Nigel Farage says he will not stand as an MP in election
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Nigel Farage says he will not stand as an MP in election

November 15, 2019

– Have you decided whether you,
yourself, are going to stand in this election? I’ve thought very hard about this.
How do I serve the cause of Brexit best? Because that’s what I’m doing this for,
not for a career. I don’t want to be in politics
for the rest of my life. Do I find a seat, try and get myself
into parliament or do I serve the cause better
traversing the length and breadth of the United Kingdom
supporting 600 candidates? And I’ve decided the latter course
is the right one. – So you’re not going
to stand yourself? No.
It’s very difficult to do both. It’s very difficult to be
in a constituency every day and at the same time
be out across the United Kingdom because I do want people to know
that when they’re told “this gets Brexit done, it’ll all be over
by Christmas,” I think is what Boris Johnson was saying this morning,
they need to understand that actually what’s on offer
is a close linkage with all the European institutions,
a next negotiating phase of at least three years,
so I’m going out across the country,
starting tomorrow.

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  1. I see he’s too scared to lose again and in the off chance he succeeds too scared to actually do anything. Much easy to shout criticism from the sideline

  2. So it's going to be swivel eyed loon Anne Widdicombe to be President for Life…

    And is that even Farage talking or is it someone else wearing a rubber mask bought from the joke shop?

  3. Looooooooser,,,, you are just staying on the save site off blaming others mister Blamage ,,why not going for the House ,afraid off loosing your face if you have to deal with real problems ,,,like Boris ,, you changed you're mind all ready hahaha the future in hands off Trump that is clear if people vote on you .

  4. I was with the Tory vote but now i see i was doing it just to get it done. I grew tired. Now ive woken NIGEL. Its back to the BREXIT PARTY

  5. Theres got to be something dark lurking in this mans attic. There HAS to be! Im taking bets on multiple affairs in the early early and mid 90s.

  6. Unsurprising to see all of the Farage bashing comments here as the Guardian attracts a very leftist reader base. Nigel is co ordinating a party across all of it's seats rather than just one. The point of the Brexit party is not to put Nigel as the PM, it is to get as many leave supporting mps in parliament as possible to ensure a true Brexit is delivered. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for him to focus on getting as many people elected from his party as possible rather than spending time and energy contesting one seat.

  7. He’s still the leader of the party ofcause he would be running everything so a clever move I think. He wouldn’t lose again he would put himself in a definite win seat but as he says he can do more by going up and down the country than being stationed in one area!!! How can some of you not understand that!! I think your all going to be surprised how many seats they win, there’s a lot of very angry people out there!!! Cmon Nigel

  8. Any Party leader not standing for election this December clearly leads a Party which will lose.
    Nigel should change his position and stand in whatever constituency Boris opts to favour.
    That way, he would be a winner whether he wins or loses the seat.

  9. Nigel not standing in the General Election is like taking 'No Deal' off the table again. Today's announcement from Nigel is bad news.
    Let's hope that the Brexit Party candidates have some fresh personality figures to supplement the 'Nexit' of Nigel from centre stage.

  10. That's a bad, if Brexit Party wins, who's going to be the Prime Minister? For that reason I won't be voting Brexit Party now. Guess we're stuck with Boris Johnson.

  11. However the Faragists try to excuse it, he simply couldn’t risk making it 9 nil, still boys and girls keep adoring him.

  12. Which pays most MP or MEP ?
    One job already in his pocket, the other has failed already seven times.
    Not really a difficult choice, is it ?

  13. What resign my comfy euro salary, to risk being a UK MP. still at least another 3 years to negotiate a deal and faff about Europe old boy.

  14. "he roams around from town to town,
    with a face just like clown.
    they call him the wanderer, yeah the wanderer.
    he roams around around around…"

  15. I think Nigels tactics is interesting! Yes I agree where ever he stands he will be so targeted it would distract the BREXIT Party effort! Remember he can always come in during a by-election and focus on winning his seat. If (highly unlikely) BREXIT wins a majority, Anne would make an excellent PM so there is really nothing to lose apart from talks of cowardice from opposing parties. But then those parties will be wasting their time shoot a target which is not standing and drawing fire away from the BP true objective to winning seats. Could be Genius move! We will see.

  16. Being an MP (and working for your constituents) is hard work. Much easier to just take EU money and not represent the UK in the European parliament and occasionally show up and make a speech which you can then post on Facebook.

  17. Can anyone tell me what's in the Brexit Party manifesto? Call me old fashioned. Don't want to vote for a party unless they have a manifesto.

  18. So many deluded comments on here. He's trying to take the UK out of Europe now not extend it, thus losing his job as an MEP.

  19. He just wants UK to pull out of EU. Thats his mission as trump commanded. He is even scared to stand as a MP ? real face revealed.

  20. Watch the labour and Tory seats fall, both parties are corrupt and serial liars. Brexit party all the way from now on.

  21. The product of crassly incompetent onanism and himself an onanist of the first water. … He could best serve his country by having himself composted.

  22. Won't stand as MP ??? Farage has just fallen Flat On His Face
    Definitely Not leading from the Front Complete DISASTER for the Credibility of the Brexit Party

  23. BREXIT before personal gain – Nigel Farage has thus put the welfare of his country as his No.1 priority…..a great man!

  24. S B Dunk, your right, if he’d had the guts to stand, and lost , as he knew he would, it would have been 8, so that’s all right then, if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be hilarious ???

  25. Which wage does he want MP wage £79,000 plus expenses per year if he does not get into power but wins his seat or £91,000 plus expenses per year as MEP..He does this every time ..What is wrong with this guy .?.

  26. Well he knows he won't win a seat as a UK MP so wants to carry on as a European MEP claiming his lovely big salary, luxurious expenses and other generous expenses and perks. The man is a 100% hypocrite.

  27. Big mistake. He should stand as an MP. I assume with the postal vote scandal in Peterborough, wherever he would stand the numbers would be bent, as happened in Thanet where the voting boxes mysteriously disappeared for 6 hours. So on the other hand I can fully understand him too.

  28. So if he’s head of the party and the brexit party win, will he be the unelected undemocratic head of the UK?

  29. I am a sixty nine year old Londoner that had never voted in a democratic election. I voted to leave the European Union, so you can assume I felt strongly about leaving. I admire Nigel Farage for his tremendous, more than tremendous achievement to bring about and the winning of a referendum to leave the European Union. But now is the time to vote for the Conservatives. I voted to leave not a Nigel Farage leave.
    Nigel you are going to put the country through years of torture unless you withdraw all your candidates. Think of the poor sods without money, prospects or jobs. Nigel you are in danger of becoming a caricature, let it be.

  30. The Brexit Party has just become a leaderless party on the eve of it's first general election. Nigel Farage has just made a colossal mistake.

  31. Boris Johnson should take Nigel Farage very seriously. I would estimate 70% to 80% who voted leave in the 2016 referendum are hardcore leavers. Most people who voted leave did so thinking the UK would make a clean break (hard Brexit) from the EU. If Boris takes no deal off in their the election manifesto one could easily imagine the Brexit party will then get a massive upsurge in support, which would result in Conservatives not gaining seats that they could easily gain in the leave constituencies. Farage will make or break Johnson in this election.

  32. It is Nigel Farage who got the UK to vote leave. But it is Boris and the little weasel Gove who took most of the credit. Farage, the UK needs you more than ever.

  33. the brexit party will get more mps by standing on their own platform, rather than having a pact with the tories; all the right wing parties are fearful of corbyn – the truth is – they have been since the last election, because he hasn't gone away; after jezza has defeated johnson next month, it will be the 3rd tory pm he has had for breakfast, dinner & tea.
    how they wish it was jeremy corbyn who had been killed & not jo cox – it was the wrong jc who was crucified in their eyes.

  34. brexit party is a joke. Dodgy sponsoring with no members. No members no responsibilities for the leader. Leader who won't stand to fight for the MP seat. Keep the pay pal(s) money and run Nigel, run. What a irresponsible coward…

  35. ""Voting conservative is the worst option""
    They never and never will, change.
    Are British voters that dumb!
    Why do people not grasp this simple concept…..
    Regardless of all the promised policies, under a Conservative government they "WILL NOT"!!! Transpire!!
    Just like they never do. The only consistency the Tories bring about, is making the rich richer and the poorer more destitute.

  36. We need to implement a better MP recall system, in which an MP can be recalled if say >50%-66% of their electorates votes for a recall. Which would trigger a by-election and have the MP to re-justify his position to the people he represent (this may be capped to only once every 12 mths just like a vote of confidence on the PM). This should keep MPs on their toes especially if they put themselves and their party ahead of the people.

  37. I know for a fact that Donald Trump wants to take over Great Britain in more ways than one and he has the perfect instrument for doing that in Nigel Farage. ?

  38. Who in their right mind would want to sign up to be an MP, given the toxicity levels?
    The fault for this lies with the MP's themselves, their own visciousness, is copied in and out of THOC.
    My only message for anyone entering politics, or running for office is simply listen to ordinary people, ignore the journalists (whipping it up in the media). Be polite and truthful, as true gentlemen and ladies are supposed to be.

  39. wrong move nige! we need you in the commons!!
    your running scared because you haven't found a 'safe' seat…… will lose a lot of votes because of this.

  40. Mr Farage. Your Brexit party votes will simply weaken the Conservatives so that we won't get any sort of Brexit and even worse, we could end up with Corbyn as Prime Minister. Is that what you really want?

  41. That's the brexit party finished. I was going to vote for the brexit party but how can I vote for a party who's leader won't be in parliament. who won't even stand for election.
    What a monumentally disastrous political desision. Why has he done that. The reason he gave, that he couldn't organise the Brexit party campaign and his own election campaign at the same time, is ludicrous. The other party leaders will and always have.
    What a let down for all the people who thought they had a credible alternative party to vote for

  42. He already knows that "Brexit" will NEVER happen, not ever. You are all going to have to learn to live with that. British people have been sending their cast off clothes and shoes to Ukraine for years, you don't really believe that was all for nothing do you? Deluded people still believe that after all the garbage "Benn Acts" and delays by foreign implants, etc., the country can get out! I think you need to start looking for another cause to waste time on.

  43. never surrender ? I thought running away was more cowedly . No one will trust this liar any more regardless of excises as Bojo was elected by the Tory part not in a general election, there is no point trusting someone that's not dead in a ditch, him and Corbyn are both the same and both killed democracy the one thing both were voted into office to protect  even Farage as I said many times before, is a crook as what guy would live down such a chance as this boasting what a great guy he is. No he's in it for the money

  44. It will be all over by Christmas, Farage says ITS BRINO will take place…. But can The Brexit Party Get enough seats… This has now become scary, BP or Cons? I was going to vote BP but now I don't know. I'm leaning to Cons….so we get at least a form of Brexit

  45. There's a sobering thought about remaining in the EU despite the fact that it appears such a noble institution for this country and so popular with lots of people, however let's ponder this, what if Britain decides to scrap article 50 goes back as a full member of the EU as it has been before Will the EU welcome this country back with open arms? Given the fact that the EU has seen lately how Britain is so nervous and uncertain about leaving? The EU would force Britain to swallow all unpalatable decisions more than before because they sense that Britain has got no more options but to stay and they seem to have this country really cornered somehow

  46. Boris knew he had the figures in parliament to get through his so-called new fantastic deal if he threatened MPs with a no deal, but then the extension came and his dream of becoming a Brexit hero became somewhat more distant . Now with a new incoming parlament the chance of a no deal will be there so then he takes no deal of the table on the conservative program. He tries to play the people as a master of a violin. Will plan (B)oris work in the end.

  47. Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me
    Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, I want one for my tea
    Oh, I haven't had an egg since Easter, and now it's half past three
    So, chick, chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me

  48. Once we are out, a seat in the EU Parliament will be but a memory, just the way Nigel wants it. You want Nigel out of the EU Parliament, then vote for the Brexit Party. Clean Break all the way!

  49. Nicola Sturgeon didnt stand as MP and she's Prime Minister of Scotland, same with Foster from DUP I Northern Ireland. Very clever move from Nigel

  50. At the 2015 general election UKIP managed to get nearly 4 million votes which was 12% of the vote and this resulted in only one MP Douglas Carswell. ☺️☺️☺️

  51. ???? Right Wingers are now losing their minds bc they have just realised that their leaders are cowards. Gold. Pure Gold. ???

  52. The General has left the field just before the battle! The worse decision he's made and won't go down well with the supporters!

  53. “Brexiteers”: “Don’t split the Brexit vote!”
    Also “Brexiteers”: “How can you not stand Mr Farage we needed you!”

  54. He just wants to keep riding the gravy train with out any accountability so when things go pear shape he can blame every thing on the elected officials hes no champion of the peaple hes just feathering hes own nest like hes pal trump like Farage he hasn't been paying his taxes either

  55. Why does Nigel keep doing this? He quit Ukip after the brexit vote when he was needed the most. Now he's doing this when he's needed the most.

  56. If the two leaders of the separate campaigns to leave the EU can't agree what Brexit is then the referendum result was never deliverable. It's like agreeing to change the national flag before knowing what the alternative designs looked like. If we'd have been offered a specific form of Brexit in the referendum we wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

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