“NFL 2018” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL
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“NFL 2018” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

November 16, 2019

**You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button below Yeah, you always SAY you’ll get us a helicopter and you got it zero times What you gonna do? Decorate! Say it again! Decorate! Do what? DECORATE! Hey I can’t be your friend if you wear high tops like that You make an extreme foot change, and we’ll keep the friend thing rolling Tambourine! Tambourine! Tambourine! Hey boo, how’s your day? I’m late for work Why don’t you sit on the couch and paint me? My bike sucks Lost its wheels Hey let me tell you, I own a Ford You ain’t got no Ford, dog You got a Mazda Ngh-guh-guh-guh-ga-ga-ga Hey what is this many? I wanna know! I chewed up a cow’s neck Fresh Ambassador I just pile up my money I got a zamboni and I’ll buy a tank next spring A TANK, man! Hey Sweaty Fred, where’s your cornbread? I got it right there That’s good Hey don’t touch my cornbread! Okay, now just so you know, after this, I plan on grabbing that bread No you’re not! I could see somebody there on the boulder And he was like this, right, and I’m like “Woah! Who’s there?” – “Nobody” Mmm-mmmm! Agh lagh agh gah The name is Baldy McNutt I’ll fix your rims overnight Yo, I’m all beefy Pizzaaaa Yah-ya-yah So Nick, why do you keep falling asleep? I was up playing this video game all night and I haven’t slept much So I have like half of my full brain Boy you made the eggs crack! Pika, pika, pika, pika I don’t feel bad! I don’t feel bad! Hey girls LIKE to jump up on me This girl’s thinking about it Yeah, just like that guy’s mom And this guy’s mom And that guy’s girlfriend Come on up and bite me! Come on! My bone must have cracked, wow My bone fully cracked y’all Oh, I see how every one of you copied me You know, I hate that you have to be a ghost now Because it’s like a talk a bunch to no one It’s just a shame What’s your favorite shape? Not the square, not the square Good old triangle This is owie I hate whispers, but I still say them I told you I could draw a dot Water snake! That’s a water snake! Do you get your fangs sharpened? ‘Cause I wanna hear about where you go to get your fangs sharpened Do you go back to the other hermits? That’s it, isn’t it Young man, why run? Dead… y’all knew that Hey man, be honest… how was your drink? I don’t wanna talk about it man, I can’t believe you’d even do that man Did you finish it? Dang, gross son Anyone got a harpoon? I need a harpoon Just one I’m not your granny But if you like me to use her voice I will continue to do it My old girlfriend is here She made us both eat poison an hour just before she stabbed me I haven’t seen her at all since then. This will be the first time It’s just my nose butter Oooh I tell ya, my guns ache Can you define “valedictory”? Yeah, that’s not a word I mean, I know the whole English language And the nonsense you said is not in it Yo camera guy I hear a crazy sound! Or is that just my own heartbeat? You said that I’d finally get a sticker! I got confidence in my noggin Really, it’s the best Confidence in my noggin Oh this is SO exciting isn’t it? Can’t wait to get home and play the Sims! Gold teeth, i collect gold teeth, so I’ll get a hit on the radio Rink-a-dee dee, Rink-a-dee dee I still wanna take tombstones and drop them off a plane That sounds like a plan Yeah, I know, it’s like a really good plan Can you pretend to sneeze on my microphone? A choo! Didn’t think it would sound like that did you?
Hey, y’all don’t look at that Holy mole! Bock bock bock! I wonder if my head could fit inside that bucket Let’s go find out You ready for some metal?! I realize that when I flirt, I don’t know how to flirt You have adorable eyes and I don’t believe what I see I’m sorry what’s that? You have a normal hat and big boots, I said Oh ok I will get into Rivers’ casa and boop his boop What’s that? I’ll hit him right between the legs I’m flexing! I’m flexing! I’m flexing! I’m flexing! I’m flexing!
nuh-uh…. nuh-uh He’s totally freaking out Ha ya yah, ha ya ya, huh huh huh Hi Y’all! I’m NOT Prince Harry? Someday I’ll be an old man! Hey man I need you to scratch my back Right now? I can’t even reach it Well I’ll turn, and then you can reach it Just for a minute Hey, you are the best Just go ahead and turn You ready? Go ahead I gotta get to my dance-off in the Philippines Aye aye Captain Rainbow Man, I’ll shoot you in the forehead if you call me that again, okay? Got that? Yeah I got some powers ’cause I got bit by a frog It’s not imaginary What new nicknames have you heard people call you on the road? Wippa Zow Or some people call out “Greg!” Or Booty Fabacca Or Coco Bolivia Or Human Stick Observer All of these are not really that great Except for Dolphin the Goldfish I really like fish based names!
This is my horn It won’t blow

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  1. After all the exposed trafficking during superbowl, it takes something away from the genius here when there is even one reference word in the script

  2. "I'm not your granny, but if you like me to use her voice, I'll continue to do it!" ??

    ?*Subscribe to my channel now!*?

  3. "… or, Human Stick Observer." Ahahaha!

    I'd actually watch football if we could hear them speaking all the time and this is the type of whackadoo stuff they said. I like to imagine that this is exactly what they are all saying on the field.

    "I'd like to see if my head could fit in that bucket over there. I'm going to go and see if it does." ?.

    Thank you, BLR. You guys rock! I hope we get some 2019 NFL videos please, thanks.

  4. “Don’t touch my corn bread, I said don’t touch my corn bread! Fine I’ll touch your corn bread later!”

  5. Bad Lip Reading, you guy's should do one on the t.v. show " cops " from the 90's though. That shit would be hilarious. You guy's rock man, love your work. ?

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