Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League – SUBTITLES
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Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – Premier League – SUBTITLES

January 19, 2020

Where did the game go wrong today? We didn’t score. We controlled the whole
game. I know they had three headers at our goal. It has been the story of parts of our
season, there have been so many great moments of our season, but parts of our season where
we control, create but don’t score. If we don’t score enough goals you will never…
a team like Newcastle won’t come out, they are very organised in what they will do and
you are always open to what happened, I suppose. Tough evening for Tammy in front of goal.
Thoughts on his night? That can happen. We can’t always rely on
Tammy, we have to have goals across our front line. If we want to bridge the gap upwards
we can’t just rely on Tammy. He has been fantastic this season. It didn’t quite come
off for him this evening, but that is football. I can’t complain about anything from the
team, really. Of course, we don’t want to give headers away in our box. They are big,
it happens, but apart from that they gave everything to try to win the game. Getting frustrated with the same mistakes
happening? We just want to win games. When you have played
well, you can see it clearly. We have dominated, had the main share of possession in many of
the games. That says something. It is not the vital stat, but it is a strong stat. Today
we had possession around their box and you want to score goals. That is what wins goals. Did your attack lack patience? No. I think we probed, changed the play. They
dropped deep and it is not easy, so you have to move the ball side-to-side quickly. Maybe
at times in the first half that was a bit slow. But in the second half it wasn’t.
When we attacked them there were so many moments that maybe a little bit of quality, final
pass was just short or wasn’t right. Is that something you can address in January
by bringing someone in? We’ll see. I think you can address it on
the training ground with the players. But we can’t practice finishing, we can’t
practice entering the final third more than what we do. When we are on the pitch and in
games we have to be more clinical, the players know that. I am very pleased with the players
we have got. We have a lot of talent in this team, but sticking the ball in the back of
the net is a huge thing and if we want to do it as a club going forward, this season
and next season going forward and we are controlling games as we are, then we have to score goals. Do you feel like you want to play two up front
at all? Sometimes, if the game feels that way. In
that case it would have meant bringing off maybe N’Golo Kante, who was outstanding
all game Jorginho, who is at the base of our midfield and you have to be careful with their
counter-attack. We were creating a lot, but the Michy change was just a change of bringing
a striker on when Tammy wasn’t dropping for him today. We have a game in three days,
can Michy come on and make something happen. Michy is very dangerous around the box and
it was like for like. Do you sympathise for Tammy? His first season
in the Premier League with Chelsea? No, why would I sympathise with him? He is
living the dream. He is playing for Chelsea as number nine. He spent three loans, two
in the Championship and I don’t sympathise at all. I just want him to push on. He has
a great character and great desire. I am delighted with Tammy, I can’t complain one bit. Any early assessment on Reece James injury? No. Sorry, I haven’t no.

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  1. He favours English players and tammy and mount were awful. Odoi just running without any sight as well as willian(too bad). Lampard also put kovacic on the bench, while he has been the best midfielder in this chelsea team. We also missed Pulisic. Over all not impressed with Lampard, he is trying to create England squad.

  2. Chelseas Final third Play is The most childish selfish immature I’ve ever seen . Chelsea need a Diego costa an impulsive explosiv excentric powerhouse who terrorize the opposition and keeping them out of balance . From William I expected more maturity instead he dribbles and smashes the ball to the east stand . Willian doesn’t deserve to be 10 he is not hazard apart from his loyalty he is not an game decider on constant basis.

  3. I feel like Kovacic should be playing a lot. I know Mount has relentless pursuit for perfection but he is still below the par when compared to Kovacic. Hope RLC comes back soon.

  4. lack of creativity, you cant use the raw football of masont mount and barkley to create chances, u need creativity

  5. emerson makes me punch my whole furniture when he plays… worst left back in europe since insua… doesnt move, doesnt defend, doesnt dribble, doesn even move forward with the ball… and he cries when he doesnt play ? alonso miles ahead of him.. Frankie ! realize that ! play alonso , period ! he has his flaws but he can be useful like udner conte or sarri. emerson is useless.. !!
    sing striker ! tammy gone missing today !

    media brings rubbish reports about centre backs we dont need.. we need offensive quaility which sends anyone to bench ! if you can replay the match u can see that mount or james ARE NOT those miracle wonderkids.. they have many flaws .. we need to buy , ASAP !!! frankied dont be lazy and naive like sarri who always says that transfer window is boring ! u should already make one addition or at least sell michy if u dont want him !
    today was horrible football, one of the most boring i rememmber. u always say in press conf that NOW WE NEED CONSISTENCY after winning game and yet here we are again – ZERO CONSISTENCY " win / lose – win / lose… doesnt matter who oppenent team are.. we can lose to bmouth, now to newacstle … rubbish !!! frank pen your eyes and bring better coaching staff ! edwards is just 30 somehing kid who dont understand harsh circumstances.. horrible !!

  6. realize that we are still 4th only thanks to united are more retarded than we are and spurs cant score without kane even tho they got Son Alli are creative mids.

  7. Chelsea with Lampard will win nothing, he is Chempionship level, we need Pochettino, Lampard kill Sarri style of short pass football, now we play long ball on Abraham, fuck this shit of football, Lampard is amateur.

  8. This season is a transitional one. We haven't brought in any new players. The team is heavily reliant on a group of young academy graduates who are playing in the premier league for their first season. Our main defender is coming back from a long absence due to injury. We have to accept as fans that the team is just not good enough yet. We are nowhere the finished product and no purchases have been made in this current transfer market. There will be many more heartbreaks like this one in the future. I am unhappy with the loss and all losses because I am a Chelsea FC fan. I want to see this team and Super Frank succeed. #Chinup #TrustLampard #resultswillcome #KTBFFH #Chelseafc #Luckyblues

  9. If it wasn't for arsenal, United, spurs and Everton doing so poor this season Chelsea wouldn't be top 4 no way near! They would be about 8th

  10. Shit game
    Abraham Shit , Mount Shit, Hudson Shit
    Very poor performance
    There is no effectiveness in playing
    The defense still big Shit from beginning of the season

  11. Oh dear Liam Neeson fails again, kiddies can't score goals when needed. Where are the Costas??? If Man U weren't so terrible, plus Spurs etc we would be 9th…It will get worse.

  12. He’s delusional. It’s not just we didn’t score. We didn’t create enough clear cut chances to even get close to scoring. And that’s just a lack of creativity which he doesn’t want to admit because that exposes his son mount and barkely😪

  13. Lampard go and buy players precisely striker and leave this boy Abraham, that boy is never in any way qualify to be a Chelsea striker no matter how many goals he scored

  14. Let me tell lampard one thing he don't know, Abraham has no experience or the strength to break through the defence of the opponent more especially when the opponent plays defensive game, please use michy at due time put away those England racism because you want to promote England players, but I am very sure that you must face the exit door soon if you continue with nonsense

  15. I don't blame anyone. We played well but were not lucky. When the whole team is defending that's what can happen. You cannot penetrate them, and the goal that came was unavoidable, with no time left to fight back. They were lucky and we were not.

  16. We dominate possession but we’re not creative,we don’t open teams,we don’t penetrate,if you understand what i mean.The coach and the team are not doing enough.The story has been the same since the start of the season,play well and win sometimes against the big teams and the. loose tomorrow against lower opposition.Mr Lampard,that’s not the Chelsea way.

  17. Lampard is “possibly” in danger of loving the kids too much. Be in no doubt, too much love for the wrong people will get you sacked. The balance is wrong. Frank knows it’s wrong, he’s not stupid, but he has allowed the youth too much rope and he’s starting to pay the price.
    That said, today was a freak defeat. Chelsea dominated from start to finish, but our forwards do not score enough goals. They are not good enough – at this time.

  18. We need a new goalkeeper, plus an experienced center back with rudiger , and plz play pulisic he and William can create and if the starting 11 cant win the match then plz make relevant substitution and not just play Ross today it should have been pulisic instead and we need new players and we need consistency winning games …..

  19. keppa is not good when high balls are coming to the 18 box, he never comes out to help the defenders with arial balls, even in the 6yard that means when you go up with a keeper and there is any contact is a foul for the goalie, keppa will still not move , this ball was nodded in the 6yard box that is number 1 chelsea problem watch the Burnly game too and the second problem is we need a center forward 9., and when the opposition loses the ball in our half we do not take advantage to heart them but we keep the ball like we are ok with score line . Lampard must wake up.

  20. Frank I Am disappointed. Buy a striker. I can't believe you didn't put a bid for Haaland. 30mil so cheap…You could have just doubled his fee. What does the guy do..score a hatrick on his debut …Chelsea are their own downfall.

  21. The annoying this is, the weakness of us now is so easy to see. Opposition game plan is to sit back, either find a counter attacking moment or tire out Chelsea out and in the last 10-15 win a free kick or something and try and get a goal

  22. Sack him! There is no point
    controlling the game but not winning. Kovacic should be playing but he choose to play all the overrated young players! Chelsea under Lampard will never win anything. Tammy, Odoi, Mount is not up to Chelsea standard! Only reece is good!

  23. “We can’t complain, really” he says.” Honeymoon over. Yes, we can complain, Frank. If you are not complaining then you’re the wrong man for the job.

  24. We lacked the dribbling today. We had tons of balls going out wide but only being able to cross in vs 3 tall centre backs with only Tammy upfront just isn't going to go well. Kovacic would have been good today, his great ball control can help to dribble past a player or two which is something we lacked today. Vs 5 at the back we need someone technical, little 1-2s, turns, and nutmegs can make the difference and mount brings energy and tenacity but not what we needed today. Kovacic and Pulisic are the best we have in that regard. I think it's a bad team selection.

  25. Lampard is just not good enough to manage Chelsea at the moment. He needs to go out and get more experience and come back. He's also not doing himself any good by favoring English players over top players like Kovacic and Pulisic. Besides, his total trust in the youth will only see him walk out of the door. No top club in European football is relying so much on academy graduates. It's the most dangerous thing to do.

  26. Loved him as a player but I don’t like him as our manager too naive doesn’t have the kudos of a top manager and you earn that. Would a world class player come to Chelsea to play under frank. Think about it

  27. Abraham to me is simply not good enough to be number one at the moment, he has too much support and credit from Lampard, but the guy is not sharp, lacking composure, and terrible finishing. Frank keeps on denying it, and it will cost team points. i don't blame defence, as to be under pressure right in the end because you attack is hopeless is not easy. Mount should have been taken off after 10 minutes

  28. The ball is
    distributed always by jorginho why all players can do this thing on there place it decrease more predicted and the ball is become more speed up .we are very poor in atacking third

  29. My thoughts, Mount isn't ready to play against premiere league opposition week in week out . Barkley made a huge difference when coming on. When Ruben is fit I don't see any space for mount in this squad. A premiere league loan next season will do him good . I don't blame Frank for this loss. We dominated and like he says you can't coach a player to put the ball in the back of the net. Newcastle defended with their lives. There's no easy game's in the premiere league. Everyone is dropping points. I don't mind losing a game like that. We played with urgency and were unlucky. We definitely need more quality in the squad. I'm hoping jadon and werner join in the summer. Hazard would have been the difference yesterday. That's why we need to go all out for Sancho.. Up the blues

  30. Lamps you are sadly deluded. The sad fact is that these clowns are simply not good enough and how we re still 4 th is beyond me… This is a mid table team going nowhere fast!

  31. Frank talks a good game ,but that performance was pitiful ,Chelsea fans won't but up with this shit ,Legend or no legend

  32. Lamps is slowly becoming ole if he doesn't go fuming at the slow windshield wiper performance that was. If he thinks we just couldn't score I'm getting scared. As younes asks, what do we even do in training if we don't have noticeable solutions for teams sitting deep with a low block on Gw23? It's getting scary for Chelsea. We need isco coz clearly mount isn't as creative as he thinks he is

  33. Jack Grealish would look really good in a Chelsey Jersey Frank. Would love to see next years club sporting Grealish, Werner, and Chilwell to supplement the existing team. Right now they're good but not great. They're good but need some big adds to be great

  34. Hey Lampard! Screw with your passed great stories! You are inconsistent. You are the legend for Chelsea FC but you are not enough as a coach for the Chelsea FC. Go manage the lower team in the reserve league & don't forget to bring along your overrated english youg players.

  35. Frank if you are looking at this take note
    Chelsea will continue to play ineffective walking football as long as you keep playing Jorginho
    Watching Chelsea is like having a tooth extracted without anesthesia
    For Fxxks sake you need to liven up.
    Stop making fxxking excuses
    Put Kov in that role he has acceleration can beat a player 1v1 and carry the ball forward and make an effective pass make a forward run .
    Viera used to do it . You played with Essien what the fxxk you doing with Jorginho he is not suitable for Premier league a Donkey.
    You must be fxxking blind if you cant see it change the record for fxxks sake man

  36. For me the ability to unlock tight defences from a killer midfielder is the issue. Jorghino is no Fabrecas. When he plays it sideways he keeps the ball but his first time forward passes are 90% ineffective. We need an Eriksen, Modric type player who can create and unlock defences when they are tight. The other key issue is the lack of a worldly left back who can match Recce James on the right. Azpi is a legend but Frank please please when defences sit in a 5,4 block understand the key is to threaten down both flanks not just one. Liverpool score so many goals because they have two world class full backs. Go and get Alaba from Bayern and possibly play Azpi against the top three sides when we need to defend.

  37. in games like this chelsea is lacking a player with that extra hazard to cause defenders to commit those mistakes..

  38. My day is ruined, weekend is ruined, cheers son is crying now.

    I don’t eat for 2 days when we lose, why keep doing this to me ??
    Moody all day and it’s affecting my marriage, wife wants a divorce threatening to take my home.

    Sign new players, look at Liverpool and Manchester City, the spend real money that’s why they’ve achieved so much lately.
    We need quality players, what is really going on in our club ?? I remember when we had John Terry, Anelka, Drogba these are the type of people who can win games and trophies.

    Lampard, if you read this comment i want you to change your tactics and also buy quality players or you will lose your job.

    Look at what is happening to Manchester United, they’ve fallen from grace, they need new owners, new coach and spend money like Liverpool and Manchester city if they ever want to be great again.
    I hate old owners, they still live in the past, they still think you can buy players for $39 million that’s why they don’t spend $130 million on quality players.

    How much did Real Madrid pay for Hazard ??

    We can buy a world class player but we settled for Pulisic because he’s cheaper.

    Look at Barcelona, they spend real money on top world class players, They bought Umtiti, Dembele, Ter se gen, they buy new players every month, if you don’t perform very well they will sell you immediately, you can ask Malcolm, they don’t play.

    Why can’t Chelsea be like that ??
    We buy tickets and merchandise, the owner pockets all the money and won’t buy players.

    This club is being ran to the ground.

    I’m really sad, you’re putting millions of your fans to depression.


  39. Spare us all of that Lamps with due respect can't tell us you still do not know what your team is lacking ( a decent play maker that will lower the pressure of balls going to the center midfield and defence all the time, you need a creativity upfront a player of thesame caniber as E. HAZARD and my opinion is also coming with a piece of warning loose those guys in the midfield and the defence, just get a decent playmaker and be rest assured thanks have lovely day

  40. Don't blame it on the midfielders and the defenders that's what i meant and don't loose any them as well cos they are some of the best around the world of football

  41. Tammy needs to do more, hes got pace, hes 6'5, he doesnt use his size at all, he lacks movement, hes like bambi on ice sometimes, when we cross it (rarely) it has to be pinpoint bc he has no movement. Mount was awful and needs to have a rest. Barkley to take his spot for the next game. We need a natural left back and move dave into centre back like he played under conte. Odoi is one of the youngest yes but he was just as bad as mount. Im sorry but were slowly becoming what we was with hazard but now we rely on willian to make something happen. Im fed up of beating good teams and losing to shite, not used to it. We have all been spoiled with trophies over the past 20 years so now we have to be patient and loyal to the legend that is frank.

  42. Lampard will be sacked in no time…he thinks he's got time and patience from RA he seems to be clueless with his tactics! Why the hell can't you remove a winger and put in a striker if really you need goals???

  43. If you want to win you have to play with a clean sheet!
    Therefore my second favourite club Newcastle did it World Class-one corner one goal three points!!!

    Chelsea is a team without a Lampard Terry Drogba Essien Ballack personality on the pitch!!!

    Talented players but not more!!!

    It is like in Barcelona-without Messi 60% quality!!!
    In Chelsea without Hazard 50% quality!!!

    Congratulations to Newcastle-this club with this stadium and these supporters has to play CL!!!

  44. We struggle breaking down teams that sit back and defend. In my opinion we get too narrow which makes it easier to defend.
    Wingers should be down the touchlines to draw defenders out more, and better movement from central midfielders to create space.
    At the end of the day we are still 4th in the league, Man u should lose tomorrow so we will maintain the gap and hopefully things improve from here.

  45. What baffles me is why Ole gets so much criticism with a much younger team where as Frank does not..Not saying he should ..But they should clearly see that

  46. He is allowing some of these players way too much room to improve, but it's very clear most of them are not good enough for Chelsea,We need proper quality players to add to the squad.. keep some of the youths around substitute here and there.. but we need to move on now,F all the talks and sign up some players and get rid of the real average ones

  47. Just now watched liverpool against man u… Though Iam a Chelsea fan here But I just love how swift football liverpool plays…they are a joy to watch…sorry frank we ain't that good enough for top four… I won't be surprised if we failed to finished in top four…. Sign some senior consistent players …tired of this overrated kids. Since last season Chelsea isn't been the Chelsea we use to know. Really disappointed. Only Willian proved me wrong the rest (youths) just useless… Happy for James on fire 😍

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