Oblivion – Character Builds: The Pure Thief (2019 Class Guide)
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Oblivion – Character Builds: The Pure Thief (2019 Class Guide)

August 16, 2019

Today I’ll be showing you how to build a pure thief in Oblivion. Your thieving skills will be unmatched with this character That’s prime for stealing items from unsuspecting NPCs. I’m tyler jacubs roll the intro In Oblivion you have the ability to design and build a character However, you desire and today we’ll be focusing on a build guide for a pure thief This is a build I’ve had recommended to me if you have a build idea and want to be featured in a video post your Recommendations in the comments below. The primary goal for this character will be stealth and stealing items without being noticed Stealth is a game mechanic that can go unused throughout entire playthroughs of oblivion However, I personally feel it’s the best way to play the game. though, I do love stealth related games. So my playstyle choice is biased First part of a character build is of course race selection. Each race has its own bonuses and penalties towards specific in-game stats Picking a race for a pure thief’s build wasn’t easy. There are a few good options yet after much deliberation I decided to choose a male Khajiit mainly for that 10 point bonus – agility Khajiit also have the eye of night a lesser power which allows you to see in the dark at 30 seconds for free as much as you’d like in addition to their agility boost Khajiits receive a 10 point boost to Acrobatics and hand a hand as well as a 5 point boost to athletics blade light armor security and most importantly sneak These are all good increases to skills that you use as a thief it is also important to note that a Khajiit is one of two races that gets a boost to sneak with the other being a Wood elf or “Bosmer”. Furthermore in Elder Scrolls lore Khajiits are renowned thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched Acrobatic skills many Khajiits are also warriors. Although this is mainly true for specific breeds Addition to their native quickness Khajiits have developed a natural Proficiency in stealth and have the added benefit of natural night vision These skills combined with the general tendency of humans and elves to look down upon them as beasts leads many Khajiit Outside of their home province to become bandits or professional thieves and assassins such as the hide Khajiit assassins from the dark brotherhood the other top selection for this build would have been a wood elf or “Bosmer” as I stated earlier wood elves are the only other race to get a boost to their sneak at the start of the game In Fact Wood Elves receive a ten-point boost to sneak instead of Khajiits 5 making them perfect for this build Deciding between Khajiits and wood elf was very difficult I chose a Khajiit over the Bosmer because of the wood elves – 10 points to strength At the beginning of the game this equates to a 50 point decrease in encumbrance or carry weight I felt that the large decrease in carry weight does not warrant the extra 5 points in sneak especially when sneak is easy to try and however Feel free to replace the Khajiit with the what elf if you don’t mind the decrease in carry weight Remember you can change any part of the bill to fit how you want to play The next step to creating a thief’s character is selecting a strong birth sign and of course as a burglar the thief’s birth sign stands Out this will give us a 10-point boon to our agility. Agility is the governing attribute for maximum security and sneak You will also receive a ten-point boost to speed speed governs how fast you move and the distance of your jumps finally we have luck. luck is a complicated attribute that levels up all of your other skills and influences events If you are unsure which birth sign to select you can watch my video on both signs here it explains each birth sign in detail When creating a custom class need to first select a specialization this of course should be stealth Selecting stealth will give a 5-point bonus to acrobatics light armor marksmanship mercantile Security sneak and speech craft on top of gaining a 5 point bonus. These skills will also be 25% easy to train and level up following that we need to decide which two attributes we want an additional 5 point boost – for this I’ve of course chosen agility and speed totaling an initial start of 65 for agility and 55 for speed Finally, we need to select the 7 major skills that you will rank up to increase your level Making a skill a major skill will also make it 40% easier to level Once we have selected those 7 skills. The remaining skills will become minor skills minor skills are what we use to increase your attribute points upon leveling If you want to increase your attribute points by 5 when leveling, we need to level up the attributes – skills 10 times This is efficient leveling. I’ll try to keep it simple and give an easy way for you to casually improve your oblivion leveling for the seven major skills should select skills. That won’t be used regularly It allows you to naturally increase the amount you attribute to a level. Optimally you should select one major skill from each attribute This will make them easier to level So for this reason the skills, you select will be once a thief doesn’t usually use The seven major skills will be choosing will be blunt for the strength attribute Amorer for the endurance attribute light armor for speed marksmanship for agility Speech craft for personality conjuration for intelligence and destruction for willpower as I stated earlier These skills may seem out of place for a thief but it will allow you to level your attributes significantly faster If you level on a minor skill twice Then that skills governing attribute will gain one potential rank When you sleep to level up capping at five by focusing on leveling your minor skills It allows you to increase your attributes without the risk of leveling your character too soon Leveling. Your major skills will also increase a potential rank of an attribute. However, it will also level your character’s progression For example if agility is the governing attribute, then the skills are sneak security and marksman for this example We’ll make security and sneak the minor skills and then we’ll make marksman the major skill For every two times any of those three skills level up agility will gain one level However, when you level the minor skills the level progress bar will remain the same Yet when the major skill levels up the progress bar to the next level will also increase This is why we picked the less used skills to be major skills Since it gives us more control over when we level I am planning on making a tutorial on leveling your skills in the future Once it’s completed it will be available in the top right corner. If you want to learn more about efficient leveling To finalize our character. We need some strong weapons and gear! now any armor or weapons will work However, I’m going to recommend some equipment that works well for this specific class now when playing as a thief being able to kill people from a distance is Extremely helpful. And for this I’m going to choose the bow hatred soul Hatred soul is a bow thats damage output is affected by a character’s level with the highest version being available at level 19 It hits a massive punch with its 24 base damage plus the 35 points of fire damage And if that coupled with the sneak bonus does not kill your opponent It also has a drained speed for 30 points to reduce the speed of your target You can get this bow by going through the coral oblivion gate now for the primary armor piece, I wanted to keep that Thieves Guild look, however the members of the Thieves Guild in Oblivion web basic leather armor To get around this I decided to enchant each piece with a sigil stone. I Enchanted the chest and leg pieces with a transcendent chameleon stone This will make us essentially invisible Except unlike invisibility in Oblivion when under the chameleon spell you can interact and steal objects Enchanting two pieces will give us a 60% chameleon value For the boots. I used a transcendent fortifies speed stone to give us a quicker step allowing for faster movement And for the gauntlets I enchanted it with a transcendent feather stone to increase our carry weight to push our chameleon value to 95% Making us virtually invisible allowing us to steal things from directly under people’s noses. You will need the ring of Khajiiti The ring provides a chameleon and Enchantment of 35% as well as fortifying your speed attribute by 10 points This is one of the two items and master thief needs. This ring is obtainable through the meridia shrine quest The second item a master thief requires is of course the skeleton key [Pronounced Skellington key] or skeleton key [Pronounced skeleton key] This key is a reusable Unbreakable lockpick that increases your security skill by 40 this key will make the hardest locks easy to pick One thing to know is that the key is not counted as a lockpick and will be removed from your inventory if you get arrested the key is obtainable through the shrine of nocturnal quest if you would like to see how to get both these amazing thief items you can watch my one video that covers both items and Finally, we have an item from the master thief himself the gray fox Now this is an optional item for the build since it’s obtainable At the end of the Thieves Guild quest line and the use of this item is pretty situational Of course I’m talking about the gray cowl of nocturnal this cowl provides feather for 200 points increasing our carry weight We also receives life detect for a hundred and twenty feet allowing you to see people through walls as a pink mist upto… well.. one hundred and twenty feet Finally the cowl provides you with a fortify sneak enchantment for 20 points The cowl is an outstanding item for every thief as I’m sure you’re already aware However, I cast it as an optional item because of the permanent bounty you get for wearing it This was my build guide for a pure thief. This was the most requested video since my pure mage guide So I knew I had to make another one If you enjoyed then Please leave a like and subscribe for more RPG content just like this and if you want to contact me directly or get more information on my videos You can also follow me on twitter at mythic dwellers. Anyways, thanks for watching and remember bless pakku

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  1. Hope you all enjoy this build! I tried my best to explain how to level in oblivion so newer player who don't already know can understand how. How was my explanation on this topic? should i leave this out of future builds?!

    If you want to contact me directly or get up-to-date information on my upcoming videos, follow me on twitter @MythicDwellers


  2. WOW. Very good as always great quality and a great build. I’m gonna have to put my assassin on hold (Thanks for showing me how to get the black hand robes ❤️❤️) on hold for this build. Think I might switch marksman with security because I won’t use swords as often as I would a bow.

  3. Good to see build for oblivion but most can be solved whit super broken enchanted gear… Just run whit a more than 100% chameleon magical armor… In my first playtrough i had a madness set of "sneak" as I needed something op at the end…to play trough the sneaky factions…

  4. Great video, but if you dont want to be com pletely broken with chameleon i advise using the morag tong armor, its a super cool set, but it requires owning the mehrunes razor dlc

    It fortifies every stat and skill a thief uses aswell as giving resistance to magic and normal weapons and feather and detect life, it also uses the model of the leather armor for gauntlets, boots, cuirass and greaves, while using the model for a black cowl for the helm, giving it an amazing aesthetic for thieves

  5. As I have a hearing impairment and struggle to understand what people are saying most of the time, I really appreciate that you have subtitles. Very few YouTubers do it and it shows just how much of an effort you put towards your content. Great build! I usually suck at stealth in Oblivion, but I'll keep this build in mind for the next run. 🙂

  6. you're voice and explanations are great ! makes me wanna binge play this again , bro I've only seen a few vids been an oblivion fan foreversince 2006 .

  7. The only important attribute to get +5 is Endurance, others not so much, +2 or +3 is fine because unlike Endurance health points, they don't have any "carry over" points each level up

  8. I think having light armor and marksman as major is great for efficient levelling since you level up naturally, just slower and more efficiently! Good job!!

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