NEW T-REX in Dinosaur Park! Hunt For Giant Life Size Dinosaurs for Kids in Family Adventure! Kids
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NEW T-REX in Dinosaur Park! Hunt For Giant Life Size Dinosaurs for Kids in Family Adventure! Kids

February 4, 2020

(upbeat music) – [Man]
All right, here we go. Last one in the Dino park. Let’s get this whole
Dino cam finished off. (grunting)
Here we go, that’s good. That should work right there. I’ll be able to monitor the
dinosaurs from anywhere. (exclaiming) (dinosaur groaning) Tiny, what are you doing there, man? You nearly scared me out of this tree! I almost fell off this ladder here, Tiny! That would have been bad. Okay, wow. You’ve really gotten tall, Tiny! Coming way up here, you’re
getting pretty big. (chuckles) I think we may need a bigger park, for dinosaurs like you, huh? Wait a minute. Were you gonna eat this tree, Tiny? You can’t eat this tree, man. It’s the middle of January, there’s no leaves on this
tree here, okay, Tiny? You gotta go over here
and get the Dino food that Park Ranger OB left
for you yesterday, okay? – Man, I wonder where
Park Ranger Aaron went. Where did he go? Is that him over there? – Oh, speaking of Park
Ranger OB, here he is now, I’m gonna go talk to
him about this Dino cam. – Whoa, Park Ranger Aaron,
what’s with the ladder? – Oh, hey, Park Ranger
OB, I was up the ladder because I was putting in the last of the Dino cameras, huh? – Oh yeah! – The system’s all ready to go now. We’ll be able to monitor the dinosaurs from any place in the park. – It’ll be really awesome. – Oh yeah. Okay, so where is it? – Oh yeah, the monitor, the
little portable monitor. It’s back at Dino HQ, you
wanna go check it out? – Yeah, let’s go!
– Okay, let’s go, dude! (upbeat music) – Let’s go. – Ooh, it’s getting late, we better– – Look! – What, what, what? (gasping)
– Look! It looks like claw marks. – Yeah! – Baby dinosaur claw marks. What do you think it’s
from, what did it, huh? – Fresh T-Rex claw marks. – Ah, it can’t be T-Rex,
because T-Bone’s way out there in his paddock, so it
can’t be from T-Bone. It’s gotta be from something
else, I don’t know. – Maybe it’s from the mommy T-Rex! – The mysterious mommy T-Rex! – Yeah! – That we’ve never seen before. – We gotta track her! – You’re right, we gotta track her! Track her, track her! I know! We use one of the tracking sleepy darts! – Oh yeah! – Come on, let’s go inside and get one! We’ll go track down mommy T-Rex. Okay, let’s gear up, man. Get ready to go track that T-Rex. (suspense music) – Aha! – Here we go. – Yeah! Yeah! hahaha – You ready? – Yeah! – Let’s go find mommy T-Rex! – Born ready! – Let’s get in the dinonator. – Okay! – Go find this mommy T-Rex. – Yeah!
– Yeah, get the jacket there. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Got my jacket, what? – It could be more dangerous than T-Bone! – Oh, yeah, I guess it could
be a really dangerous T-Rex. Uh, okay, well, we need to be able to hide from it while we’re out there. In the dinonator, that’s
gonna be kinda hard. – Camouflage! – What? Oh yeah, camouflage, that’s a good idea! Throw!
– Throw! Uh. – Uh, yeah, we almost got there. There we go! Alright. Hey, that’s pretty cool, man! That’ll hide the Dinonator perfectly! – Yeah, but we need to get
all camouflaged up too! – Oh yeah, I’m looking
a little green here. You have any more camouflage. – Yeah! – Oh, well, that blue
towel’s not gonna work. – Huh? Oh yeah, it’s not blue outside. – Cover yourself up there, okay? Won’t you use some of these clothes pins? – I need one too. – There we go! – Yeah!
– You ready? – Yeah!
– Okay, let’s go find mommy T-Rex!
– Let’s go! – Here, take your sleepy dart
blaster, don’t forget that. – Oh yeah. Don’t forget your seatbelt. Let’s go, man! – Let’s go!
– Alright, here we go! (whooping excitedly) Okay, keep an eye out for her, okay? – Okay. (suspense music) I’m looking. – See anything now? – Hmm, no. – Well, which way do
you think we should go? – Um, that way? – That way?
– Yeah. – Okay, we’ll go that way then. Keep an eye out for her. – Okay.
– She’s out there somewhere. – Wait!
– What, what, what, what? What is it, what is it? – Nah, must just have been
an armadillo or something. – Keep your eyes peeled! – Okay, peel them! – Peel your eyes. Uh, oh, now we’re coming up to
a dead end in the trail. The trail doesn’t go any further, I can’t take the dinonator, Okay? (grunting) Okay, we’re gonna have to get out going foot, okay? Let’s go dude! – This way!
– Let’s go! (suspenseful music) (Dinosaur roaring) – Huh? What was that? – What? – I heard something. It sounded like a roar didn’t it? – Yeah, oh – Hey, – What’s that?
– There’s tree man. – It’s like somethings been eating it huh, – Yeah! – Oh, what’s that? – Yeah, what is that? Oh, – Whoah!
– whoa! – Look at the size of that tooth? – Yeah! – That’s definitely a
T-Rex tooth isn’t it? – Yeah, – I think it’s from the mommy T-Rex. – Yeah, it has to be. – I think the mommy T-Rex
must to go on this way, – Okay, – Or she could go on that way, – No she has to go that way! – No, I’ll tell you what, let’s divide up, you go that way, I’ll go this way we’ll see
if we’ll find her first, okay – Okay. – Just keep a close eye
on you, I’ll be back, so don’t you think sneak up on me. (suspenseful music) – I’m here mommy T-Rex, where are you mommy? Ooh, I better have my sleepy
dark blaster ready to go here. Ooh, might she went this way. (suspenseful music) – Walk big steps, okay ooh this is a pretty good clearing here. – Yes, it’s on your trail (chuckles) he thought he could turn the
baby T-Rex loose on us huh? (laughs) not the park rangers. (mumbles) I think this is the place! She’s right over there, okay, mommy T-Rex, are you ready for this? Okay, I got my sleepy dark
tracker ready for you. – T-Rex, where are you? T- Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex, – Ready mommy T-Rex? On a count of three, one, two, three! Oh, man (disappointed) She’s not here! – Ooh T-Rex ate this one down to a knob. Oh man, I know she’s close. (suspenseful music) I better start looking for clues, clues, clues, clues – Man, camouflage isn’t
helping any, take that off. – Clues here? No, (dinosaur growling) T-Rex! (screaming) (dinosaur growls stronger) (suspenseful music) – Huh! What is that? Park rangeR OB, I think
he found mommy T-Rex! It sounded like a big T-Rex roar! Come in Park Ranger OB. (static sound) Park Ranger OB are you there? (static sound) (dinosaur roaring) oh, that’s another roar! Oh, wait, I almost forgot, the Dino cam monitor! And… I think he did find her! Uh Oh, this doesn’t look good, I’ll go get him? He must be in that way, I’ll come get this later, I’m coming for you Park Ranger OB, hang on! (suspenseful music continues) I’ll be right there. OB, where are you? Huh, oh he’s that way, okay, I’m coming dude! We’ll get Ranger OB, here I come, here I come, (panting) I’m sure this is where he was, because the camera is right there. I see this rock here, hey this rock has two shoes on it. It must be why all Park Rangers beast
toys are always walking off everything right here got a foot on it. Okay, I know where he is, huh, (grunting) (laughing)
(grunting) – T-Rex! – T-Rex!
– Park Ranger OB, the T-Rex is gone, man! Why are you running on man, T-Rex is.. – T-Rex! – Park Ranger OB, T-Rex is, gone. Okay, I guess I’ll have to find
the mommy on my own then. Okay, I’m sure, mommy T-Rex is this way. I hope Park Ranger OB made
it back to Dino HQ all right, come on, T-Rex, you’re out somewhere I know it! (roaring sound) what’s that? Sounds like a roar. Now up the road. Come here T-Rex! (panting) Oh man, (panting) I don’t see this mommy T-Rex anywhere, I think we lost her. (T-Rex growling) huh! It’s the mommy T-Rex! I gotta get outta here! (T-Rex growling and roaring) (suspenseful music) huh, here, the blaster! Oh, we got her! This will work, I’ll hide behind T-Rex rock. (laughing) there she goes, so long T-Rex, mommy, I got you tagged now, we can track you right here, on the Dino tracker. We’ll see if it works, here, here we go. Oh yeah! There she is! (laughing) And she’s moving away on the tracker! Awesome it worked! All right, mommy T-Rex, we’re gonna know when you’re coming now. Gotta go back to Park
Ranger OB at Dino HQ, okay, see ya! (laughing) – Hey Park Rangers, if
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and give us a big thumbs up. (suspenseful music)

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