NGL Biathlon game 2018! New Game
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NGL Biathlon game 2018! New Game

November 19, 2019

welcome to blackmambaytc this is a new NGL BIATHLON game developed by a team found on facebook is still under development found on facebook is still under development it is still in beta and the career is not yet selectable here you will find all the athletes divided by nations, both males and females you can choose what you prefer in the match will be maximum 21 at most. the specialties you can choose are mass start, sprint, individual, chase and mixed staff the specialties you can choose are mass start, sprint, individual, chase and mixed relay here you find the game setting langauge english or russian number of firing sessions use of refills here you find all the information on the controls of the game, mainly using the keyboard and mouse w, a, s, d to move, space to increase the pace, shoot with the mouse we now choose a race, I would say the sprint here you will find all the athletes man or girl now i search italian team on the right you can see all the info of the athlete, speed, recovery, resistance to resistance, grigly and a lower yellow value poor, medium good red excellent all the features to make the difference is to choose the best athlete rastorgujevs peifer,quentin fillon maillet, lesser, schemp all the athletes protagonists of the world, and there are also females, but we’ll see them later with the relay. now we choose the strongest athlete that is martin fourcade look at the characteristics all red, crazy values. but he also has them in the rasta and just the best! here you can choose ski and wax, depending on the conditions it goes a lot according to weather conditions, we use ramdon conditions, and then we will choose those bases that do not give you% extra performance but are fine in all conditions in the meantime we have martin fourcade where only he makes the difference .. the slopes are Anterselva,kontiolahti, oberhof, holmenkollen annency, tyumen,ruhpolding, ostersund,pokjuka these are the tracks that are there now I’m sure there will be new ones later, the tracks are obviously shorter than the real one they are not in the real distance, they are shorter and this affects the penalty round which will not be 15/25 seconds as in reality but something less the realism of the face and very similar, the graphics are not very new but it’s more than good is the first game since 2009 with rtl 2009 with neuer on the cover that you could not see one around so great job at the top right you see the temperature r that can vary, info on the snow, and two data that I have not yet understood what they are on the left the time, the laps, the position let’s move on to the shooting session let’s move on to the shooting session on the ground, aaah martin fourcade error 1 round of penalty a lap in reality and 15/25 seconds here much less also depends on the speed that is addressed in the game you lose 7/10/12 seconds to travel the whole tour it’s all in proportion based on the size of the track, I think it begins to snow, be careful that touching or staying near the blue line makes you slow down a lot climb, maximum thrust for martin fourcade now we are at the arrival of the pursuit behind mesotisch sprint to overcome me after the arrival you will see all the info and statistics of the race, beautiful and also stimulating the bar below is very important is your energy when you sprint appears a white that will end very soon .. when you finish the athlete will be in fatigue therefore it slows down and lowers the total energy, that is the blue, the lower the total energy, the more we will struggle in the polygons and the less energy to sprint. for sprinting use space bar this is result and statistics all info to race this is mixed relay e stata scelta anterselva in italy with italian team this fraction and with the girls, the first two, Italy and one of the best female teams at the time look back at how much they are and you can hear the noise of skis in the snow very realistic look at the others with different skis as they go strong downhill, and what I told you! there are 3 reloads in the relays, before the penalty round the refill is inserted when in the video the rifle rises alone towards the sky, and good to avoid the penalty round, but beware that many seconds are lost! now sprint for relay change ok now star new atlete n2 now change gilr with man here we are already at the arrival of the stafetta in the beautiful anterselva stadium p 4 for italy this is a game well done, with ample room for improvement under find all the info to get the game for free, remember that it is in beta and not final I like their pages, subscribe to my channel but above all try the game, test it and above all give a lot of feedback to the developers so you can have a great game write to him for advice, I repeat it for free, the game as a starting point is well done! The last game in 2009 almost ten years ago, this team is bringing new air for biathlon fans! so download it and try it and give all the advice to the development team! NGL BIATHLON I salute you thank you for watching the video, subscribe, put me like and keep following me! and also help develop the game! download the game, and also put me like the facebook page of ngl biathlon where you can find the link in the description

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