Oksana Masters: Biathlon training  at  the Nordic Skiing Housing
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Oksana Masters: Biathlon training at the Nordic Skiing Housing

November 20, 2019

Hey guys, I’m going to show you really quickly
what I did to prepare off the range to get ready for Biathlon competition. It’s called
dry-firing, we do it inside normally when we’re not outside. It’s not as good as the
real thing and drawing the but it’s a close second that gets you prepared.
So I’ll do it the fast way and then I’ll do it again slow it down so you get to see what
we do. And now it’s going to the competition. Um,
I’ll do it again, slow it down so you guys can see what’s really going on and remember
when we are coming into the range it’s usually really hot which means your heart rate is
up really high. So it makes it that much more difficult to control the gun, shoot straight
and clean. Which means making all your targets. Here’s a slow-mo.
Normally a coach will hand me a gun in the middle of the race. Then I clip in, helps
stabilises the gun. But make sure this is on my shoulder. Looking at the target’s and
the flaps for the wind. Normally we do four I just did five right
there. That’s basically what we do on the range. See ya!

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