Olga Zaitseva’s Golden Olympic Memories – Biathlon | Olympic Rewind
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Olga Zaitseva’s Golden Olympic Memories – Biathlon | Olympic Rewind

November 19, 2019

My first Olympics were in 2002 in Salt Lake City. It was cool and great to get there, I was so happy, I was a self confident young girl, who came to the Olympic games and thought that she would beat everybody here, would get zero misses in the individual race. It all was possible, but the young age showed itself. That’s why I couldn’t manage the psychological stress, emotions, etc. So, I was just put in my place and that was it. But it was an important step for me that I was taken to the Olympics. I mean, it was kind of a step, I was there, tasted it,
cooked in such a “pot of emotions”. These were different kind of emotions. I don’t know how to explain it, but the Olympics are the Olympics. The first gold medal in a relay race in Turin, I remember what emotions I had, I was very anxious. There were other girls too, and I wasn’t a favourite yet.
I was just a helper, I felt like this. So, that’s why it was important for me,
how to say, not to do badly, not to fail. I did my best at that Olympics, and it was cool when I got
my first medal with such girls, champions like Sveta Ismuratova, Albina Ahatova. It was an honour for me to perform with them, participate in the race as one team in the Olympics. Each gold medal, and there were two gold medals,
is valuable in its own way. The second gold medal I got in Vancouver in 2010,
it was after I gave birth to a baby. So, it was also a certain meaningful stage in my life. These gold medals are very precious, because you put in a lot of effort during, you like to win them. It requires a lot of labour, patience, you go through hardships, and you deprive yourself from relationships with your family. So, of course, when it results in a gold medal, then you feel such relief,
and you realise that those efforts were not in vain.

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