Nils-Erik Ulset: Short distance recap, at the Laura Cross-Country Ski
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Nils-Erik Ulset: Short distance recap, at the Laura Cross-Country Ski

November 20, 2019

Here we are, day after the first competition.
The biathlon short distance was yesterday, and yeah… Was one of the events I was really
looking forward to. First of all it’s good to have a start again
after over a month without any world cup race events or something like that. So that was
good! Conditions were actually really good, it was
cold the night before and they salted the uphills. So… I don’t know what to say. Overall I
was sixth, sixteen seconds behind first place so it was, it’s kinda close but still. Not…
not what I was hoping for, I was hoping to get on the podium, and, yeah. After shooting clean, perfect shooting, felt
really good on the two first laps, something happened in my last lap that I can’t, can’t
really explain, but… Yeah. Just have to, have to start over again. Try
something new and do the same thing and shooting range for Tuesday and maybe, maybe that will
work out better. Cause… yeah. It feels pretty good, and I feel strong. They…
they, they re-did the course for us the day before the competition, so that was kind of
a surprise for many of us. But, for me I think the new course is a lot better, so, can’t
complain about that, so. Just have to reset and try it again. So, hopefully
Tuesday will be better. Okay, bye.

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