NUSensei’s Archery Subtitle Project + GIVEAWAY
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NUSensei’s Archery Subtitle Project + GIVEAWAY

August 10, 2019

Hey guys, this is NUSensei By this point in time, my archery videos have become some of the most popular archery video on YouTube. We’ve reached a worldwide audience, and now it’s time to take it to the next level. One of the things that I’m most happy with, and what a lot of viewers have commented on, is that the information I provide is clear, well presented, and understandable. And that’s something I wanted to continue doing in the future. But there is a way for you to help to make this even better. Fortunately, thanks to YouTube, you have the tools right at your fingertips. You don’t have to be an expert. All you need to do is listen and type. Watch how. Most viewers probably know by now that YouTube has an integrated subtitle or closed captioning function. This is a great addition, allowing viewers to follow along while reading the text. This in turn, makes video content more accessible to the hearing impaired, as well as non native English speakers, who find it easier to read text than to listen to the instructions. For those who prefer to read the text in their native language, the subtitle can be set to “Auto Translate”. While not perfect, most of the text is actually understandable. Giving viewers more options. Unfortunately, the translations do rely on accurate English subtitles. And for the videos without subtitles, the auto transcription can be a little unreliable. This is where you come in. I’ve added subtitles to a few of my most popular archery videos, which you can see by the “CC” icon below the video. However, most of my videos remain unsubtitled. While I do work off scripts most of the time, often I go off script. So what I’ve written down and what I actually say aren’t the same. So they can’t be copied and pasted. While I can add my own subtitles, they do take time. And that’s time not shooting, and time not making videos. I’m hoping that by crowdsourcing the subtitles, we can work together to form one of the most accessible libraries of archery knowledge and information. Free of charge. This is how you can help. To submit a subtitle script, choose the video you want to cover. In the settings menu, show by the gear icon, choose “Subtitle/CC” and go to “Add Subtitle/CC”. This will take you to a different page. Click on “Add new subtitles”, and select the language. Most of the initial subtitles would be in English. Exactly which one doesn’t really matter. If you are submitting a different language, you will need to type in the language below. Because all the videos are set to English, this videos can be transcribed by hand and auto-sync, which is probably the easiest method. The video will appear on the side and play automatically. When you begin typing, the video pauses. This allows you to listen for a few seconds, type them out, and then continue play without have to mess around with playback controls. If you miss something, you can always go back. This is the hardest part of the process, mostly because it takes time. From experience, transcribing a video takes around three times the video length. So do factor this time in. The workload is otherwise not very hard. You can always save the draft, and pick it up again later. Once the transcription is done, click on the “Set Timings” button. This will take you a few minutes. What will then happen is that the transcription be automatically synchronized with the video’s audio. At this stage of editing, you will need to make sure that your subtitles lined up with what’s being said. This is usually very precise. But for segments of long pauses, the subtitles will need to be adjusted. Once that is done, you can submit the subtitles for review. When I receive the submission, I’ll have to check for spelling and typing. Now remember, I AM AN ENGLISH TEACHER, and I do pick up on small mistakes. I do appreciate your help, but if you make typos and grammar mistakes, it actually make it harder for me to get through these edits. A clean transcription mean perfect subtitles, and the translation work is also much easier. You can edit the automatic subtitle script directly, which might saves you some time because the text is already there. However I found that the number of errors is so high, it’s faster to do the whole thing from scratch. And if this works better for you, fantastic. You can create an entirely new caption script from scratch, but this is more of a custom thing for the creator, and the auto sync is so much easier. If you are submitting a non-English subtitle, this is most easily done after the English script has been completed. The original transcript will be displayed when you typed in the translation. Look! Even I can do it. To make things even easier, you can start with the auto translate. If the English script is good, and the ones I do usually are, then translation should actually be fairly accurate. Check through the script, to make sure that specific word are correct, as the translator may misunderstand archery specific terms and names. In this case, it picks up the “Samick Sage” and translated it as the “Samick Hien nhan”, but oddly the “Samick Journey” is not. By the way, the Vietnamese subtitles suit me for some reason. I’m going to assume that the non-English translations are okay. I do have a quick way to check with the translate tool, but I trust that you have the right vocabulary of the things that the translator does not. Because of the sheer number of videos, and the fact that these things take time, I’ve created a Google Sheet to better coordinate the project. The sheet contains some instructions and style guide tips. And each sheet has every video sorted by playlist, with the video linked directly, allowing you to quickly go to the right page. New videos will be added, though if you keep up faster than I am, you can add the new cell. The English subtitles are the first column, and I’ve blocked that the ones that I’ve already done. If you would like to block a video to work on, add your name, language, and start date. Once I’ve approved your submission, it will turn green. The date is there, so if you take too long, someone else can pick it up. Feel free to add more columns for more languages. The more, the better. Yes, people do speak Norwegian. And now for the special offer. While subtitles submissions are voluntary, to kickstart the project, I’m going to give away a brand new copy of “Total Archery – Inside The Archer”, written by Kisik Lee and Tyler Benner. Total Archery is one of the most comprehensive archery training books. Normally valued at USD65 brand new. I have one sent to me by Tyler Benner himself, still in the bubble wrap. This one is newer than the one I actually own. To be in the draw to win the copy, you will need to put your name into the subtitle project sheet, and submit at least one subtitle script. Once I’ve approved it and turn it green, you will gain one ticket. The more subtitles you submit, regardless of language, and as long as they are accurate, the more tickets you earn. At the end of the competition period, the tickets will be placed into the virtual raffle. I will draw the winner. The aforementioned period will likely run into the end of March, though I will announce a specific close date well ahead of time. So if you’ve really been liking the content and you want to help in some way, but didn’t know how, this is one option. It’s zero cost, takes a bit of time and effort, but it makes the product better for everybody involved, present and future. On behalf of myself and those who benefit from the future, obrigado, gracias, merci, danke, kiitos, salamat, shukran, xie xie, cam on, and thank you.

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  1. Your videos helped me start archery, a hobby I now enjoy alot. To repay you for your awesome work, I will be trying to put as many Dutch subtitles under your videos as I can. Hopefully, this will help any Dutch viewers understand your videos.

  2. omg I love reading the subtitles for lols
    This is awesome!!! 😀
    I was going to do this for free, I didn't expect a giveaway like this 😀
    During summer I teach archery so an in-depth book would definitely be nice for learning information I may not already know, which is probably a lot!

  3. When should i get a new string mine is getting kind of worn, but still useable. Should i get a new one?

  4. It doesn't look like "transcribe and auto-sync" is an option unless you own the video. I can do that with my own videos (from Video Manager), but if I edit your video, I am only given the "Transcribe" option. It works well enough, though.

  5. It's not just for non-english speaking people, also it will be great for hearing impaired people. Although not very popular, I would like to help on Turkish Subtitles. (although i have the book 🙂 )

  6. Omg, these take me a lot longer than 3 times the video length to edit @[email protected] lol It's about 6-7 times the video length D:
    I am improving 🙂
    omg!!! I've been starting with manual sync for everything >_< no wonder it has taken so long
    I'm glad I watched your tutorial on this again lolol

    Nvm. We do not get the transcribe AND auto-sync feature @3:09 :'(

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