for the team, but then… Yeah, but kind of our own
best interests at heart. I’m thinking that’s
OK, brother. My name is Torgeir Bergrem and
I’m a professional snowboarder. I was in the Olympics
in 2014, in Russia. I expect it to be a fun week. Of course we’re all
competitors. We want to win. But the goal for me is to just
have as much fun as I can. Let’s see who takes the gold. This is it, gang. Team! We’re going to
finish this thing. (GO!) Come on. Try me. And the ball gently rolls
into the able hands of Miles. Really? Go, go, go! Ooh, and Ed unable
to make the save. Nice. That’s a point for
Josh and Tor. Make it! I got it, guys. Julia has Séan on skates. Well, he is on oil. Miles unleashes, and Ed redeems
himself with a great save. (GOAL!) Oh! Ow. Nice. Oh! Nice. (GOAL!) Ding, ding, ding! Yes! With that, Josh and Tor move into second place. Miles and Séan get the W and
take the gold with 3 points. Josh and Tor get the
silver with 2 points, while Julia and Kelsey and
Emma and Ed tie for the bronze. We’ll see if they can carry that momentum
into the next match. (LEADERBOARD) (COMING UP) (GLOBAL GAMES) This is Global Games,
short track speed bubble. And we’re back with
another competition. This time, we’re going
inside the bubble for short track
speed bubble race. Short track speed skating
combines speed and grace as skaters lean into turns
at nearly horizontal angles. For our challenge, there will
be two heats of one lap each. In each heat,
one team member runs the lap while the other team member
stays at the starting line. If you leave the track for
any reason or are hit off, there is a penalty. The team with the lowest
total time wins. Do you always close your arms? I think Kelsey and I are going
to dominate the short track speed bubble today and
come out with a W. I’ve never been
in a bubble before so it will be a bit of fun. Is this the right way? Ed’s going to be a good partner for the short track
speed bubble. He’s going to be able to
bump some people out. And I have balance on my side so I think it’s going to be
a good combo. I’m in. Yeah. Game time, homie. Here goes the first heat. (3, 2, 1, GO!) Huge collision on the track. Oh. Do I think that Miles’ strength
with my agility is going to help us rise to the top for
the win? I think it could help. I guess we’ll just have to see. Kelsey comes around the bend,
and she steps out again. Kelsey is all over this course. The competition is heating up. Last but not least, Josh
there crosses the finish line. And the white team wins it. – Hey.
– Yes. She was outside the whole way. No, she wasn’t. It was
two seconds, come on. No, no, no, no! Hey. Referee,
replay, replay. We’ve got to run that back. The judges considered
Séan’s complaint but stuck to their
original ruling. I’ve never tried to run
with my arms like this holding this giant kind of heavy thing. And then I couldn’t
pick my legs up so I just looked
absolutely terrible and I think that’s awesome. Sand in my mouth. I’m Kelsey Lee. I’m a fitness
and lifestyle influencer. You can find me on social
media @kelseyleedotcom. Spell it out dotcom. I’m definitely excited
to be doing super crazy hysterical things. Because these athletes are
from all over, we’re from all different sorts of disciplines, I don’t know if there’s really
anything but an even playing field because everything’s
really off the wall. What are you doing? Come on, brother. Let’s bounce. What’s up? You don’t beat a Frenchman
like this, my friend. My name is Séan Garnier.
I come from France. I’m the world champion
of freestyle football and street football.
You can follow me on YouTube. Séan Garnier. My discipline is freestyle
so basically, I mix football, basketball, and dance together. As a freestyler, I’m going
to try my best to always do showmanship and showcase some
of the tricks during the game. Let’s go over to
the second heat. (3, 2, 1, GO!) And they’re off. Miles
comes blazing out of the gate. Lightning quick. Right into a head-on
collision with Ed. (COLLISION) Go. Go. Ow! Hey! Kelsey goes down. That was crazy. Did you see that? This thing is getting intense. And now she’s out of bounds. Go! Let’s go, let’s go. Come on. That was so fun. (TIMES IN SECONDS) (PREVIOUSLY) – Nice, nice.
– It feels really exhausting. It was physically demanding. That was super fun, kind
of getting to run at people. Ridiculously difficult
but also hysterical. Can we get bonus points for knocking a person
down three times in a row? Tall people,
we just fall over easy. I’m the king of
the bounce ball. Tor and Ed do it again,
this time for the gold. And silver goes to
Julia and Séan, and bronze goes to
Miles and Kelsey. Good job. Tor and Séan are tied for
the lead in the medals race with one gold, one silver each, but we have a lot
of competitions to come. (COMING UP) This is Global Games,
blob archery. A send-up of recurve archery,
the only archery discipline still featured in the
Olympics since its debut. South Korea holds the title for
most gold medals in archery. Our competitors will be
launched off a blob toward a floating target. The outer ring is worth three. The inner ring
is worth six points, and the bull’s-eye gets you
a hot and sizzling 10 points. We’ve got three rounds, and
whichever team gets the highest combined score wins the gold. You guys ready for this? Why you do crazy games? – I’m scared of heights.
– We’re going to win this, bro. We already got a medal.
We’re good. – We got a medal already.
– I’m confident. Give us the medals now. I’m going to keep you safe. – Thank you.
– I promise. We’re constantly reacting to
changes and different elements, and I think this is just a
perfect example of us being able to use
our athletic backgrounds. And we are under way
with round one. And our designated
jumper awaits the call. Séan is up first. And here he goes. Major air right here! Séan starts it
out with three points. Whoa! But he lands outside
of the target. No points. Ed brings in three points. I think I’m going to try to
keep all my limbs together, so I’m not, like, floating out
and ripping something off. My underwear totally came off!
Did you see that? Extend your hands
and just go for it, and you’ll win one metre, two
metres, something like that. I got to ask to my coach. Hello? Boom! Emma with a bull’s-eye. Take a look at the replay. I was confident, I knew it. And Miles, flailing
his long frame. You know a thing like this.
“Hey!” What do you think?
You walk on the air, my friend? You want to say, “One, two,
three,” wait a second – and then brace yourself?
– Yeah. Yeah, let’s do this. Julia, try and
go more to the left. Julia overshot the bull’s-eye. It’s really hard to figure
out where you are in the middle of it. And then the current makes
the blob move. But super fun. Stoked about my jumps. And Tor ends round one
with six points. You look like
a stud muffin, bro. That was awesome! And Emma, the Aussie arrow, hit the bull’s-eye
for ten points. And her team-mate,
Séan, hits a three, so now they’re
in the lead with 13. Now, let’s move on
to the second round. Ed, we need ten! Ed, we need a ten. My name is Edward Checo. I’m from Washington Heights,
New York City. I do freestyle calisthenics. You can find me on
YouTube under Barstarzz. I think having all the
different athletes here is kind of awesome. We get to see
people from all over the world that mastered
different disciplines and it’s inspiring
to be around. Ed kicks off round two with
a belly flop for three points. The competition’s got nothing
to do with swimming, so I don’t have any advantages. – That looked painful, yo.
– Are you…? Is she OK? Are you OK? I got a bit mixed up
and ended up landing on my front on my belly. It was still fun. “Just about broke my face,
but I’m good.” – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, I broke my face. What? We’re not going to make it… Oh, my God. That’s the longest
pause of my life. Hold up, we might have
an injury here, folks. I think she hit
her face on the border. She’s crying? She’s really crying. – Yeah, she’s hurt.
– She’s crying, poor love. Oh, shit. That’s terrible. Something just happened
to my jaw, cos I tried to close my
mouth and it hurt like heck. And then the next thing I know,
I’m crying like a total idiot and then I’m being
brought out on a stretcher like a total dork
and then in a ambulance, thinking, “How did I get here?” We hope she’s OK. I know, if that was me,
I’d have been crying. Her body was like… She was kind of unused to
the amount of height she got, so she just hit her face
in one of the noodles. Hope she’s OK. Kelsey hit the barrier. A fitness trainer by day, so she’s made of steel
and totally OK. Thankfully, her team-mate Tor
got six points for the team. Julia and Josh did
the best on that round, both hitting the inner ring. But it wasn’t enough
to take the lead away from Séan and Emma,
who have 19 points. While Kelsey takes some time
to recoup on the balcony, her team-mate Tor will
take her place on the blob so the challenge can continue. And now we’re moving
on to the third round. You didn’t know what to expect. You didn’t know where
you’re going to be. Every jump was crazy.
That’s it. Bam! Where did you go? Ed belly flops his way
to another three points. Josh jumps into six points. Séan sinks another
three-pointer and takes the lead. Julia gets another six points
for this round. With one jump left to go,
Tor can grab gold with six points and take
the overall medal lead for these Global Games. Oh, ten points for Tor! And with that last jump,
we have a winner. Tor, scoring
a late-game bull’s-eye, gave him and Kelsey the gold. Julia and Josh get the silver, and team Emma/Séan
will have to settle for bronze. By adding another
gold to his total, Olympian Tor pulls ahead
in the overall medal count to the number-one spot, allowing him
to edge out influencer Séan. (COMING UP) (GLOBAL GAMES) This is Global Games,
paddle rowing gauntlet. I am absolutely head over
heels in love with this place. And I’m in love with
this next competition, paddle row gauntlet. Our competitors will face
an extreme gauntlet comprised of all of their opponents. Each team has to paddle the
course as fast as they can, all while being pelted
and hit with noodles. The team with
the lowest total time wins. First up, Emma and Kelsey. I have a feeling Emma and
I will do just fine today. There have been
some other things going on where we had some
really awesome epic fails. So we should hopefully
get by without injury. (3, 2, 1, GO!) Emma and Kelsey now going
through the gauntlet. Ow! Oh, careful.
Getting defensive. Ooh, they’re head hunting
out there. I’m really excited for Emma to
be my partner for paddle rowing because I know she’s going
to be a beast at that. Me and Kelsey will actually
be pretty good at that. I’ve got good balance cos I’ve done stand-up
paddleboarding before, and Kelsey would
have good balance, being a fitness instructor. Coming, Emma! I’m coming! Oh, and she stays on. No mercy from the opponents. I think I was pretty fast.
Yeah. I think that was too easy. The basketballs hit
pretty hard, but we’re pretty good stand-up
paddle boarders, I guess. I think I was struggling,
but it was awesome. Here comes Miles and Josh. (3, 2, 1, GO!) Ooh. Oh, the opponents are
just giving it to them. Go long! Go long! I think Josh couldn’t have
been a better partner. He probably has the best
balance of anyone here. I feel we have an advantage
because we do parkour and fencing. Fencing is heavily
reliant on balance and the way he manoeuvres. And hopefully we can work
together and definitely win. Oh!
Right through the five hole. Let’s see that again. Oh! That was awesome! – Did you fall off at all?
– Never, brother. Never. Tor smashed me in the back. Séan almost took my head off. Dude, that was… I’m proud of our team. Proud.
Double hand. Now, that was a good run. No-one fell, and they
got a time of 1 minute and 56 seconds. How lucky was Miles when that
ball went through his legs? Now let’s see what
Tor and Séan can do. Tor is the current overall
medal leader right now, so he’ll need
a good time here if he wants to secure that lead. (GO!) Séan’s going to be a good
partner for the paddle rowing. Paddle rowing is going to be
a really interesting game. He’s going to be super
good at hitting people. He’s going to be on my team,
which means that they’re not going to hit us as much. You’ve got nothing
against me, my friend. What a star! Look at this! Whoa! What are you going
to do about that? That was intense. I was
freestyling with all the balls. They were missing, left, right.
No-one could hit me. I was too fast.
The white leg, my friend! You cannot find
those white leg in the world. Only this. And just like that,
we’ve got a new leader. Tor and Séan with a time
of 1:06, the best so far. And now for the final run
for the gold, Ed and Julia. Julia is an
Olympic freestyle skier. Will her skills translate
to help her secure the W? Let’s go a little deeper
and find out more about her. I’m Julia Marino. I’m from Paraguay and I compete
in slopestyle and ski cross. At the World Cup level,
I have podiumed once in Spain. I think it’s going
to be fun, but I think we all have the
inner competitive spirit. (3, 2, 1, GO!) Here comes Ed and Julia. Whoa! Julia’s flying. I think Ed and I have
a really solid shot today to do well at
the paddleboard contest. We both come
from backgrounds that require an incredible
amount of core strength. Whatever new sport
she sees, I know she does a great job learning
it and applying her skills and athletics to it. No mercy from the opponents. Ooh! That fall gets
them a 30-second penalty and could possibly
jeopardise the gold. Ed, you’re a lucky man. You’ve got an Olympian
supporting you. Good job. Thanks.
See my amazing fall? It’s so hard to
balance on that thing. I just felt my board
go like that. And all the different
elements coming in makes it hard to want
to go fast because you’re trying to constantly block all
the different things coming your way. I’m actually
surprised I was on it for as long as I did.
I was doing pretty good. Ed took a fall, but they
were able to do it anyways in a time of 30 seconds. They get a 30-second
penalty, making a total of one minute,
which gets them the gold. Silver goes to Tor and Séan,
while Emma and Kelsey take home the bronze. That means Olympian Tor is
in the lead for the medal count with two gold and two silver. And with this win,
it puts influencer Ed now at the number-two position. Will Tor be able to
maintain his lead going into the next challenge? (GLOBAL GAMES)

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