Norwegian Biathlon with MG-3 and Military Vehicle (English Subtitles)
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Norwegian Biathlon with MG-3 and Military Vehicle (English Subtitles)

November 17, 2019

This week we tested yet another sport Henrik. Yes we’ve tested quite a bit so far.
A lot has worked, some worked fairly. This time we based it on
a sport that already is popular. Namely Biathlon with
a slight personal twist. Yes we replaced the skis with a military vehicle
and the .22 with slightly larger caliber MG-3. This was clearly a sport the military
had faith in because they provided – – both equipment and suitable locations,
i.e. firing range out in the forest by Rena Camp. They way we did this was by first driving a rally lap
before shooting prone and eventual penalty laps, – – thereafter switching positions before
doing a new lap with standing shooting. Which really became sitting since we fired
the machinegun mounted by the passenger seat. -Form of drive by shooting just that we were standing still.
-More like park by shooting. Also different is that the machinegun fires in volleys so we
got 25 rounds each to distribute as wanted on the targets. Many different tactics.
I got along with me ex-biathlon Raphael Poiree – – and Henrik brought rally driver Tommy Rustad so we
had in a way each our own specialized team members. Hello boys.
Hi welcome. Yes we’ll start with you Tommy.
I know how your driving is but how is your shooting? I did my duty service in 1990 so think I shot one time. Raphael I take it your shooting is in place,
how is your driving? We will have to see. That we really will because
last time we drove you really face planted. -Let’s hope you have used up all your bad luck now.
-Let’s hope that. Henrik you have been bragging about your conscription
but didn’t you mostly sit in the kitchen and make food? I did have kitchen,
I was kitchen assistant yes. I have never been in the military
but I take it as an advantage. Civil duty gook, he has never held a rifle before.
Something about you shall not kill. -Targets I can perfectly well kill.
-You can that? Good luck. 2 Laps – 5 Targets – 25 Shots
We haven’t been able to warm up the tires Poiree
but we’ll just have to give a shit about that. 1st lap
Prone shooting. Jesus get out! Come on!
Move it! Get them down Raphael! Yes! Lovely. Yes. No! No! Two laps, get your belt on! 2 Penalty laps Lovely. 2nd lap
Standing/sitting shooting. That one was nice. Beautiful driving. Yes! Bad shooting by me, you were good. -God damn so fun.
-It was fun to drive actually. You hit every shot,
Raphael what happened there? -I was just crappy.
-It’s pressure you know. You will feel it
when you get under. -I don’t think we should boast now, just go and-
-Deliver. -Are you ready?
-Starting to get ready now. Go! 1st lap
Prone shooting Ok left here. -Slight under steering, come on.
-Under steers like hell! A bit heavy on the wheel
hangs a bit behind usually. Right here. Straight down. Full on up to the turn here. Rear is fine. Come on, floor it! Floor it, floor it. How did it go!? Yes. Beautiful. Oi. -It’s approved Tommy.
-Drive! -One miss?
-One miss. That’s fucking good,
better than Raphael Poiree Tommy! 1 penalty lap Sharp right, down to first gear, first gear. Just have to hold on
to your teeth here. Right. No left!
Fuck we had just one. That’s beautiful. -Damn I slid far.
-Get on the handbrake. Where did you go Tommy!?
There you are. On with helmet.
On with traction control. 2nd lap
Standing/sitting shooting Beautiful! How will this go? Lovely. It’s beautiful! Fire away. Good, first one down. Two down. Three down. -Four down.
-I don’t have more bullets, drive! Come on now Tommy Rustad! 1 Penalty lap Went fucking far out. There! Well fought. It was twenty-four seconds between the teams. And the winner is … You two! It is thanks to Tommy Rustads
eminent disembarkment technique we won.

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