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August 16, 2019

I think I’m gonna throw up I just ate a big ham dinner it’s Jesus’s birthday today that’s 152 yards people think of non-vented three-blade is something that penetrates good has good structural integrity but not long-range flight but all of our heads up to 315 grains all right different than the others that’s a hard core quartering away oh just one try 12-inch blue and see those see the car coming here that’s 152 yards down there where I was and these will pull out a lot easier than their single bevels developing these years this ones a little different it’s a got less surface area than most mechanicals and we get good pasture rates on a larger North American big-game and African plains game will be good too but we’ve sold six figures worth of broadhead since July 4th opening with a zero dollar advertising budget we’ve got to make a profit nobody’s been paid a penny we had no staff it’s just about making the best broadheads we don’t have money for a camera but we put a ridiculous amount of money into the broad heads and going out for production runs and really proud of these things these are good with field tip point of impact if you walk back toon paper toon but especially walk back to your bow beyond 100 yards our scientific method and dicing drills are good beyond 100 yards up to 315 grains are 600 grains good probably good back there I just don’t have a slider site that will reach back there without hitting the arrow shaft as you can see these are heavy-duty things we won’t put out a broad head that we don’t get a 90 percent pass through rate on larger you know North American style big-game if you’re going over to Africa we have a lot of customers of clients this is okay but this is more of an american or ‘the american apple pie deer hunter you know you know head but for african plains game go with the non-vented head don’t be scared of it not flying because you just saw it pop a balloon and about ten minutes we’ve been out here and got to get back inside to make sure the kids haven’t destroyed the house well it’s a very humble and modest um thing we’re doing it’s a it’s a archery project more than a business we’ll put these heads up against any head on the market they’re not metal injection-molded they’re not welded they’re not they’re not stamped or not braised and they’re not the same tool steel as anything else out there and there you go it’s a great North American head look out for our dicing drill or scientific method this Holy Trinity Jesus’s birthday today I feel really blessed and look out for the mechanical animal drill and a pipeline archery brand coming to you for about a fifty dollar price point and taking the whole thing for America for the first time in several years

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