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Office – Office … #DilSeWithShruti | Shruti Arjun Anand

August 20, 2019

Today I’ve brought you guys in my office so I’ll take you on my office tour I’ve also got a special gift from youtube I’ve got this just because of you guys that also I’ll show you so let’s go so this is.. My office is actually a 3BHK apartment so this is our’s drawing room as you know that this is our old sofa means earlier it was at my home & now its here for there I’ve to bought a new one as for the guests especially they are from news or press for taking interviews so we put this sofa here to welcome for them here you can see that beautiful gift youtube’s gold button was like this earlier now it get turned to new n also have the gold look got this awesome gift because of you as I’ve one million subscribers so here are some people let me introduce she’s my cousin Shristi she got selected for IIM so she’ll go there after 2 or 3 months so she thought how I utilise my this free time??…. so I just ask her to do this needle n thread work…LOL so we’ve start writing blogs actively so she helps us in that here’s a table for the people keeping bags n all that stuff like before they keep them here n there as I m like a organised type so we keep all the stuffs here now I’ll take you to the office main place so 3 rooms are here one is our beautiful makeup room so first makeup room lets go so in this makeup room 2 or 3 things are more important like we keep makeup brushes, liners or kajals etc here… also some extra stuffs like clutches or eyelashes etc… n nail paints are here so here are two mirrors to look ourselves into them especially Anishka n Neha of Anaysa channel you found them mostly here like 90% of the time next this is our wardrobe where we’ve our shooting clothes also we all share all the stuffs with each other so here are our necklaces here are clothes here in this side like towels n all that stuff which are needed here’s my beautiful jewellery organiser I’ve bought this recently this opens like this in which we hang kitty hairbands here are some more necklaces this also opens from the top it has drawers in which we keep stuffs like earrings in the sort out way here are Indian earrings keeping mostly needed stuffs in front now let’s check out this corner so I’ve keep all the makeup stuffs in these drawers I’ve not too much of makeup like beauty bloggers have the most but I’ve not that much also I share with these my friends or cousins… also I give them to others before their expiring dates here are primers n beauty blenders here are expensive lipsticks here highlighters here are foundations n the stuffs which i need for bridal makeup down to this we keep stuffs from different brands like foundations, concelears etc.. down to that we keep eyeshadows here we keep pigments n here’s the stuff which I’ve not used still in the video so this is brand new makeup which i need to use early as soon as possible here are the lipsticks we all share this makeup like between me, anishka ,neha, payal also we have some shoots of cookwithnisha sometimes here she also use products from this or also from lafangay we’ve different range of lipsticks llke here I keep all the heating tools down to this here are some extra hair accessories which we need for our shooting if we need to curl or roll our hair etc.. so now I’ll take you to the main room of our office as here occurs editing so meet with our editing team He’s Rahul he is editing my upcoming video here’s is Neha she’s doing comments or captions on the recently uploaded video on Anaysa she’s Payal she helped in miss anand’s video now lets see what she’s doing here’s out board on which we note the task assign to a particular individual like write the daily task of every individual also have board like this on that side on which we write our shoot schedule for our channels like all are colour co-ordinated by Arjun we write our work planning at least of two weeks also we mention who’ll have shoot as we’ve limited cameras or mics… so we try our best to utilise them properly along with who are editors or cameramen everything we write here regarding them also like who’ll do which project n all that now moving towards to our boss room let’s see what he’s doing so this is the room so here’s my husband who is our boss here’s shristi she return back to her place she writes post for our website Shrutiarjunanand so don’t forget to read her posts she’s Pooja she helps me in my work here is display of the cctv’s also we’ve camera’s in our home just to watch that like who is coming or not.. this is the special wardrobe of Anaysa channel here are clothes of Anishka or Neha here we keep our Indian wear like saree or suits etc… here are the props for the channel lafangay here in this side like bangle sort of things here are our products also we’ve so many skin care products we arrange them in this way here we’ve special items that are Nykaa’s essential oils which are like very awesome As this apartment is at ground floor sometimes feel smell like to moisture so we use these essential oil to fade that smell now moving towards the basement area here shooting is going on so this is our shooting area mostly we shoot makeup turorials here here are all the props if you’ve notice that bocca effect in our videos so all these fabrics are related to that sequence changing boccas are the awesome among all so he’s director so he’s directing for Anantya’s video also he’s working with one of his broken hand so here are our all lighting setup this is the background which may you notice in our videos you’ve seen this most of the time in my videos also you’ve seen this background too in my videos just look here so here he’s sitting with mic most probably we’ll buy new mic that’ll sort out our problem as we interrupt you in your shooting so are you feel bad for that???…LOL i forget to show you the main thing these are out treasure here….. here we keep all our camera so we keep all our cameras n lenses here so guys just because of you I’ve got a lovely n beautiful youtube gold button as this gold button is lil different with the others so I am feeling happy for that n also i’ve shown to everyone i m so happy for you are loving, subscribing, liking my videos so thanks to all of you from the depth of my heart also do subscribe to my channel just to press on that red subscribe button also click on that bell icon nearby subscribe button to get a notification on your mobile that i’ve uploaded a new video so see you in my next video till then bye-bye

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  1. Ya I will try my best to make hmmm10 million subscribers and a big family πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  2. lakin ap logo na anku shrama ko to nhi dikhaya piease un ka sath bhi ak video banaiya shurti ap anishka or anku shrama ap teeno ak sath ak video baniya plzzzzzzz

  3. Ap ne utube pe bhat hard work kiya & paise bhi krch kiye and apko phir iska result bhi mila congratulation gπŸ™ŽπŸ™ŽπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™†πŸ™Œ

  4. Hello shruti di your office is so cute just like you!!
    Congratulations to you for golden button
    Keep it up

  5. Your office is superb…di..I love it.. 😍😍…U people are hardworking..and u deserve it too…love u all..

  6. Pleaseee comment on my comment Shruti mam Mujhe apke sath video banani h Apka office location Kha h batadona please

  7. Congratulations and celebrations ma'am organisation me aapki Bhabhi ka jwab ni. Really u r so lucky kaise or kb mile aap please b a vlog for ur nnd Bhabhi relationship before Raksha bndhan

  8. o my god aap log kitna hard work karte jo behind the camera choti si video banane ke liye 😘😘sirf ham logo ko khush karnr ke liye love you dii and lots of love from my heart to your team ❀❀

  9. itna toh makeup hai apke paas or kitna chahiye apko. BTW love u shruti sooo much i wanna meet u but i can't because i live in canada.

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