Odysseus King of Ithaca (1 of 3) – The Boar Hunt, A Suitor for Helen, & Marriage to Penelope
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Odysseus King of Ithaca (1 of 3) – The Boar Hunt, A Suitor for Helen, & Marriage to Penelope

January 24, 2020

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Ithaca,
a prince was born. Odysseus, the only son of the former argonaut,
Laertes, and Anticlea, the daughter of famous Autolycus. Being the grandson of Autolycus, the most
renowned theif, and son of Hermes, Odysseus learnt some of his grandfather’s crafts, and
tricks. He learnt well enough that he became cunning,
and tricky, known far and near for his intellectual brilliance, craftiness, and good speaking
skills. As a teenage boy, Odysseus, during one of
his visits to his grandfather, decided to take part in a boar hunting expedition organized
by his uncles. That was his very first hunting expedition,
and the lad wanted to know what the adventure felt like. When the hunting began, it happened that the
path odysseus had taken was the path the wild boar was running towards. With no experience and prior hunting skills,
young odysseus was able to kill the boar. However, in their fight, the boar gave him
a deep wound on his leg, which left a large recognizable scar, after the wound had healed. That scar became odysseus trademark, anyone
who saw it immediately knew who he was. Years later, when he had grown into a man,
Odysseus was selected as one of the many suitors of Helen, the beautiful Astep-daughter of
King Tyndareus of Sparta. Although Helen was the most beautiful woman
anyone had ever seen, Odysseus was not so much interested in winning her, because he
had fallen in love with Helen’s cousin, Penelope, the daughter of Icarius, brother to Tyndareus. In addition, the princess had way too many
suitors, that he, with no extraordinarily fine features, was less likely to be chosen. It was clear to him, that Menelaus, the suitor
with the most appealing looks, would win the hand of Helen. Odysseus thought of a way to make Penelope
his wife, and came up with a brilliant idea. Helen’s suitors were so many, that even king
Tyndareus feared a possible outbreak of conflict if he chose any one of them. So the crafty odysseus used the situation
to his advantage. He offered Tyndareus a solution, in exchange
for Penelope’s hand in marriage, to which Tydareus agreed. Odysseus made all the suitors swear an oath
that they would respect the King’s final choice. That they would respect whoever the king picks
to be his daughter’s husband, and that they would support the couple in any ill fate the
two may face in the future. In the end, Menelaus was chosen to be the
husband of helen, just as odysseus suspected. And all the other suitors peacefully left
the city of sparta to their various homes, except Odysseus. His plan worked perfectly well. fulfilling his own end of the bargain, King
Tyndareus, gave odysseus the hand of Penelope in marriage. Odysseus took his wife to his kingdom, Ithaca,
where he assumed the throne as the new king. The couple had a son named – Telemachus, and
lived a very happy life, till came the events which led to the Trojan war.

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