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August 12, 2019

And I guys I have you’re a specialty glass I Have here the tegus of the meta breaker as you can see As we are gonna break the meta today, we’re gonna get to get ourselves an iced tea out of the meta Breakers here in this tree Like this people are liking murlocs, huh? How many packs that you buy ties to hundreds we might need to buy some more but I don’t want to buy fix I just want to play Nice hair ties. Thank you Yeah, I went a little not like this That was a little not like this one with early in the stream that influenced my hair a little bit My hair changes during today Like this That’s that sucks a little oh then it gets super dark we need to do it like this – I’ve got 96 packs and seven legs. Good job strong grass How many let your nerves that you’ve got guys 30 packs for light in there is not bad I Hope you all got the lucky aspects possible guys I Want you to have the luckiest pecs possible How much did you have handy 183 nine that’s pretty decent I Got pretty lucky I had 190 pecs twelve legendaries two golden Legendary’s Hmm what here we can go we can sacrifice the egg New lucky guys, how do you guys feel about this new lucky good or bad? 1:40 Paxton Legendary’s for golden are you kidding me? That is insane All right, let’s get our t-shirts I Don’t want to kill this think I want to do this oversee Giants New wallet card, Oz Ties you’re such a happy guy and that makes me happy, do you know what makes me very happy you You guys make me very happy Every morning I wake up and I’m like, yes, I’m gonna see so many awesome people again today, and that makes me happy Do you guys make me happy I’m like, yay gonna spend my day with awesome people all day You have to kill the minion with taunt first, sir It’s a pretty good one because suddenly he needs to remove this and it buffs other minions Is it just playing your standard Irish shaman, I think so I think actually this kind of a zoo that can be very or lucky law can be very good against it it probably is one of the decks it can really be the Irish town on fire a Face face face Don’t be silly drop the silly double Earth’s are gone I Mean we can die to rock by the rock by or lava births. It’s super unlikely, but Who knows? You never know, right? Sighs a stack pecan Takano Milligan. Yes. I think it’s one of the weaker cards in his deck. Actually you always know looking at Chet’s you’re awesome. I’m also gonna get a cookie. I shall eat I have otherwise It’s like I just you I got a new toy here guys and I just want to play Feel like when like a kids when you just get your new toy and mummy and your mother is like Hey, I know you’re enjoying your time and make sure to eat but I’m like mom, just let me play a little more Just a little more Hmm Guys, what do you think of a see Jen with rush? This works, right? Here’s one man, uh guys, I think it gets rushed now He maybe be nice to rock find her into rough biter and look to lava burst or something You know, I feel the spirit I call ins, I feel only do it with plague of flames Maybe I shall have playful flames their oversee Giants I didn’t have six damage to get through the towns rise. I call it Gale see Jane there I Think you never keep this it’s pretty good, but you never really keep it There’s a pretty okay opener Especially against priests, right All guys what we can do is we can go back We can connect into act in to kill the X and kill your opponent minion Wha excellent opener if you get what I mean? Well Freaks donated $10. Stay awesome. Oh That’s Sharma next. I will definitely also try question well Stu think you read them on the seat check them if we didn’t try you I Want to try out all the decks, there’s so much. I still wanna try Dress shaman Let’s build the best question Easy oh My god that animation is awesome. I love that animation. Damn No, yes, it’s the dream. Oh no The dream guys TM He’s he stole the dead guys that we had Bombed warrior bomb warrior pork quote if Chet pepper guy you Um, you might actually deserve a timeout with that comment If anyone guys please boom board today on letter you are super mean that is not cool, okay Not cool at all We need to kill that oh, look at this though, we do this we get the lucky we play the lucky And then we kill the lucky We need more space right does this work ice you destroy two then some in a five five, right so It’s gone and there we go Hey, this card is so busted Well, it’s just for design guys to redeem ni a taint, man look what I did I transformed from team ni 8 8 Times want to try an expansion for myself any deck suggestions There are so many decks to try the expansion has a very high power level. So love this file. Alright, three minutes seven sevens Sure, we kill one All right, enjoy your tea time as well chats I Like it Don’t ever lengthy It’s actually kind of weak Do it right or face I’m one off You don’t really want to play inner fire there But maybe just add it to defense maybe a tool with I don’t like tipping because you certainly die to divine spirit inner fire So I’m like, let’s just stay at 30 I must consider Holy ripple quest completed There come he knows the dead guys I told you I told you he knows To do dude Does that feel super up for you guys Fellow us Any fellow humans in the stream Greetings fellow humans How do we make this leave for we don’t really make a sleep all right destroy It’s a kind of strange way of doing it, but I think it’s correct We need to abuse the rush Yeah, we had like a decent booth was like 33% to win there the way we did it Not that likely maybe that We end This car is also so good guys because every time you tap you just summon a trader up It’s like a positive effect on your hero power. It’s already the one of the best here our powers It’s like feel so very good Alright deck is also updated. I keep updating the decks guys All the decks have been going to the Inger if you want to play them You have like so many Paulo places is that guys This is an excellent opener guys if you get what I mean Make me doing like this don’t think it treetops. Is that great. It’s good If you get the disease filter, what do you guys think of this three men of four or five? Coin there we go What AG do you agree Morelli here is the question ah Chad don’t over over spam Let’s see if he knows Ok, let me show you an Opie opener guys you play this on three? Whenever this attacks deal three damage to your hero and you feel that it’s a negative thing, right? And you’re right, but you’re wrong Because if you do that and you hit for three and you combine it with the deceased built You’re out your hero takes damage on your turns from the random three drop we make from this negative effect a positive effect So now by curving three into four I’m doing this bomb and Summon another tree drop and this is a keep going mechanic guys. This is not something we do once now that we also pay the mana it’s Free we can just do it at the start of the turn now. It’s free Free like twitch crime I Mean we still tap actually right just to get a car Well into a better order cold I There’s a soapy guys always do his back I play silly Keep tapping last huh? All the damage that I did to myself all damage done guys as damage that I dealt to myself I’ve only don’t self-harm He didn’t do a single damage. Oh, no, the Starfall comes down here What if He needs to like that kind of leaves two minions up I Know I don’t take it the wrong way guys. I Mean you have to attack here. Can we win? Let’s see what it is gonna be we can also go with the egg now and then just stop like of claims it How do we win That’s how we win Ez game ez game ez life easy NEW LACKEYLOCK DECK 2019 | SAVIORS OF ULDUM | HEARTHSTONE

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