Nintendo Switch Lite hands-on: today’s Game Boy
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Nintendo Switch Lite hands-on: today’s Game Boy

August 29, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey it’s Chaim with The
Verge and you’re probably pretty familiar with the Nintendo Switch. But this isn’t a Nintendo Switch, this is a Nintendo Switch Lite. Which as the name suggests
is a Switch, but smaller. This is our first chance to
really test out the Switch Lite for ourselves and it’s a
portable version of the Switch. It’s sort of like a Game
Boy to the Switch’s console almost, you see the Joy-Con don’t attach. There is a proper directional pad instead of the separate buttons. Which is fantastic to play on. Another weird quirk on
the Switch Lite is there’s no auto-brightness censor. You notice that it’s just,
there’s no censor on the front. So you can manually adjust brightness, but you can’t have it
automatically do that just based on ambient light in the room. Over here on top, you
have the power and volume. Headphone jack, game card
slot, over here on the bottom we have USBC for charging,
speakers, and over here there’s a micro SD card slot. Because there’s no kickstand either. Because again, the kickstand
is for table top mode when you’re playing with Joy-Con attached. And this can’t do that. And one thing I want to also
point out is just how nice the plastic is on here. Nintendo’s done a really great job just with physical materials. It’s really great to hold. It’s this nice matte, tactile plastic. It feels actually very
similar to the plastic on the Joy-Con controllers. It’s even lighter than the
Switch is and the Switch was already pretty light. And it’s just really enjoyable to play on. (fun music) Battery life on the
Switch Lite is important because unlike the full-size Switch, you’re only gonna be using this portable which means it needs to last a while. Fortunately, Nintendo says the
battery life should be good. They’re promising that
it’ll be better than the old full-size Switch, although
the updated version of the big Switch is still gonna
have the best battery life. As for the rest, it
still charges by a USBC. It still works with all
your favorite games. It has a gyroscope so
any of the motion sensing stuff will still work like
aiming in Zelda or Splatoon. If you own a full-size
Switch and you wanna switch to a Switch Lite, you can
actually transfer all your stuff over and you’re actually
able to hook up additional wireless controllers like
Joy-Con or Pro Controller if you wanna play games
with more people locally on the Switch. Again, you can’t hook it up to a TV. The other two big changes
on the Switch Lite are the screen and the D Pad. The screen is obviously slightly
smaller than the old Switch although, it still looks great. It actually has this sort
of compressed effect. Kind of like what Nintendo did
back with the Game Boy Micro. It’s still running at the
same resolution but because it’s a smaller display is
actually looks slightly crisper than the old Switch. The other change is the D Pad. Again, because the
Joy-Con aren’t attachable and you don’t need to
be able to use them as a sideways controller, there
is a regular directional pad on here which I greatly prefer. And deeply wish I had when I
was playing Celeste last year. The Switch Lite really
isn’t meant to replace the full-size Switch. If you’re someone who really
likes the switching nature of the Switch where you
can use it on your TV or take it on the go, well, that’s great. It’s still here and it still exists. But if you’re someone who
just wants a really good portable console and Nintendo’s
betting that there are people like that, the Switch
Lite is great for that. And as someone who’s
owned a full-size Switch for the last couple years, I honestly do use mine in portable mode
most of the time anyway. So I kinda get the appeal. The Switch Lite will be out
on September 20th for $199, which is $100 less than
the full-size Switch. And it’ll be out in three colors, this blue, there’s a
yellow and a dark gray. Thanks so much for watching. For more great videos like
this make sure to check out The Verge. Like and subscribe and
now I’m gonna go back to playing Zelda.

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  1. Still think that there should be a way to dock it. Even a little dongle instead of a dock. Yeah you'd need to buy extra controllers but the idea of being able to expand it into a TV console as well as it being portable in the beginning is more appealing to me than having to buy another switch…

  2. In Costa Rica we can buy this new console because the price is 350 US dollar very cheap XD,the original Nintendo Switch have a high price is only in 500 US dollar :v

  3. Hopefully by Thanksgiving time the price drops to around $159 or around and then I would be willing to buy one

  4. I love this console! I love that it is more portable cause I'm always on the go and also I haven't picked up a Nintendo since the 2ds came out. Have already pre ordered it. The turquoise one

  5. I've already pre-ordered, but whether it ever gets used will hinge on how good nintendos cloud saves implementation is.

    I play primarily docked. I love the idea of being able to leave my primary switch at home and keep the lite in my bag, but if it becomes even slightly inconvenient to continue where I left off when I'm out and about, the lite will become little more than a collectors item, not a usable product.

  6. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just make the switch useful with the tv and drop the cost of the original switch it’s not like there is a massive game library Nintendo essentially lives in its own little bubble of video games I feel like getting a console with such a limited library that’s practically all first party games for 200-300 dollars is such a rip off in 2019

  7. TV connectivity is essential to me. The one thing I didn't like about the DS consoles was the inability to play the games on the big screen. When I was a kid, I used to play my gameboy and GBA games on the big screen via the snes super gameboy and the gamecube gameboy player. The handheld part was for travel only. As soon as I'm home, I want to play on the big screen. Regardless of resolution or graphical power.

  8. How heavy and how big is the differences between the Lite and normal Switch in handheld mode? Is the original switch comfortable to play in handheld mode?

  9. I’m sorry but I still fail to see the point of this… smaller screen, mono colored, less battery life, can’t play on big screen… just spend an extra $100 and get the full version.

  10. Two overpriced handhelds from one company, a hardware format which I'll never use. Switch is really shoddy piece of engineering, heat circulation, joycon durability, and awfully pitiable battery life for a portable device being the most prominent flaws.

    Farewell Nintendo, see you next generation maybe. In any way, I'm not paying $300 for five or ten first party software.

  11. Without the ability to switch to TV mode,Can you still call it a switch? What are you switching to? It's just a gameboy that plays switch games which is cool if this is going to be the new handheld,but glad I got to original idc how big it is in handheld mode I'll still play it that way because I have that option,but I can see why this would be nice for those who don't own a switch..I lowkey still want this even though I have the original lol

  12. There’s only one reason I want it cuz of the Pokemon limited edition version why was their a sword and shield version for the normal switch

  13. It has a usb-c port… there is absolutely no reason this could not have a TV mode with an adaptor…if the iPhone can have a TV adaptor then this can

  14. Great job on this detailed overview. The only one that I have seen that actually physically goes over the device, thank you very much. Best video I've seen on this on YouTube. I will be picking up one for my son on release.

  15. I get why they went with non removable joycons, but they totally could have included the tv out mode as an option

  16. Nintendo needs to step their game up. No Bluetooth in 2019 makes me question whoever designed these outdated things.

  17. I am so SAD I can't buy one…
    I love it, but it doesn't connect to the TV!!!
    I can't play my Multiplayer games like Mario kart and Smash.

  18. People commenting about how the normal switch is too big to bring places, how about detaching the joycons? I legit slide them off and fit the switch comfortably with joycons in my inside jacket pocket, forget it’s even in there

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