Odin Makes: Stonehenge from Spinal Tap
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Odin Makes: Stonehenge from Spinal Tap

August 15, 2019

Today at Odin Mix, I’m gonna do something that was requested a long time ago. In fact I’ve wanted to do it since I was on DIY Prop Shop. I’m gonna make Stonehenge from Spinal Tap. Stonehenge Beneath the haunted moon for fear that daybreak might come too soon. I love the movie, Spinal Tap. And if you haven’t seen it yet, Spinal Tap is a spoof about a filmmaker who’s making a documentary
about a once famous, now almost forgotten
British heavy metal band returning to the United States after 17 years for a concert tour. At one point in the movie, the band wanted a giant Stonehenge to use as an onstage prop. But a mistake with the measurements got them something a little different. Consider it done. Now of course, the only real easy way to do this, aside from mining large pieces of stone, which I’m not gonna do, is to make it out of styrofoam. Now, the simple pieces of
styrofoam that I know of, that I can get a hold of, are from Home Depot. And for the most part, those sheets have plastic on the sides. There’s a name on one side and a reflective silver on the other side. You’d actually have to cut it, peel all the plastic off, glue it together in layers, and then you can start cutting it into an 18 inch tall Stonehenge. But I found something that’ll work. Walmart to the rescue. (upbeat music) This is an archery target. You can tell it’s a target ’cause you can shoot bears in the butt, but what it is, it’s a plastic wrapped piece of foam. After unwrapping the archery target, I get a styrofoam block
that’s 10 inches wide by 24 inches square. So, how am I gonna cut it? I could just use a basic wood saw, your classic water brother saw. That’ll do just fine provided
you have a decent saw, but it makes a heck of a mess. Instead, I’m gonna use a hot
wire cutting tool with nichrome wire and this assorted box
of wire I got from Amazon. This is something I acquired
when I moved into the shop, but the idea’s pretty sound. All it is, it’s a bow of
wood and it has a spring along the top to keep tension
along the wire down here. It’s a little complicated but it was built to do really large objects. I don’t expect you to
do really large objects. If you wanted to, you can easily just make
one through any kind of a piece of wood that
you want to bend around. And if you’re insane, you can just run one through
a hacksaw but honestly, that doesn’t seem that safe. It works, but it doesn’t seem that safe. I mark out my lines for
18 inch by 10 inch blocks. I don’t need them to be super accurate ’cause I’m gonna be cutting this by hand, and the top lentil stone will be thinner. (slight groaning) (bangs) This is my very low power source. Now originally, this came
from a theater group. This was used as a power dimmer
for the large stage lights. Something I happen to have. Now, this beast is overkill. This is way more power than I need. I’m barely gonna use more
than 10% on the dial, but I’ve got it and I know it works. So don’t be scared. Just look up what you need if you’re wanting to use nichrome wire, I’m sure you can get one off of Amazon. It’s gonna be a lot smaller
and a lot more safety at home. I wear a vapor mask as the fumes admitted from melting styrofoam is very toxic. Nichrome wire is simple. It sits in line as part
of a wired circuit, like a light bulb. Just plug it in and dial up the power but be sure not to run it too hot ’cause you can melt the wire. It heats up almost instantly
and you can start cutting. Since I’m going for an organic shape, I don’t mind some of the
wobbly cuts that I’m getting. You can set up cutting guides
with wood or medal bars if you want a really straight cut. As I cut the pieces, I try to get the basic shape that I want, which is not correct
to the real Stonehenge, but it looks more cartoony, kinda like the napkin drawing
Nigel did in the movie. I carve each leg or sarsen
slightly for that cartoon look. I shape the lentil with that hacksaw cutter that I put together. I let this wire run a little too hot. It never broke but it really
shouldn’t glow this much. And the resistance from the nichrome wire heated up the extension cord, and by the time I was done, the insulation on the extension cord was starting to bubble and melt. I measure the thickness of my lentil, so I can figure out how much I need to cut down on the sarsens. I want this to be as close
to 18 inches tall, as I can, and I want the blocks to
sit flat without any wobble. I spend a little time
fine-tuning the foam shapes, more cutting now is less sanding later, and this part is a lot more fun. I cut the corners down
so they’re not square and then I can start sanding them. I’m just using a medium
grit sanding sponge to remove the lines left from the hot wire and to get the block a little smoother. I stop and use my Shop-Vac
between each piece so the styro mess doesn’t
get out of control. I sand down all three parts
so I have the same look, and then I check the fit. Oh, nailed it! 18. Really? Sweet! (laughs) Right on. That was about an hour. What I want to do now, is I’m gonna take a little bit of filler and I’m gonna fill in these two big holes ’cause those are a little too big, and then I’m gonna paint
the whole thing with primer. I just fill the holes with spackle and give it a chance to set. I paint each piece with
a gray primer paint. This one is a latex-based house primer. I can’t use a spray paint primer because that stuff will melt styrofoam. And I paint each piece with two coats ’cause I wanna make sure
everything is fully covered. ‘Cause I’m gonna use a
spray stone texture next and any little hole will
melt into a bigger problem. So I’ve got the basic
painting done and originally, I thought this was all I was gonna have to do but looking at it, just the gray and the
stone texture isn’t enough. There isn’t enough here. I think this is all there is in the movie. It doesn’t look like it’s that detailed, but I want to do a little more. So I’m gonna mix up some
black acrylic paint with water and run it through my touch-up gun and go ahead and put some
shadows on to this thing. I mix some acrylic paint and water, and this was actually too much water, and I use my old touch-up paint gun. The air compressor I have
is not quite big enough to run this gun but I made it work. I just had to stop and
wait for the air tank to fill back up, all the time. (bleep) All I’m really trying to do, is create deeper shadows
than what is really there. Just like painting a
miniature for wargaming, it takes a couple of coats
to get it dark enough and the paint dries lighter
than it looks when it’s wet. I paint around the tops
and around the base. And with the lentil, I coat the entire underside. I also add some extra lines and marks on the flat sides for a little more color. Alright, there we go. Now I’ve got my shadows put on
it and I went back again and just lightly dusted the whole
thing with the same stone texture to kind of make it
look a little less plastic. The shadows were a little too harsh. Now they’re much better. I’m pretty happy with this. What I’m gonna do now, is get the top to sit slightly better, and then some Gorilla Glue. I use my razor knife and
trim the tops of each sarsen to get the lentil to
sit close and of course, to not wobble. To glue them all together, I use a good coat of Gorilla Glue. I set the lentil and
place a sandbag on top because this glue will
foam slightly when it sets. Yeah, even my glue is foam. I let Stonehenge sit with
a sandbag on it overnight so the glue can fully cure. ♪ Stonehenge ♪ ♪ Where the demons dwell ♪ ♪ Where the banshees live ♪ ♪ And they do live well ♪ ♪ Stonehenge ♪ My completed Stonehenge from Spinal Tap, made to the exact dimensions
that’s on the napkin. Now, if you were a
little more industrious, you could coat this thing with stucco. You know, just like what’s
on the side of your house. And then you could leave
it outside in the garden or if you’re really crazy industrious, you could make one that
was nine meters tall! That’s about 30 feet. And carve it from stone! But this guy, I used styrofoam because
this is how Odin Makes. ♪ Stonehenge ♪ ♪ Where the virgins lie ♪ ♪ And the prayers ♪ (beep) This also came with the shop. This was originally used as a, (clearing throat) (beep) I want to thank Douglas
Goldstein, Adam Hazel, and all of my Patreon supporters. You rock stars really
do help this channel. If you like this video, please leave a comment below. And if you make any of these projects, you can send me a picture. (dramatic music)

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  4. A buddy of mine made a complete mini Stonehenge out of concrete in his backyard, with a fire pit in the center. It is just the right size to sit down on.

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