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August 12, 2019

We used to swim the same moonlight waters Oceans away from the wakeful day My fall will be for you Scent of the sea before waking afterwards Brings me to thee Into the blue memory My fall will be for you Into the blue memory A siren from the deep came to me Sang my name my longing Still I write my songs about that dream of mine Worth everything I may ever be The Child will be born again That siren carried him to me First of them true lovers Singing on the shoulders of an angel without care for love n’ loss. Bring me home or leave me be My love in the dark heart of the night I have lost the path before me the one behind will lead me Bring me home or leave me be My love in the dark heart of the night I have lost the path before me The one behind will lead me Take me. Cure me. Kill me. Bring me home Take me. Cure me. Kill me. Bring me home Every way, everyday. I keep on watching us sleep Relive the old sin of Adam and Eve Of you and me Forgive the adoring beast Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Redeem me into childhood Show me myself without the shell Like the advent of May I’ll be there when you say Time to never hold our love My fall will be for you My fall will be for you My fall will be for For you

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  1. You ever just listen to a song and feel so deeply in tune with it that only once it ends do you feel tears of enjoyment fall from your face?

  2. wait when did Anette leave? I havent heard of Nightwish since Anette joined. But this woman is doing wonders, she just re-ignited my Nightwish flame.

  3. i think its really amusing how the tarja fans come to every single video that floor is singing to make their pointless jihad

  4. There's probably nothing I could say that's not been said. This song is one of the most epic songs created in our time. I cannot imagine life without ever encountering it, most especially this version. I'll carry this with me to my grave.

  5. This singer is fucking flawless.

    Beauty – check (i know it's not important, but god damn)
    Talent – check (limitless, just such confidence)
    Power – check (such range. such power. such elegance)

  6. A friend in the UK let me know about this band and so I listened. They were not that bad.. little different from what I was listening in the 90s.., Tarja got outsung and outperformed by Floor hands down. Outstanding vocalist bar none…

  7. God damn, there are very few musical performances I could watch a million times and still smile each time. This is one of them.

  8. i just found this band. Man, a metal band that knows more than 3 chords! Amazing musicians and vocalist!!!

  9. Great to hear Jukka (the amazing drummer seen here, but had to leave due to serious health issues) is doing great now. He's issued a statement saying so but that he won't be returning to the band to play. He's still with the band and helping with the new album.

  10. This is good stuff, I come back here often to watch this video and many Live Nightwish with Floor videos. This kind of music is rare these days. Metal is still around, but, not like this. I love Ghost, Metallica Iron Maiden etc, BUT, this is so great.

  11. I dedicated this song once… and now the relationship is broken.
    But I keep listening to this although the psychological damage.

  12. Damn… like many, I haven't listened to Nightwish since they still had Anette. Nothing against her, I actually saw 2 of their shows with her, and unlike many I actually liked the slightly more pop-y sound combined with Tuomas' composition as a change of pace, but they did lose that more ephemeral and haunting feel that made them special in the first place.
    Now this song (which was always one of my favorites), this performance with this god-tier vocalist? "Epic" is an epic understatement, they never sounded better. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to catch a show, because holy fuck.

  13. I hope this doesn't get lost comments but for anyone who hasn't seen this magnificent video, made by Tomhen77, you need to if you love this song. It's all 3 LOTR films edited into this very song and it works like an absolute charm! It's so satisfying to watch the edited parts in time with the song.

  14. Amazing voice yes!! I Have followed her since the first album with "After Forever" and in my humble opinion, i admit that i miss that band After Forever with her voice, she was just so much more amazing in that band, and feels like she could give much more in that, not that i love this, it´s amazing!! But it just feels different! But epic! keep it going!

  15. This version is more polished, but Buenos Aires is more visceral, more raw passion. I switch between the two depending on the mood. Both so good

  16. Am I less of a man in admitting I get some grit in my eye during the last two minutes of this song. Floor's vocals are simply breathtaking. What a singer, what a woman. The way she smiles near the end, she knows she just nailed it.

  17. Imagine being there.
    Imagine witnessing this very special event.
    Imagine you making it onto the official tour dvd.

    Imagine you being the center guy at 4:37.

  18. Я не знаю что может быть круче. Вишенка на торте блестящего выступления в 2013 году.

  19. Sorry. Im dead. Floor just stroked me again..and the Finnish music finish finished me off. Thank god now im Finnish forever'n'ever..

  20. An absolute epic and brilliant masterpiece.
    Attention North America music industry – THIS is how it's done.

  21. Absolute perfection – Brings me to tears every time I listen. Nightwish is the most talented band I have ever listened to. Not many bands can sound better live than in the studio. I only wish I had been to listen to and experience this masterpiece in person. Floor you are simply amazing in every way. So beautiful with a voice made in Heaven. I wish each of you a long healthy and happy life.

  22. This was the last video I watched before having a very risky open heart surgery. I was so scared! If it was my last day, I wanted to go out with pure pleasure. NOW I'M HOME AND WATCHING AGAIN!!!

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