Now You Can Earn From Playing Video Games With Dapps

September 14, 2019

do you know more than two billion people are playing video games almost every week it’s approximately 26 percent of the world’s population most of them are from eighteen to twenty five and spend more than seven hours to play games each week over 43 billion u.s. dollars was spent on video games in the US alone back to 2018 the global games market was worth over 134 billion US dollars in the same year scroll back to 1958 tennis for two was introduced which is the first video game in the world then in 1971 Galaxy game was brought to the world as the first arcade game ever it was the same time that the first generation of home console game was introduced which emerged greatly later but not until 2013 the eighth generation of consoles started to take things intensively it was not hard to find Microsoft Xbox one Sony Playstation 4 for Nintendo’s Wii U and average household’s video games became a serious industry where professional teams compete for millions of US dollars billions of viewers started to appear on Twitch which was bought by Amazon later in 2014 for almost 1 billion dollars YouTube and Facebook been decided not to stand aside of the mainstream they created their own sections for streamers and multiple games to perform and monetize however it is just all about entertainment the majority of gamers are playing games for fun but they have to spend a lot of time and money is there any way to get at least something back the answer is yes it’s now time for blockchain games the next generation of video games there are multiple forms of blockchain games with different structures and rules but the cool thing is players can trade their characters or items on an open marketplace to gain profits this is where players can spend money and time to have fun and to get paid eventually the following is a part of God Unchained trailer a dansgame that built on etherium block chaining these are the only currencies I accept or crown will make a fine addition to my collection on the marketplace a single card in this game can be sold from 0.01 ethers to 35 ethers on average one ether now is equal to 240 US dollars it’s not a small amount of money with most people from 18 to 25 since a lot of money will be involved how and where can you play these games or sell your items securely HB wallet can be an optimized option for you it’s an aetherium application that’s available on Mac Windows iOS and Android it’s also the number one aetherium wallet at this moment in Japan with over 250,000 downloads HP while it provides an optimized platform to store either securely on your phone and your PC premier you can played apps games freely all the popular daps games should appear on the dap screen what’s more an open marketplace of course it’s called NFT market where players can sell or trade their items for ethers especially on mobile a player can chat with another player and then send an item to get some ethers in exchange directly via HB chat the future is here now what are you waiting for visit HB – wallet comm for more [Music]

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