Ninja McNinja vs Karate Kid: 9 TRIALS OF FIRE McDonald’s Happy Meal Hope and Annie SuperHero Kids
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Ninja McNinja vs Karate Kid: 9 TRIALS OF FIRE McDonald’s Happy Meal Hope and Annie SuperHero Kids

December 8, 2019

Happy Meals! Booyah, booyah, booyah! This doesn’t seem like a nutritious breakfast. Get over it bro. We are feasting on this deliciousness. What? Where’d did my Happy Meal go bro? You took it! I was with you the whole time! That is physically and spiritually impossible! No! Not there’s no Happy Meals! It’s okay Why is this happening! Of course you would abandon your friend in the middle of her darkest hour. I just wanted a Happy Meal. Where did she go? It is impressive that you are able to follow me. Who are you? Why did you steal our Happy Meals? Hmmm, you have potential. I may consider training you. I’m not going to let you train anything until you tell me what is going on! My name is McNinja McNinja of the Ninja Nugget Clan! But McNinja, why would you steal all of our Happy meals? Only those who are worthy can partake of the Happy meal. I will train you so you can be worthy. Thank you master. This is the first of the McNugget Clans Nine Trials of Fire! The sacred push up Not good enough! On the second trial of fire you must use your senses to determine which is the true chicken nugget. Not good enough! Focus! Not good enough! For the fourth trial you must arrange the items in the ninja code and then drink the milk. Not good enough! Trial five, you must meditate on the secret scent. Mmmmm, I’m loving it, I’m loving it Mmmm No! No fruit! Only the Happy Meal. Try again. I’m loving it The sixth trial of fire, only the worthy are allowed to eat Happy Meals You must take the Happy Meal from Wonder Woman. She is not worthy. But… Do you want to be a nugget ninja or not? Go! What? No! Trial seven, block the fruit and catch the nuggets. You have completed your training, you can now eat your Happy Meal. But, I thought there were nine trials. So close. Look! A happy meal! Like I would fall for that. Look! Fruit! Well played. Once you have completed the ninth trial of fire, you will become a Ninja Nugget. What’s the ninth trial? You must execute this mango. This fruit has been condemned to death. Because it is healthy. But I thought fruit was good for you. Wrong! Fruit is the enemy You must fulfill your destiny and become a Ninja Nugget. Take the sword. Please! Karate Kid complete your training. You have betrayed the Ninja Nuggets and your master! You have come with potential, now you will be destroyed! I will have my revenge! Are you loving this? What have I done? After I saw what I had done, I decided to make my own clan. The fruit punch clan. One based on peace and healthy living. From that day forward I would be called Miss Mango Keep watching for the secret after scene. Hi guys! We hope you liked the video. We had so much fun filming this. And make sure the subscribe to SuperHero Kids. And subscribe to my channel Annie Rose. Make sure to tune in next Friday for another awesome SuperHero Kids video. And now for the secret after scene. Even though McNinja was defeated, A new enemy emerged! McNinja junior! He trained hard. He vowed to defeat my Fruit Punch Clan. And so, the ancient rivalry was born!

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