[NT EP.06 – Part.01] The king of eyebrows, MIKANBOYA’s favorite Deck?
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[NT EP.06 – Part.01] The king of eyebrows, MIKANBOYA’s favorite Deck?

August 17, 2019

Hi, Mikan Bouya June & Anne’s Challenge, Newtorial! [Applause] Anne, how was your week? / Yes, but… are you okay? What are you talking about? / Your eyebrows are twitching… This is the clue leading to today’s guest! / I have no idea who that is… Oh… I regret doing that… Let’s take a look at today’s match and find out about today’s guest! [Benzer vs Mikan Bouya]
This is last King of the Hill match between Chaos Theory’s Benzer and PONOS’s Mikan Bouya. Benzer used Ram Rider deck and Mikan Bouya used Balloon cycle deck. I can see his eyebrows twitching! / That’s Mikan Bouya’s trademark! I love how he is looking so serious. / I can tell from his face. Mikan Bouya is in trouble… and his eyebrows… and the way he defended that! He was making full use of his cycle deck. This is unbelievable! Even BenZer was amazed with Mikan Bouya’s play. It’s really difficult when someone uses Lumberjack and Balloon together. He also used Giant Snowball so that Balloon can actually attack the Tower! Mikan Bouya actually tricked BenZer by playing Ice Golem. Usually, he uses Balloon with Ice Golem… / Yes. He just used Ice Golem to trick BenZer into using his units. He then afterwards used Balloon at a slow tempo. These things can only be learned from experience. He finishes the game using Giant Snowball at a different lane. He looks really happy. He is especially happy because his team almost lost a game because of him. Please come out to the studio, Mikan Bouya! Hi, I’m Mikan Bouya from PONOS. You were second to be invited to our show, after RAD. What did he say about our show? RAD mentioned that idol from your show is really cute!

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[Memories with RAD. MP4]
I had a good time and I was bit nervous because Anne was really good looking. [June trying to get into their memories…]
What about me? He didn’t say anything about you… nothing. / Nothing? / It’s okay. You tend to twitch your eyebrows… do you do that more, when you are nervous? Even now… I love the way you move your eyebrows! Actually… I was not aware of my eyebrow movements. Recently, you were struggling with 1 vs 1 match. Is there a reason why you used Balloon cycle deck? I’m best with when I use Balloon cycle deck. I’ve known Mikan Bouya from other tournaments and even then, Mikan Bouya was really good with fast cycle deck and I’ve learned from your plays. Please introduce us with your deck and give us some advices, Mikan Bouya. This is the Balloon deck that I use. Overall, many of the cards in the deck are cheap and you need to make the best use of fast cycle. It’s important to use cards with 1~2 cost in the beginning to find out about your opponent’s deck. If you find out about your opponent’s deck, you need to think about cards that can attack your Balloon. Use Balloon when your opponent is out of air-attacking units. What would be the counter-deck and how would you play against it? Counter for Balloon deck is the Tornado deck and you always needed to be careful about activating the King Tower with the Balloon. Let’s take a look at cycle deck master Mikan Bouya’s demonstration. Are you ready? / Let’s begin. / Let’s begin. / Hey! That’s the Goblin Barrel… / I will use other cards for the defense since I don’t have Barbarian Barrel in my hand. I will use Barbarian Barrel to counter Goblin Barrel… I will use Musketeers to get rid of the Princess. Since I have more Elixir, I will go ahead and use Balloon. [Mikan Bouya’s opponent, who didn’t want to go down without a fight played his surprise card…]

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[He used his emoji’s to let down Mikan Bouya’s guard…] [Then he uses the Rocket of 1,232 damage…] [Then he uses the Rocket of 1,232 damage… to the side + Log rolling down!] [Red Sun] [Is this a déjà vu?]
Let’s begin. / Let’s start! First, we will find out about my opponent’s deck by using cards with 1~2 costs, Barbarian Barrel. What is this?
[What happened?] [RIP Dart Goblin~ an unexpected accidents…] It is Goblin Gang… would this be a Log bait deck? I don’t know what kind of deck his using… I will use Bats from the back and see what happens. What? Is he using a Log bait deck? Oh… he is… Because he has used lots of his Elixirs, I will go offensive. I used Bats to counter Inferno Tower. To make use of the Musketeer, I will also use Ice Spirit. I’m not using the Balloon because my opponent has lots of air-attacking units. I will counter Goblin Barrels with Barbarian Barrels. I will use Balloons here because I have extra Elixirs. My opponent will probably be using the Rockets. I have more Elixirs and I will cycle until Balloon come up. Using Lumberjack, I will quickly get rid of Prince and push with Balloon. My opponent will not have Rocket in his hand; this Balloon will definitely reach the Tower. I will get rid of that using Giant Snowball and Balloon will land two bombs at the Tower. Not much HP left on my opponent’s right lane Tower… I will focus on defense. Countered Goblin Barrel with Barbarian Barrel but Lumberjack died as it was used. Ice Spirit baiting Prince died early because of the Dart Goblin and Lumberjack died from Prince’s charging…But it’s okay. Musketeer won against Princes. I will use Balloons once more… [Here come the Goblin Barrel but Barbarian Barrel was ready…] [Here come the Goblin Barrel but Barbarian Barrel was ready… but tricked!]
OMG. I will calm down… and use Musketeers. They’re out of Rockets and I will use Balloons. I will get rid the Dart Goblin using Barbarian Barrel and Balloon’s death damage will get be a victory. There goes the death damage. Thank you. I heard that you’re really strict to your teammates. Are you going to be strict on Anne? My lessons will be strict. / I like it! I heard that you have a weakness against cuteness.
[Anne preparing her charming, cute gesture] Mikan Bouya… are you going to act harsh on me? You will be nice, right? / No. [Reality strikes back] [But Mikan Bouya is already into Anne] [Proof #1]
Please introduce today’s deck… [Proof #2] It’s okay… Mikan! Let’s challenge! / Lets Challenge! Let’s use card that cost 2 Elixir and see the reaction. [Communicating beyond language barriers…] Defense! Defense! We have to stop Larva Hound. / What should I do? Use Ice Spirit and use Ice Golem… My goddess (?) I think I’m doing it wrong… / Bats, Bats and use Giant Snowball! Okay, good! Very good! Very good! Use Musketeers and use Ice Spirit, and Ice Golem. Okay! Okay! Okay! / My Towers have been damaged… / Okay! Okay! It doesn’t look okay… / Not okay? / Your Towers are in a bad shape. Okay, okay, okay. / Okay? Let’s use Lumberjack with Balloons. Let’s use Lumberjack with Balloons. Let’s go! / Good! / Okay! Okay, nice, nice, nice! That was a good push! / Okay… one… two… / Three? Musketeers, Ice Spirit, and Ice Golem. Giant Snowball! Hurry with your Ice Snowball! / Okay! Okay! Very good! Very good! Super play! Okay! Let’s use Lumberjack! Use Lumberjack! / Hurry! Use Balloon! Okay! Okay! / Do I give up my Tower? No, no, no! We are running out of time! Use your cards for it to be cycled! Use your cards! You need to cycle them! / Use Lumberjack and Balloons! Okay! / Let’s go!

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Okay! King Tower! King Tower! / Go for three crown! Use everything! Okay! Oh… we need to go on defense! Giant Snowball… okay… very good! Super play! [Combination of compliments: okay, very good, and super play] Let’s use Lumberjack and Balloon! [We are getting used to hearing: Lumberjack and Balloon let’s go!] [Energized by Anne and here comes the new complement…]
Okay, okay, okay! Let’s go! Oh! This is good! Just a single hit! Musketeers! Musketeers! Musketeers! / No! No! No! / Mus…ket…eers… Anne, why are you so good at Japanese? Defense! Okay, use Bats!/ What is this… come out! No! It can’t be happening! Don’t push! No! Let’s use Lumberjack and Balloon! Okay! I’m nervous! Just one hit… just one hit! / Oh! Come on! Focus! / Use Bats! / Use Bats! What? Come out! / Giant Snowball! / Where?! You managed to defend it! / What is going on? / Use Lumberjack and Balloon! Why did you place it there? Its okay… let’s go! / Okay, Okay! / That was good! We need to defend… / We need to defend! / What are you doing, Bats! That was a close game! I’m sorry… / It’s okay. That was really close… you were actually doing fine. / My hands are still shaking. I’m sorry but you’ve failed your mission and your prize. I’m sorry… / It’s okay. Today’s prize was worth $1,000… is it okay? / What? Really? / I was just joking. What? / He is disappointed! / I believed it for a second. How did you like the deck? / I feel sorry about my defeat but Mikan Bouya complimented my use of Ice Snowball. [After the game]
You’re really good with Giant Snowball. I’m satisfied with that. As for the prize… when other players from PONOS come over… I will try my best. Our previous PONOS player RAD didn’t receive… / Stop right there… / Okay. What do you think about Anne’s play, Mikan Bouya? / She was really good with the spells. / Is that it? Can you say it longer? / You want it longer? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Okay, we will stop here. / Okay. But it was a good game and I enjoyed watching it. We will see you again on our second part of the show! Good bye! One…two… / Just one second… One…two…three…

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  1. My LadieesS is Beautiful Korean Girls Good Luck For Mikanboya'S
    IM PlayingG From Indonesian 😘😎

  2. Mikanboya is one of the best clasher in japan. He has a good attitude and often being man of the match in Ponos. GG Mikanboya.

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