No Bowl, No Spoon Slime Challenge!!!
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No Bowl, No Spoon Slime Challenge!!!

August 27, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald, and we’re
from Sis versus Bro! And today we are doing, no bowl,
no spoon, slime challenge! So basically, we’re gonna be
making a slime as per usual, but we cannot use a bowl or a spoon,
so we’re going to just be mixing with our bare hands. And on the table. Yes. It’s gonna be really hard
because like– It’s gonna be difficult to keep everything together, and it’s gonna be like… And we’re gonna be using
the Mystery Wheel to help us choose, not really help us choose,
but to randomly choose. What kind of ingredients
we’re going to be using. And we’re going to 10 spins
so that we’re gonna have 10 different ingredients. Like every single video. I’m nervous about this
because I don’t want it to get on me. I’m okay if it gets on Ronald,
but not on me. So, let’s spin the wheel. Rock, paper, scissors,
who’s gonna spin? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Paper covers scissors. No. No, it doesn’t. Okay guys, now it’s time
for my spin number one. Gold glitter. Alrighty, I’m going
to open this up. That’s good Alright. Now, it’s my spin number one. Alright, let’s see
what I’m gonna get. Blue glitter glue. Okay, I got some bl– Alright, so I am starting off with the glues.>>Yes.
>>Alright. I’m just gonna use this tip
to squeeze out my glue. So you don’t get too much,
and you don’t get too little, just enough. Maybe that’s enough. Alright… I think that might be enough,
just a little bit more. Alright, that’s good. That’s a good amount. Alrighty. Half the container. Pretty good. Alright. Okay guys, now it’s time
for my spin number dos. Alright, what’s it going to be? Yellow glitter glue. Ooh la la. Alright, interesting. It’s gonna match
the gold glitters. Yes. Oh yes, squeeze that glue
onto the glitters. It’s so cool, it looks
like a cake Cake? I don’t see how you
think that’s a cake. Cause it has the sprinkles on the side. Looking pretty good. I like how the yellow combines
with the gold, and they unite. Alright, now it’s
my spin number two. Let’s see what
I’m going to get. Activator. Ooh, acti– I got activator right off the bat,
so I don’t have to worry about it. This is gonna fall
off the table. No, it’s not. I don’t know how strong it is. No one knows how strong it is. That might be enough. Alright. Yeah, that’s a good amount. So guys, now it’s time
for my spin number three. Blue glitter. Alrighty, it’s time to dump! Whoa, that’s a bit too much. Oh, that’s a lot
of glitter, Ronald. Okay, I want it to be blue. Okay… Alright, now it’s
my spin number three, let’s see what I’m gonna get. I hope it’s gonna be something
like glitters or something. Alright. Purple glitter glue. Alright, let’s add this in. Alright. It’s gonna be like a more
bluish purple and that’s nice. Alright, I’m gonna squeeze
a good amount of this into my blue. Okay, the activator spilling a little bit,
but that’s okay. Okay guys, now it’s
for my spin number four. Alright. Blue glitter. Blue glitter, you get some more
blue glitter up in there. Okay, I’m gonna put literally
one piece of glitter. One piece of glitter… Is on my hand. How am I gonna… Okay, I added
like three pieces. Okay. Okay?
>>That’s enough. Alright, now it’s
my spin number four. I wonder what I’m gonna get. I hope I’m gonna get something
glittery or something. Blue glitter. Ooh, I got some
blue glitters now. Three in a row– Oh, two in a row. Thank you.
>>Two in a row. Alright, let’s add
a bit of this in… I don’t want too much
like Ronald. Just a bit. I think that’s a good amount
because there’s already glitters inside the glues. So guys, now it’s time
for my spin number five. Ooh la la. It’s gonna be so amazing. Yes!
It’s amazing. Activator. Activator. Activator, the magical liquid! Making a line of activator. So far, it’s a… Looks like a circle or a oval. Okay, very interesting oval. Okay. Okay. Okay, that’s good. Okay guys, now it’s
my spin number five. I haven’t got too many things
to decorate my slime. Ronald got… A lot. Like, gold glitter,
blue glitter. What’s he gonna get next? So I wanna get something
more glittery and more fun and it’s gonna
decorate my slime. It’s more fun. I don’t know. Blue glitter. I don’t know,
maybe gold glitter. Alright. Blue glitter glue. Okay, we got some more
blue glitter glue. I don’t really need it but I got it. Do you want it
to be blue or what? I want my slime to be
like a bluish purplish. Okay, you’re
on a good start then. I’m gonna squeeze a bit of this in here
because I already have lots of blue glue. Oof! Oof! Oof! It blew all the glitters
towards me. So guys, now it’s time
for my amazing awesome, fabulous, way better
than Karina’s spin number six. Micro-a-be-daz. So guys, I have this awesome container
of awesomeness. And I still like
the aqua glitters or… I don’t know, it’s
not really glitter. It’s so cool. Alright, I’m going
to change it up now from pink. Hmm, interesting mix. Then some… Kinda looks like white. Silver. And… The yellow. That’s cool. I like how you can select. So you have multiple colors
in just one item. So guys, now it’s
my awesome spin number six. I’m gonna get something way
better than microbeads, even though that’s probably the best
item you can get, but still. Not even close. Alright, let’s see
what I’m gonna get. Pink foam balls!>>That is even better.
>>No, it’s not. Yeah, it is. I got pink foam balls. Why am I singing along? Guys, I just opened the bag
and it exploded in my hand. So I think I’m just gonna
have to dump it all in. Alright. Dump, oh dump. Dump and dump and dump. Alright, there it goes. Pile of pink balls. Alright, perfect. Okay guys, now it’s
time for my magical! Awesome! Amazing! Spin number siete. Oh! Yellow glitter glue. Yellow glitter glue. I still got extra here. Yeah. That was a very little amount. Yep, that’s perfect. Okay. So guys, now it’s
my spin number seven. I wonder what I’m gonna get
because I got a pretty decent variety. So I wonder what
I’m gonna get next. Alright, let’s spin! Red glitter glue! Yay! I mean, at least the blue and
red mixed together makes purple, so it won’t be that bad. Maybe… Just a little bit. You open it fully–
Just a little bit. There we go. That’s that’s better.
>>It looks like a cherry in the middle of the cake. Or like, red jam
in the middle of like a bun. Okay guys, now it’s time
for my spin number eight. It’s gonna be so awesome. Alright. Purple glitter glue. Ooh la la. Okay guys, I think
the purple is gonna go well with all these crazy colors. Okay, wait for it
to go down, be patient. Meditate. Okay guys, now it’s
my spin number…>>Ocho.
>>Eight, or ocho. Alright, spin! Pink glitter glue. Pink glitter glue. Pink glitter glue. Why am I happy? Why am I happy? So guys, I’m literally choosing
the best color combination. Blue, purple, pink,
and just a little bit of red, but no one has to know about that. So I’m gonna add lots of pink
because I love pink. Karina, what would you do
if the red took over. That wouldn’t happen
because I added such a little amount. Alright, three, two, one. Squeeze. That was a good squeeze. Eww, Karina. Ronald, stop. It was the bottle. Alright, so that is finished. Your turn, Ronald. Now, it’s time
for my second last spin. Not last, not third last,
but second last. Ha ha ha. It’s gonna be amazing! Activator. You already got activator. Okay. Wait, what if I use the cup? Okay, I used the cup,
and I pour. You see how smart I am? Okay, that’s enough. Okay guys, now it’s
my spin number nine. Nine. I wonder what
I’m gonna get next. I hope I’m gonna get the microbeads
because with the microbeads you can choose all
of the different colors. Ooh. Alright. Oh! I got microbeads.>>Oh wow, okay.
>>Oh! Oh, you totally
did not call that. First color I’m going
to put in is this pink. Blends in. Alright, perfect. I’m gonna add a little bit
of this blue. And I’m also gonna add a
different shade of blue. Variety. There we go. I’m gonna add another shade
of pink, it’s a lighter pink. Just a bit of that. I also want some purple. There’s no purple– Oh, there’s purple. Right here. Oh, that– I just
added that in. That’s not purple, that’s pink. Okay, so I’m gonna some more pink
because everyone loves pink. It’s hot pink. I’m gonna add some more blue. I’m also going to add some
of this burgundy color… Just a little bit of it. And I think that is
enough for my slime. Karina, I think you put
every single microbead on your slime. No, I didn’t put yellow… The only. Cause I don’t want yellow. Okay guys, now it
is time for my spin. My awesome, my amazing,
my magical, my– Amazing, my excellent– Yeah, we get the idea. Number 10, way
better than yours.>>Oh…
>>Red glitter glue. You got to add the entire bottle. Okay guys, turns out
it was not so marvelous. But still, I got my favorite color,
so I’m happy with it. Dump! Ooh, Karina! So guys, now it’s
time for my 10th, A.K.A last spin. I got pretty much everything I want,
except the gold glitter, so I hope I’m gonna get that. Alright. Ooh, turns out the gold glitter is right
next to goes right next red glitter glue. No, you’re not
allowed to do that. You’re not allowed. No, you’re not al– Crosses fingers. Don’t cross them. Don’t cross. Blue glitter. I mean, that’s pretty good. I got blue glitters. I mean like, it’s only
like the 108th time someone used it today. Okay, guys, so for the second time,
I’m going to add some blue glitters. I already added a bunch,
so I’m going to add just a little. That’s like a hundred sprinkles,
that’s not a little bit. A little bit. So guys, now it’s the time
we’ve all been waiting for, is to mix them! But not with a spoon. With our hands. Yeah. Alright. So, three, two, one. Yes. Eww. Usually, when I make slimes,
I mix it up a little bit and whenever it’s sticky enough– Good
enough, I mix it with my hands, but this is just too gooey
to mix with my hands. Oh, there’s a lot of glitter
and things going on here. Oh my god, wow. OMG. It feels like glitter galore
and gooey galore, I don’t know how I’m gonna wash this off. Hopefully, I don’t have
to take a shower. Oh my goodness. My slime is pretty small though,
which is success. So guys, the color of my slime
is actually pretty nice. This is a dark purple
and there’s a lot of things going on. There’s a lot of glitter,
there’s a lot of pink balls everywhere, so this is going to be
a pretty extra slime. Like, this slime is extra. Okay, so far, I think I have a pretty
small slime which is pretty good because it’s not gonna grow. And I think it’s coming
together real fast. Okay, this slime is
kinda coming together. It’s getting a little
bit more like, gooey, like stuck together, which is good,
I just gotta keep on mixing. I’m kinda nervous
that our slimes are gonna touch. And I don’t want any
of your stuff inside here, because it’s beautiful just the way it is. Excuse me, my slime
looks like my grandpa. What?! I don’t know what to say. So guys, we’re gonna
be working on this, and we’re gonna do a slime reveal in, three, two, one. So guys, these are our slimes. I love my slime so
much it’s so pretty! And my slime all blued up! So guys, this is my slime. I love this purple color to it,
it looks like a galaxy. And I love how there’s so many,
like, glitters, different microbeads, the blue glitters. I love it so much,
it’s like a galaxy, like, transformed into a slime. And I love how the pink balls looks
on it, it’s kinda losing its color, and looking a little more white and I think looks
cooler that way. So if you think my slime’s the winner,
comment down below #GalaxySlime. So guys, welcome
to the magical land of Ronald’s amazing, excellent slime. Here is the entrance. So my slime is very stretchy,
has lots of gold glitters, it really goes good
with the blue color. Has lots of microbeads too,
and when you poke it, you can feel the microbeads like,
oh, I feel one right there over. So guys, if you think
my slime is the winner, comment down below #microbeadstookover. So guys, making slime without a bowl
or spoon is actually easier than we thought. We made pretty
good slimes out of it. Also, thanks to the Mystery Wheel,
for picking out these awesome color combinations. Good boy, Mystery Wheel. Good boy. Good job. So guys, don’t forget
to comment below who is the winner of this challenge. Me or Ronald? Oh yes, it’s gonna be me. No, it’s gonna be me. We hope you liked this video. If you did,
smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.

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