Ninja On How Drake Made Gaming Cool
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Ninja On How Drake Made Gaming Cool

November 6, 2019

I did want to ask. Like, you had this big game with Drake, and it was it was kind of meteor- Meteoritic- That’s a word ETHAN:Meteoric. It was meteoric. And that-The media-It was like a thing that they could latch onto, and be like, “This is a crazy thing” so Did anything change for you after that big game? NINJA:I think that that kind That’s I think that that literal one match with Drake made it okay for everyone to play video games -[Ethan]:mmm I mean like how many-This is something I’ve had a conversation with a lot of people about-It’s like Who who’s bigger than than Drake in the world of, like, social media? -[Ethan]:and I couldn’t pick a crazier person to play with. -[Ninja]:LeBron the LeBron James is someone that I would like right up there your You know and then maybe like some crazy crazy actors, but really -[Ethan]: Obama? Literally, I was gonna make that a reference. Uh, but and like what would break the internet and like dude I kind of – kind of peaked, honestly I mean, you know you started a very who’s one of the very first famous people that I played with, and, Like -[Ethan]:it’s a good place to start’, it I would think so and then like a but immediately even even that night alone Travis Scott messages -[Ethan]:I saw, I saw that’. hey get me in there, and it’s just like. -[Ethan]: You’re the dude to play with!’ right! no, but not even that but I think I think so so this is something That’s funny like Travis actually like dropped me impulsenades throughout the game one time and I was like okay The only reason he did that is because he knows he must watch the stream He doesn’t follow me or anything like that, but he clearly watches because he knew that I loved those grenades It was actually really cool. That’s awesome. Um, and yeah, no, I think that literally that moment of playing with Drake Made it it Everyone is just like okay. I can I can like tweet about this I can like tell everyone that it is cool to game. I can play. I play video games, too. It definitely made it cool But I feel like even playing with Obama may not have been crazier -[Ethan]:it wouldn’t be as dope.’ yeah Unless Obama asks you pass If he was and here’s the thing man if they urge any if they’re actually like interested in the game Then it’ll be natural and I’d be like organic and that’s kinda was a trick. They, he played all the time it’s a fact that Drake was a Fortnite player and a pubg player or watcher. Yeah, do people know that before he caught a game with you No, I don’t think anyone knew I mean I don’t think anyone knew about that at all and like when one of the greatest conversations of that night I think I asked was like so how long you been playing for a night or whatever six? Oh, yeah, I’ve been playing for a minute, man. I’ve been watching you for like a while. I saw you win that tournament as; That’s crazy I’ve been watching you, for like a while, I saw you win that tournament in Germany, and I was like Just imagine Drake at home watching you and you don’t even know yeah exactly And dude that’s the thing in no one none of these people really go out of their way because it’s truly right now It is becoming cooler and okay and acceptable, but people did not like maybe no one wanted to yeah, you’d like that Oh Drake watching someone play video games it’s like dude, but it but everyone plays video games come on, -[Ethan]:right So it’s like okay now. I do think it’s a Genuine think it’s historic. I don’t think that video gaming Professionally has ever got that Level of not not just publicity but like good publicity right and you and I to your credit you went on you did all the interviews you talk to people and There’s a lot of shitty characters out there and but you were presentable you were positive you made a you were a great face Thank you. I think that goal. I was on it. I was so I’m so happy for you, and I was so relieved to see you talking. I was like this is a good This is the perfect dude for the step. Thank you. Man. Yeah, thank you man.

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  1. Ninja is fucking mentally retarted if he believes gaming now just become cool because some Canadain star plays video games

  2. So what happened to all those people who would shit talk gamers, or say that gaming is for nerds?? Another reason why I hate social media now. Too many fuckin hypocrites in today's world, man…. it's sad

  3. What the hell is he talking about? Gaming been popular since the 90's and main stream cool since 2000. Drake did not make gaming cool or even Fortnight as it was popular before.

  4. People who truly like games wouldn't give a damn what other people and Drake think. They'd keep playing even if it wasn't "cool". If a person only plays games because Drake said they're "cool", there's something wrong with them

  5. Why is everyone misunderstanding the "gaming is cool bit"? They are saying that this is for normie ass folks who may think gaming is for nerds in 2018. It's was a major wakeup call for people who dont game, and now they think its acceptable. Obviously this isnt applicable to folks who are already aware gaming has always been cool. This is for basic sheeple since Drake has such an influence.

  6. Gaming has been normal for a long ass time now. Its weirder for someone not to play any video games nowadays. I was surprised when I saw Drake play with Ninja, but Drake is just another person, so its kind of obvious Drake would probably play video games too, along with any other artist.

  7. I don't think people know what being cool is. Being cool isn't popularity, it's personality.

  8. Idk what all these comments are about, someone as socially legendary as Drake now being known to watch Twitch streamers and play competitive video games is a huge fucking step for gaming community

  9. Gaming hasnt been not cool since like the last decade… The only thing drake had influence in to make it cooler is for his fangirls that looked down on gaming and any potential older people in their 30's-40's that might listen to drake

  10. Ok but when will Austin and Ethan play with ninja? Seriously please make this happen it would be legendary

  11. I mean I was tweeting bout games long before drake ?‍♂️ I never cared what niggas on my Twitter thought

  12. How is this a big deal. Play what u want, just like celebs like drake do. I dont get the pendemonium

  13. should it really matter wether people think gaming is cool or not? if you’re enjoying it where you letting the opinions of others stopping you from being happy.

  14. Really? He made gaming cool?? Ninja that’s the dumbest shit you’ve ever said, it was hands down befor the ps4

  15. Look I'm sorry, but his sense of self importance is so inflated. he made it cooler with white suburban kids but he did not remove the stigma around video games with one session with drake. Gaming has been cool for a while, he's just helping to make it more corporate and shitty tbh

  16. So gaming was never "cool" before because of "the amazing Drake". What happens when he says it sucks.

  17. I’m just trying to not have ninjas hair color, that’s all I want In life. I get rid of blue and go grey.. and what do you know. Sigh.

  18. All the people saying gaming has always been cool…. lmao.

    Gaming has never been and never will be "cool" in the way it's being represented by some of these comments. Don't inflate your egos. It's always been acceptable. It's an entertaining pastime and there's nothing wrong with it (I love it, too), but don't pat yourself on the back for doing it.

  19. No one needs the validation. Y’all give these celebs too much power…Fact is, gaming have been popular in the hip hop community since the beginning ??‍♂️

  20. It's not a matter or whether video games are cool or not. It's fun, it's my huge definition of entertainment. When I have free time, it's what I do and I thoroughly enjoy it!

  21. Drake— sorry, Aubrey Graham didn’t and doesn’t make anything cool. Whoever has this point of view is an idiot.

  22. People look up to actors and singers waaay too much. Don’t be fake and be yourself, who cares what people think! “Drake is playing video games, now I’ll play too” ?

  23. This Ninja guy said Drake and Lebron are on top of the world, lol, have you heard of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, or in music, Ed Sheeran, Louis Fonsi.

  24. Lmao gaming was already cool WAY before drake played fortnite. You tripping bruh ?

  25. I’ve been playing videos games since Mario on 64. Never felt “uncool”. Gaming has been a hobby for most people who are now in their late 20s and younger

  26. So if I liked fortnite before Drake, doesn't that mean that I'm technically better at picking cool things out. I mean, I was playing it long before he was. What I'm trying to say is that if I'm right, hentai is about to go mainstream y'all.

  27. had to come say how fucking dumb that title is, gaming has always been fun, anyone playing games because they want it to be "cool" is a fucking douche and anyone gaming because they want to play with drake someday is a bigger douche.

    if gaming only became "cool" to you when you saw drake playing fortnite, kindly fuck off, you're not welcome in our world.

  28. I mean he’s right, my friends would never even talk about video games. Then BOOM, now we are and it’s great.

  29. For all of the people in the comments section with less that two brain cells to rub together, in the video they are implying that Drake made gaming "cool" for the public. Not for the hardcore keyboard master "I've been laying games my whole life" nerds. He made gaming "cool" for the PUBLIC, for the people who thought gaming was just for little kids, and this is good, because now people who previously thought gaming was just some stupid hobby won't look down on gaming.

  30. i think that game made people understand that watching fortnite or football your still watching someone else play a game and if a famous rich guy plays video games then you shouldn't feel bad about playing video games

  31. Gaming's been pretty mainstream for quite a while now.. Ever since its conception it's popularity has grown at a steady rate and has already had several other celebrities playing them in the past. Let alone the constant billions of other players from around the world playing online & offline. If anything Ninja and Drake just helped spread the word about Fortnite to the "trendy" kids who haven't touched it yet.

  32. Gaming is not (EDIT: Viewed as) cool even still, fortnite has kinda transcended into mainstream appeal. Playing a few matches on fortnight with the mates is viewed differently than an 4 hour long Final Fantasy X sesh or grinding for FCs on Guitar Hero, and even those are games that we're relatively popular.

  33. f u c k o f f

    Everything "nerd" or "geek" is now mainstream for a bunch of reasons but it has been that way WAY before "I wanna fuck millie bobbie brown" Drake showed up to the picture.

  34. all i see are delusional nerds who thought they were cool before this event. No. No you aren't, but you wouldn't be able to tell with your lack of social skills.

  35. Fuck that. This is just for hype content. If you needed a fucking rapper or celebrity to make you feel okay to do something, however cool you feel afterwards, you'll still be a loser

  36. To the 1857 people in the comments who are saying that “Gaming was cool before drake” Yes, gaming has always been cool, to you. But Drake playing video games gets other people who aren’t gamers into it. I think that celebrities playing fortnite is helping to make gaming more popular. Not making it “cooler” to us, but making it cooler to other people who don’t normally game.

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