NH: Hirvijahti | Moose Hunting | 2018
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NH: Hirvijahti | Moose Hunting | 2018

November 16, 2019

We came here to our spot. It’s the first drive this morning. Two dogs will be released. Now we’re waiting for some action. VHF: A nine- and a four-pointer are over the road! The first spot of the morning is over. We had a nice situation going on here. It didn’t take long before two moose bulls showed up. A nine- and a four-pointer. We had an agreement only to shoot calves this time so I didn’t take the shot. This was a fine standing. A dog was barking 120 meters away, you could barely see the moose walking around. There was a third moose bull that went straight to the next man in line. It was a six-pointer. No shots taken here this time. Now we’ll go to the campfire and map out our next moves. Hopefully the afternoon will be a success. We shifted into a new terrain. I came to this clifftop between two swamps. The clifftop is a few hundred meters wide. Moose use it as a passage between the two swamps. My father will release our dog from a feeding place about 1000 meters away. There are standers all over the area. I’m pretty sure that moose are hiding in the terrain. There are several trail cams here and a kale field set up for game. There should be game here. The animals will probably be on the move as soon as the barking begins. Let’s start waiting. The weather is warm and sunny. Nice to be on the spot again. Usually I hustle with the dogs. This is kind of a variation for me. I was taking a look at my Ultracom when I discovered that Niko has a situation going on. I can see his location from here and also where their dogs are moving. The moose are on the way towards their standing line. Let’s go and take a look at how Niko is doing. In the meanwhile we will continue waiting here. VHF: A lonely cow is down. It’s October and we’re out here hunting moose. I just had a nice moment when a lonely moose cow showed up. There was also a spiker in the forest in the cow’s company but for some reason they went separate ways. The cow happened to come by me. I’m at a felling gap that was chopped down last spring. It came to a pleasant distance and I got to shoot it from approximately 25 meters. I took the second shot while it was running. It fell right where it was. Now we will go and skin the moose. This hunting season’s opening weekend has been great. Niko messaged me that he’d shot his first moose. It was a lonely cow and he also got it on video. Perfect! Our dog started barking here a few moments ago and the first moose of this drive have already been seen. We’re at a key position here. I think some action is going to take place here. Seems promising. And that’s when the first shot was fired. VHF SPEAKING: It’s coming, Kalle! An eight-pointer. I won’t shoot. An eight-pointer. Passed by 40 meters away. This time I had a permission for bulls. One happened to come by about 50 meters away. It came with a hurry. It was an eight-pointer with fine and symmetric horns. We’re trying to spare some perfectible individuals so I decided not to take the shot. I wonder what that shot was. A spiker has been shot 500 meters from our spot. Our moose bull tags are all used now. Only calves and lonely cows can be shot from now on. Calves will be our next hunting target. Pulu (dog) is tracing a four-pointer right now. It went past me to the Myllysuo swamp. Our dog is 500 meters from here and it’s been barking for about half an hour now. We released it on a calf trail. There was a cow with its two calves in the morning. The first calf was already shot and the cow got separated from the other calf. We found out which trail was the calf’s and released the dog. It’s been barking for a while. Soon we’ll take off and sneak up to the calf. This could be my opportunity to get it. Let’s see. The second position of today. There was two calves and a cow in the morning. One of the calves got shot. We released a dog after the other calf when it got separated from its mother. We examined the trail and sorted out where it was leading. We released the dog and it started barking. We sneaked upon the moose when it suddenly came towards us. We were 50 meters away and the moose walked straight into our arms. It was a lonely calf as we expected so I took the shot. The distance was about 15 meters. I knew the hit was good but the moose came running towards us so I took another shot just in case. I think it’s laying on the ground 20-30 meters away. Let’s go take a look. That was great! This is the animal I was looking for. A fine female calf. The dog worked perfectly. I can’t be anything but satisfied. Perfect. Now the moose needs to be skinned. What a day it was.

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  1. Kiitoksia kaikille palautteesta, mukava huomata että meidän videot edelleen teille maistuu. Ja ei huolta, lisää on kohta tulossa! ???

  2. Very nice movie. You have a very beautiful rifle also, what caliber du you use?
    Best Regards from Orsa, Sweden

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