Nils-Erik Ulset: My Proud Paralympian Story
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Nils-Erik Ulset: My Proud Paralympian Story

November 18, 2019

I started skiing probably when I was
around four or five years old. I started biathlon when I was nine because
my older brother was also a biathlete and he kind of took me into the
sport . Around 13, 14, my feet started developing a little different than other people because I have I got a muscular disease from my grandfather. So I still
competed against able-bodied skiers until I was 18 then my coach and my high
school coach asked me if I want to try to qualify for the Salt Lake City Games
and yeah, I ended up doing that and that turned out pretty well and since that
I’ve been here and they I don’t think they’re gonna be get rid of me soon
either. Of course in the beginning it was my older brother he gave me a lot of
inspiration and tips and just have to go out there and try. You may not
know your limits and abilities but go out and try and you’ll soon discover them
because basically how he set your goals and what you want to do is your
limit and you can often go even further than that.

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