OCULUS RIFT – AFFECTED #1: THE MANOR (Teens React: Gaming)
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OCULUS RIFT – AFFECTED #1: THE MANOR (Teens React: Gaming)

September 5, 2019

♪ (old school video game music) ♪ Affected: The Horror Experience.
What the [bleep]? “The Horror Experience.”
Of course! Oooh no!
This is a scary game. It says “horror”. Oh no, this looks scary, you guys.
I don’t wanna play. No, no, no. I thought PT was it. I thought you guys were like,
“No, he’s too much of a…pussy.” I hope I don’t cry. I’m really bad when it
comes to scary things. (Finebros) So today we’re doing
things a little different. What-What’re you doing with that? What is happening? Oh no! (gasps)
Noooo! No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no! I know what it is.
I don’t want it! NO! I knew it. Oooh! No. (groans) Oh, man. (Finebros) This is the Oculus Rift.
Have you heard of it? I know absolutely nothing about it
other than it’s called Oculus. I just know you play
video games through it. I don’t know much about it. The future of gaming right here.
So I’ll be in the game. Virtual reality, basically.
There’s image all around you and you look and it’s actually like
you’re looking around the room. This is so scary. No! It’s really cool.
I’m really excited to try the Oculus Rift,
but I don’t want to play this game. (Finebros) Go ahead.
Put it on. Do I have to? (gasps) (static buzzing) Whoa!
Whoa! (laughs) Whoa. (laughs)
This is so weird. Oh god.
This is fricking awesome. This is too real! Oh, this noise.
I’m not enjoying this. This looks too real.
I think I’m actually gonna cry. “Warning, this experience
contains jump scares. Do not play if you
have a heart condition.” It says “jump scares”.
What the [bleep]? I know! I don’t have a heart condition,
but I get scared easily. “Select a floor by looking
at the lift button, then enter the lift.” (Finebros) Go and select Floor One. Going to one,
how do I click it? Just A?
Just look at it. – (clicking noise)
– What the fu–?! That is so creepy. – (giggles)
– (clicking noise) Oh my god.
I can’t! (exhales) Oh my god. This is awesome.
I love new technology. I don’t wanna go in.
I don’t wanna go in. – I don’t–I can’t!
– (elevator dings) Oh my god. – I’m so scared.
– (elevator dings) I wanna turn away but I can’t
’cause it’s everywhere. – (elevator dings)
– (sighs) You guys can’t see it,
but my eyes are going to be closed the whole time. You know what? I’m gonna [bleep] [bleep] up.
I don’t care. You know, I’m gonna change
my mindset right now. The Manor. (gasps) No, no, no, no. I can’t.
Oh my god. This is awesome!
I really feel like I’m in the scary manor. It’s making me really dizzy.
I feel like I’m on a ride. Ooh, dude!
This is sick. Now I know why people get
motion sickness off of this. I’m at a creepy house.
Oh man, I don’t like this. Ooh! This is incredible!
I’m walking, but I feel like I’m actually there. It’s okay.
It’s okay? – ♪ (creepy music) ♪
– (door hinge creaks) No! What? No! The door opened by itself. – I see fire extinguishers.
– (door hinge creaks) Oh [bleep]!
Back up, son. It kind of looks like abandoned–
(squeals) It looks like an abandoned hotel. (door hinge squeaks) What was that?
I heard a door open. This was definitely
the door that opened. Holy crap.
What is that? – (door slams)
– Oh, I’m locked in. (whispers) Oh god. – (door slams)
– (groans) – (door slams)
– (shrieks) (pants) No! I feel like it’s giving
me motion sickness. I feel like–(screams)
Oh god! This game’s so is so f***ed.
Everything’s black. Did I break it? Oh. (startled gasp) Oh no, stop.
It’s a Ouija board. No way. Oh!
No, no. Not today.
Not today. [bleep] this [bleep]! I’ve heard so many stories
about the Ouija board. I don’t even wanna virtually play it. There’s a Ouija board.
I found it. I gotta go to it.
(gasps) R…
Oh my god. AH! What is it? R. Yup. U. Run?
Okay. – I’ll run.
– (ghostly laughter) I’ll run.
I’ll run. Oh…goddamn it. I just don’t like it.
I’m scared of the dark, okay? My hands are sweaty as [bleep].
You guys don’t understand. I feel like I just did a workout. (gasps) Jesus. – (ghostly laughter)
– (electricity crackles) (sharp exhale) No! I don’t wanna go.
God! – (shattering noises)
– (ghostly laughter) Oh, I hate little kids laughing. – (shattering noises)
– (whimpering) There’s children laughing. This is like I’m in a scary movie. No. You know what?
YOLO. Let’s go, fam. It’s not real, it’s not real. [bleep] this game.
[bleep] you guys. I hate you guys so much. (screams) I can’t do this!
I can’t. All right, keep ‘er movin’. OH, whoa!
What was that? – (gasps)
– (TV static) (weak scream) It’s like The Ring. Run.
Turn around. That door’s shut. (door hinge creaks) (whimpers) Oh god. This is hell.
This is straight-up hell. Ugh, this game’s so scary.
Oh, stop! There’s someone singing. – (child sings)
– I keep hearing movement, but I don’t know where it’s coming from. – There’s someone sitting there.
– (Finebros) Who is it? Someone, I don’t know.
I don’t know. It’s a girl.
Oh no, I can’t tell. – (shrieking)
– OOOOOH! Oookay, I’m just gonna close my eyes. (both shriek) I hate this game. – Hello, creepy kid.
– (lullaby music) (both shriek) (lullaby music) OH! Oh [bleep]. Oh [bleep].
Back up! Back up.
Oh my god. You look like you’re malnourished.
Ah, I didn’t mean it. I’m joking. Just eat me. (creaking noises) Okay, just kidding.
Don’t– (both shriek) Oh, whoa! Oh my god, I’m about to die.
I’m about to die. I’m gonna die. My leg is shaking.
Just go in the room, Kaelyn. – Just go.
– (door slams) Kaelyn?
Kaelyn? – ♪ (jazz music) ♪
– Kaelyn? I’ve been in this room,
like, five times. (screams) Gosh, I hate this so much. – (door slams)
– Oh. ♪ (jazz music) ♪ (sharp breathing) Oh, I keep having that feeling
that someone’s right behind me. (rattling noises) (gasps) Is that a way out?
Can I leave? (door hinge creaks) Oh no, what is this? ♪ (spooky music) ♪ It’s a scary-ass house. (gasps) Everything’s floating.
It’s levitating. Okay, my flashlight is dy–
Oooooh my god. Oh, dude.
Oh [bleep]. Oh my god. There’s floating [bleep].
Everything’s floating. Wow, this is so cool.
This is so cool. Whoever developed the game…
Kudos, man. – (clattering noises)
– HATE YOU, BUT KUDOS! I hate you! But kudos. – Ah, this is so scary.
– (clattering noises) Oh gosh.
What? I don’t know what I did. – (clattering noises)
– Oh, stop! – (clattering noises)
– (shrieks) [bleep] this game. Fu–[bleep] this game! Oooh my god!
I’m gettin’ outta here. Oh no, I think I have to go in here. (booming noises) – (static noises)
– Hmm. Oh Jesus. – (booming noises)
– Oh god. (child sings) It’s raining… The door closed?
Yeah, of course it did. – (child sings) The old man is snoring
– Is snoring. (yells) Dang. There you are.
(whispers) Oh man. I’m gonna go hide in the corner. (heart thumps) There is no escape. – (shrieking)
– AAAAH! You can’t close–
you can’t do anything either. It’s right there. No, if the girl comes–(screams) It’s the girl again.
There’s the girl again! What do I do?
Do I just go to her? – I’m–
– (shrieking) Oh my god! My flashlight is dying
and someone’s there. – (child sings)
– Yeah, the girl is there. Oh god, oh god, oh god,
oh god, oh god, oh god. I’m just gonna run at her. (screaming through teeth) (shrieking) Oh god! I’m just running.
Run, run, run, run! (clattering noises) [bleep] I couldn’t–ugh. (rapid, shallow breathing) I hear breathing.
No, no, that’s not chill. – (heart thumps)
– God, I have to turn around, huh? Oh, [bleep]!
Okay. Why is there.. my eyes are closed! my eyes are closed! (both shriek) She’s still there, she’s still there! (panicked breaths) (faint heartbeats) – (ghostly noises)
– (whimpers) (shallow breathing) – (shrieking)
– NO! I hate this game.
Is it over? – (door slams)
– All right, someone just closed a door. That was not cool. – (rapid, shallow breathes)
– OH! Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. – (shrieking)
– AAAAH! AAAAAH! Am I still alive in the game? Is that it? Did I win? (Finebros) It’s over.
You can take off the Oculus now. Oh thank goodness that’s over. Whoa. Oh my god, I’m sweaty. That’s so trippy. (giddy laughter) Light! Friends. I feel so good to see light.
I feel so free right now. That was my first experience
with the Oculus and it was pretty amazing. Just playing it on the computer,
it wouldn’t have been that scary. But this made it so much scarier. That was intense, man.
It felt real. When I was walking around,
like when I would move around, my peripheral vision
was the game itself. It was unreal. It felt like I was actually
walking in the house. It made it a billion times worse. I was shaking.
I was on edge the whole time. I don’t think there is one moment
where I felt completely relaxed. That was the worst game
I’ve ever played in my life. I hate that so much! Thanks for watching us play
Affected on the Oculus here on the React Channel. Should we play more Affected?
Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe.
New shows every week. Bye, guys! See you guys next time. ♪ (old school video game music) ♪

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  1. Argh i cant play with this. I would die just out of fear >.< and i cant see the Controller i cant play without seeing it

  2. I think it's ironic that I'm laughing at their reactions to the game, but yet I would have the same reactions if I were in that situation. I'm not too big of a fan of horror games…

  3. Go to (9:40). Is it me, or does it look like he's playing the clarinet with a lot of passion? (when he gets scared)

  4. I so want this.
    I'm always bragging about how games don't scare me, but this…I think this would make a liar out of me!

  5. Im confused why the last guy got the ending where she crawls on the ceiling…but everyone else got the regular ending?

  6. How can I be in the react series? I'm eleven and I really would like to be in at east one episode. Can anyone tell me how I could do this?

  7. Imagine if they had turned off the lights in the room, so that when they took off the headset, it was still dark. 😀

  8. The scene with the floating furniture and the piano playing was actually really calming, like I would waltz with someone there.

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