Officially Captured the GAME MASTER!! (Top Secret Undercover Spy Gadgets Lead to Identity Reveal)

August 31, 2019

– Wait hang on, I see someone,
look, look look, look, look. – [Grace] You see someone? – [Stephen] Behind this truck, look. Someone’s walking with a hood. – You think so?
– During the day, during the day black hoodie. – [Grace] Oh. – This might be our person, share us, this might be our person, smash the like button, this
may be our person, look. Package, dropping the package. Package has been dropped off. Package has been dropped off. Package has been dropped off, guys I’m goin’ for it, I’m goin’ for it. Let’s go, going for the package. – [Grace] Go, go, go. – I’m going for the package, let’s go, package, we got a package, come on, let’s go, let’s go, package. This is it, look, we got a package. This is the package
Grace, I got the package. – Okay, come on.
– Look. Grab the package, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. Back in, back in, we got the
package, go, go, go, go, go. Sharers we got the package,
we got the package, let’s go. Woo, package, come on
let’s go, oh yeah, woo. Hot pursuit, we’re going
home, we got the package, we got the package, let’s go. Grace look, he’s running after us. (gasps)
Let’s go Grace, go get out of here.
– Go Stephen, go, go go, go, go, go go, go, go, go.
(tires screech) (police siren)
– Let’s go, we gotta get home.
– Hurry, hurry, hurry. – We gotta get home, we
gotta get the package home, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. – Whoa, whoa
(tires screech) – Grace quick, quick, quick,
get that package inside, get that package inside,
quick, check the window, check the window, check the window. I think we’re good, I think we’re good. Wait, wait, wait, wait,
there he is, there he is. – [Grace] Stephen that’s him. – Wait.
– That’s him. (beep) – Hey Sharers what’s goin’ on? So you saw on Grace’s last
video that we are undercover as police officers right
now, chilling in a cop car. Look how cool this thing
is, it’s a real cop car with lights and everything on it. So we’re currently looking for
the person with the package. We got this like, what is called? This light thing, and Grace’s. – Night vision. – [Stephen] And Grace has got one on her side too.
– Yeah. – So we’re currently camped out. We’re looking for that person who we stole the package from yesterday. They’ve been going back and
forth, in front of our house, and we’re trying to
figure out where they are. – Yeah, so we’ve been looking all day, and so far, no signs of anything. But we’re not giving up. – [Stephen] Yeah, oh, oh,
there’s someone with a dog. – [Grace] He’s on the phone. – [Stephen] He’s on the phone. (gasp)
Wait, look at the corner, look at the corner, look at the corner.
– Where? – [Stephen] Right there,
right there, right there, the corner. – [Grace] One O’Clock? – Yes, Grace, I think that’s the person. – Okay, you go after him, let’s walkie talkie each other, okay? – [Stephen] Okay, okay. – Go, go, go.
– Let’s go. That’s the person, I’m pretty sure, yep, I think that’s the person.
– Yep, that’s him. – [Stephen] Okay I’m goin’,
you stay here, I’ll be back. – Okay. – Okay, good luck, good luck. Okay Sharers, we’re on
the patrol right now. There’s Grace in the cop
car, good luck Grace. Grace, I’m goin’ after him,
I’m goin’ after him, over. He just turned the corner, I think that person
just turned the corner. Come one, let’s go. Okay, we’re in hot
pursuit, we’re hot pursuit, oh yeah, where’d they go? They turned the corner,
oh, there’s that person. Okay, perfect, perfect. Stay back, stay back. Grace I’m after the person, Grace I’m after the person, over. So Sharers, I’m right behind the person. This is, I think the same corner where they dropped off
the package yesterday. Right at the corner over there. So they might have another
package in their hands. I’m not exactly sure,
but let’s figure out, they’re stopping, they
picked up something, they picked up something. Think they just picked up another package. Grace, I think the person
might have bent down to pick up a package, over. Okay, we’re gettin’ closer. Hang tight, Sharers, comment down below if you can make out who
this person might be. I’m not sure, could it be
Chad Wild Clay or something? Could it be the Game Master? Could it be the boss of the Game Master, the person we’ve been after? He’s turned the corner,
he just turned the corner. Okay, let’s see, there he is, there he is. Hang on Sharers, I don’t
know what to do right now. Do I go up to him? Do I say something? Or do I keep following him? Like, what should I do? He’s just going at the
same pace the whole time. Maybe I should go up and talk to him. Sharers, comment down
below what I should do. I don’t know who this person is. Let’s keep going though,
let’s figure this out. Grace, I’m in slow pursuit of the person. They seem to just be walking casually. Sharers, let’s flash back to yesterday. I’m pretty sure this is the same person. – [Grace] Where is he going? Could that be the guy? – Definitely the same person, ’cause look, this person yesterday, who
dropped off the package was wearing the exact same thing, with basically the exact
same socks and everything. Yeah, so it’s definitely the same person. Okay, let’s keep going,
Grace, I’m after him, Grace, I’m after him,
over, oh he’s slowing down, he’s slowing down, hang on,
let me get behind the tree. Okay, let’s go, this way, come one. You know what Sharers? He’s going too slow,
I’m gonna run after him. Here we go, three, two, one. (keys jingle) Excuse me sir, can I help you? Excuse me, excuse me? Hello, excuse me? He’s on the loose, he’s on the loose. Sharers, he’s on the loose, Grace, he’s on the loose. Answer your walkie talkie Grace. Grace, Grace, where’s my walkie talkie? Grace he’s on the loose,
Grace he’s on the loose. Grace I don’t know where he went, I don’t know where he went. It’s a straight road, I don’t know where he
went, he disappeared. Hello.
– What do you mean you don’t know where he went?
– Excuse me? Sir, Grace I don’t know,
I’m gonna come back to you. We gotta figure out where he went. Keep an eye out on the house though, keep an eye out on the
house, I’m comin’ back. I’m comin’ back. Someone what? – [Grace] Someone broke in. – What Grace come in? – What are you serious? – Okay, okay, okay, I’m comin’ back, I’ll hurry back home, I’ll
hurry back home, over. Sharers, someone might
have broken onto the house, I’m comin’ home. Grace I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’. Grace, Grace? Oh gates closing, woo, okay. Grace, Grace, grace? What? – We gotta get inside.
– What happened? – I got a notification that someone’s in the house, they broke in. – Are you serious?
– Yes. – Someone’s inside. Okay, close the gate,
close the garage door, close everything, quick, quick, quick, close the garage door. – Hurry, hurry, hurry, okay garage door. – Okay, oh, careful. Close the garage door, make sure it locks. Okay, oh, we’re good, okay, wait, someone’s inside? – I think so, I got a notification
that someone’s inside. – Okay, Sharers we’re goin’ in. Grace, we’re goin’ in, we’re goin’ in. – Roger that Stephen, we’re goin’ in. – Wait which door is open, this is closed? – I got a notification that
the pool door was open. – The pool? – Yep. – The backyard pool? (door opens) (ding of alarm) – That’s the security system. – Okay.
– That’s fine. (door creaks) Let’s go in. Shh, quiet. Wonder if it’s the mystery package person. – Um, hold on. – We’re trained now. – We are kinda trained, but hold on, what’s the system, say? Zone 52 alert, it says zone 52 alert. – What does that mean? – I don’t, I have no idea what that means, but it means something Grace. – Wait, I got the perfect idea. – What? – The police have entered,
everyone stay still. – Yeah the police have entered. Police have entered, we’re in here.
– Everyone stay still. – Yeah, everyone stand still, the police, the police are here, and Grace, that was the door that was open. That’s the door.
– That’s the door. – It’s the back door. Yeah, the police are
here, hello, we’re here. Hello? – [Grace] Where are they? – [Stephen] Are they still in the house? – I don’t know. – [Stephen] Hello, look
they tore up the cushions. – No Stephen, that was us
from the obstacle course. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, you’re right. We got the real LAPD up there Grace. – Yeah they probably heard our signals. – Hold up, wait a minute,
something ain’t right here. (sniffs) I’m smelling somethin’, I’m smellin’
– What are you smelling? (sniffs) – Mm, I’m smellin’ somethin’, hang on. It’s either the snacks
that we cooked earlier, or somethin’ else.. But wait Grace, look. (Grace Sneezes)
Ooh. – I smell it too. – Bless you, okay, wait a
second, that box is still here. If that box is here Grace, then the person who we
were after with box, must not be in the house, maybe it’s a false alarm. – No, can’t be a false alarm. – Are you sure someone’s in the house? Did you actually see someone come in? – Yeah the door is open. – Yeah but we could have left it open from when we did the obstacle.
– No we were outside, I got the notification
that the door opened, while we weren’t here.
– So then where would that person be? We gotta keep lookin’. If that package is still here, then what would they be after? There’s nothing in this house to be after. – I don’t know, maybe there’s
a safe upstairs or something. – Wait Grace, you’re right,
there’s a safe in the closet. – Yeah safe in the closet.
– Safe in the closet upstairs. Upstairs, upstairs, upstairs.
– Safe in the closet. – Quick, upstairs, quick
Grace, come on, come on, safe in the closet, let’s go. That safe could be
compromised, let’s check it. Let’s see, where is it? It’s in this closet right here. Okay, I don’t think it’s been opened. It looks fine. Now I’m confused. That trap door is closed
too, that’s weird. Do you see anything else? – No. – All of our cop gear spy
gadgets are still here. Even our uniform. That’s weird, what?
– Wow. I thought I just heard footsteps. – Coming from where
Grace, coming from where? – I felt like they came
from there to there, across the hall. – [Stephen] I don’t hear anything. – [Grace] They could’ve
escaped from here maybe. – [Stephen] No that’s
the second story balcony. I don’t think anyone’s in the house, I’m pretty sure it’s a false alarm. – Do you think so? – I think so, wait hold
on, I hear something. (gasps) Wait, wait, wait, wait. – What?
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – What, what?
– Someone just ran into the garage, Grace, garage – The garage?
– Quick, garage, garage. – The package is missing.
– With the package, the package is gone. They definitely took the package. Garage, quick. – [Grace] Run, run, run. – [Stephen] They’re in the garage. – [Grace] Where is it? – [Stephen] Grace careful,
careful, they’re in the garage. Where did they go?
– Where? – Wait a second. The garage door never opened. Did they go in the garage? – [Grace] Maybe they slid under the door. – [Stephen] No, the door never opened. (bang bang) – [Grace] Or under the car? – [Stephen] Hello? (bang bang) – Hello?
– Where did they go? Where did there go Grace? – [Grace] Could they hide in the trunk? (bang bang) – Maybe they’re inside,
maybe they never got . – [Grace] Do you think? – Where did they go? But the garage door right here is open. – Yeah, didn’t we leave this open? – [Stephen] No. – You really saw someone run through? – [Stephen] Yeah. Wait don’t move. – What? – [Stephen] Don’t move. – [Grace] What? – [Stephen] Pretend I’m talking to you. – [Grace] Uh, what? – [Stephen] I think I see someone. – What? – [Stephen] They’re in
the back of the cop car. – Someone’s in the back? – [Stephen] In the back of the cop car. Grace wait, they can’t get out though. If they’re in the back of the cop car they’ll be trapped in there because it only opens from the outside. – There’s no handles, I can’t get out. – Oh, yeah this is so cool, they say don’t put the handles inside, because if you’re in trouble,
and they lock you in the back, they don’t want you escaping. – Yeah, it’s like you’re
trapped back there. Where are the keys? – I’m gonna grab the keys. Sharers this is perfect, that person is in the back
of the cop car right now, they can’t get out, so Grace, you can drive it straight
to the police station and turn them in.
– Yes. – Wait a second, where’d you put the keys? – I think they’re in the car, come on. – [Stephen] They’re in the car? – On three, we’ll take this
person to the police station, and reveal who he is. – [Stephen] Okay Grace, are you ready? – Uh-huh.
– Here we go. – One, two, three, go.
– One, two, three, go. – [Stephen] Here we go. – [Grace] We caught you
we’re turning you in. – [Stephen] We got you, we
got you, you’re trapped, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you’re trapped, you’re trapped, you’re trapped, okay. – Come on sir, let’s go, Stephen hop in. – [Stephen] Hop in Grace,
I’m opening the garage door, here we go. Start that car, start that car. (car engine starts) Oh yeah, Sharers we got him. – In the Back.
– We got the Game Master, you can’t get it out, you
can’t get it out, he’s stuck, oh yeah Grace. – Come in Stephen hop in. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go. We got you, we got you, we got you. Come on Grace, let’s go. – [Grace] Come one. (bangs on window) – Oh yeah, we got you, we
got you, Grace back out, let’s go, we gotta get, we
gotta get to the police station. This is gonna be good. We’re gonna find out who this person is. Oh yeah, open that gate, let’s go. Yeah Sharers we got him, oh yeah, police, we are good. (police siren)

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