[NEW] Steam Achievements Manager | Updated | 2019 | All Games Working
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[NEW] Steam Achievements Manager | Updated | 2019 | All Games Working

November 6, 2019

Extract the files in folder. Run “Steam Achievement Manager”. Select the game, and Double-Click it. Select which achievement you want to get, and press “Commit Changes”.

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  1. To anyone considering doing this: its not a virus you dont even need admin rights to run it and it works just like shown in the video.

  2. thanks a lot! i used this for genital jousting cause i used this ingame cheat that reset all my achievements and i used this to get the ones i had back !

  3. 25. September 2019 I can confirm this works and its not a virus nor will it get you banned if you use this (just dont start a game with this programm open)

  4. Took me two tries to get it to work. For Fallout 4 I had to lock all achievements and then click the reset all (little bomb icon) and to my surprise it worked. Will update if it reverts! ๐Ÿ™‚

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