New Version! Cool Way to Play This Game! Please Learn This Trick! DK-BuQiuRen Game For Peace:
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New Version! Cool Way to Play This Game! Please Learn This Trick! DK-BuQiuRen Game For Peace:

November 5, 2019

let me introduce it for you guys there is a signal circle signal zone, when you are outside the signal zone your signal point will get lower and lower you will die if it becomes zero the lower it gets the more damage you take you will become weaker and you take more damage and then there are signal battery and med kit med kit…like the one we… it can restore your HP and signal point not need to introduce it anymore? there are places outside the map the map becomes bigger let’s go look at my hawk beak outfit, what do you think? my hawk outfit [singing] [singing] [singing] [thanks chat] guys, share the stream green helmet feels like…i adjust the graphic to HD extreme…better there is a guy handsome? handsome? do you see that? blue light, it looks great future feeling it becomes ‘eliminated’ so this game… it has the mechanism of elimination unlike the traditional game, things like blood and death…it doesn’t have those so this game, it protects teenager and kid everyone can let their kids to play this game without worry violence, no such thing game for peace today, have you ‘game for peace’? these data are annoying lagging? then i will end my stream lagging? DongJi says that i’m lagging seems right…why? am i lagging? if it is true, i will end my stream feels like the recoil control is easier AKM easy recoil control, even with a scope equipped stable what is this? feels like my iron sight ads sensitivity is too high lagging…yup, it is the character is moving slowly problem of the screen mirroring very slow can we change the way of screen mirroring? change it to… i wish it can be longer, this cable is too short not even 2 meters all right USB wait a moment wait a moment cut the connection first USB connection how to do it? USB connection…how to connect it? wait a moment i can’t connect the USB i change the another one forget about it, in this case, i better use WiFi connection can’t set it up can’t set it up i haven’t die, i hope i won’t die something’s wrong with the screen let me see i never use android screen mirroring before, sorry guys i don’t know how to use it okay? i’m sorry all right, it’s good now let me show you, you can choose this the shot effect i choose this girl can choose this it’s…sick strategic spark in my opinion, this is the best this is default you guys can play this game soon mainly…i get the chance to show you guys make you guys understand this game better lagging…sorry it is because of the screen mirroring it is because of the screen mirroring [singing] my signal is bad why is it so bad? my WiFi connection is bad…there is a problem with my home WiFi few hundreds of ping, do you see that? so screen mirroring is lagging, i’m sorry [singing] the WiFi connection is okay now, no more lagging because i’m not using an iphone to play this game so for the screen mirroring, it is not that clear guys, please be patience if it is very blurry i don’t want to affect your watching experience, i will no.4 no.4, come here and save me no.4 [singing] [singing] [singing] i can’t die, not now, dude thanks do you see that? the red region, that’s signal zone we are in the signal zone if you are outside you know it, you have to restore your signal point if you don’t, it will getting lower and then you will die you will be eliminated what are you laughing at? SCAR pick me up we…let’s get to the safe zone where is my bike? let’s go hawk beak BuQiuRen [singing] [singing] i find that do you know that… the detail of the backpack is…it’s very… my graphic setting is only ‘smooth’, if i switch it to… HDR High Defintion the detail is good, they did a great job to be honest okay if i use this setting… i can’t use the ‘extreme’ fps…i want to use it let’s go wait a moment, they said it’s available for update for IOS device let me see i hear footstep do you see that? the green light, is it nice? change another one blue color feels like fighting, that kind of effect i prefer the blue color, i think future feeling there are many choices this game has many options…many fancy things wait a moment i want to know where i can download it i don’t know why i can’t download it let me see i’m updating very nice wait you guys if you don’t know how to update this game, refresh it the apple… the update…pull it down [thanks chat] my account is… they are coming there is a guy outside look at that…that effect is nice right? that’s signal region, looking good it tells you not to get outside let me show you if you do it let me show you you are top 5, do you want to compete to become the top 1? that means if we want to win the first place, press ‘yes’ it won’t affect your play if you are top 5 you win this game…consider as you win this blue color is great blue color is the best, i think… technology aura aura is better i think it won’t affect your sight [Trying Hard to Pronoun a Word] yes, you are right…screenshot [Trying Hard to Pronoun a Word] don’t bother about this little thing [thanks chat] feel it do you see that? when you… your HP won’t drop but your signal point will drop, do you see that? on the left side of the signal point, there is a word ‘normal’ what does it mean? the damage taken is normal, 100% of damage one shot, 100 but if your signal point is dropped to an unusual level it will increase 110, 120, 130 restoring the signal point that means it’s now easier for us to survive the signal zone you can survive the signal zone, this region got it? you can survive here i don’t how many point it can restore let’s try full…seems like it restores completely if you have 3 of it you can survive the signal zone, you can get to the safe zone whenever you want it’s fine if you can’t fight survive the signal zone as long as i have the signal battery, i’m not afraid oh it’s painful damn it’s painful it’s painful as long as your signal point… it restores two points you won’t die before your signal point drops to zero you won’t be eliminated i can’t die, no way is there any car here? countdown? players outside the signal zone will be eliminated what??? damn bro, can you save me? damn, i can’t be saved bro, leave me alone, i will die soon can’t die we got the first place champion front man, king of battleground, carrying brother is it nice?

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