NEW How To Play PS2 Games On Android (Step By Step) Playstation 2 Emulator On Android 2017!
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NEW How To Play PS2 Games On Android (Step By Step) Playstation 2 Emulator On Android 2017!

September 15, 2019

what’s up youtube techsnix here & in this video i’ll be showing you how to download and play ps2 games onto your android device so guys before getting started i want to tell you that the game will lag a lot & it may even crash so now let’s get started so first of all, make sure that unknown sources are checked in the settings for this go to settings from here go to security and from here make sure that this is checked click on ok & once it is checked then open your browser and from here go to this website so once you are here then tap on ” weekly build repository” from here from here download the play.apk just tap on play apk now tap on just once and now your download should start now tap on ok and wait for the download to complete so once the download is completed then just tap on it. now tap on install once the app is installed* then tap on done and to download the game go to and from here search for ps2 iso now tap on the first link so once you are here then you can download any of the ps2 game so let’s say if you want to download “wwe smack down here comes the pain” then tap on “W” from here scroll down and search for wwe smack down here comes the pain so as you can see the game nwo just tap on it and from here again scroll down now click on “Download WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain” so once you are here then scroll down and from here tap on “Download WWE SmackDown Here Comes the pain” once you tap on it then your download should start i have already downloaded* the games so i won’t be downloading it again so once the download is completed then you have to extract the .iso from .7z file. and once you’ve extracted the iso file then.. just copy the .iso file to the play folder let me show you.. just copy the iso file to the play folder.. just drag it on play data files.. hit ok and once the file is transferred then open the play app so as you can see that it shows the file to play the game just tap on it so once you are here then wait for the game to start it may take a while so guys keep this in mind that the game will lag a lot.. so now as you can see that the game has started so guys after this it doesn’t load further so i’ll be stopping here only. so yaa.. guys that’s it! Thanks for watching .. i hope this video helped you! and if this did then don’t forget to press the thumbs up button below & subscribe to my channel 😀 THANK YOU!

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  1. I recently downloaded Sniper Elite, done anything right, even downloading Ps2 Bios, but nothing happened when i want to play it.. Maybe that emulator is not compatible to any Android phones below 8.0 or something..
    So i just deleted it all and change to ePSXe (Ps1) and it runs smoothly like the original PS1..

  2. Didnt work first i downloaded Zarchiver app and i extract the file then i enter the play! App i open the game mortal kombat deception first i saw the loading … then its just black screen ??help (i use Galaxy J5 prime 6.0.1)

  3. it not black screen guys!!! because it very slow…… when i open my dbz game….. i take 1 hour to watch opening…..

  4. Smh it didn't work for me man I copied the game file to play data files and after the transfer was finish and I went into the play app the game. Didn't showed up there.smh

  5. I have an android version of 7.0 and im trying to run neopets: the darkest faerie but it when i click on the game, it has a black screen, then it says there was an error, think you can help me?

  6. Hey bro if u r giving ps games then don't make videos because it don't work on android it lags too much so people hate u b careful what u r giving to people watch this link once

  7. Dude I saw how you extract rar files and I tried that method on Persona 3 FES.It works but I can't extract the file because I run out of space.If I download parallel space and move the file play data files there will it work?My sd card isn't big enough in capacity either.

  8. If Joel has taught me anything in any of his windows destruction videos, it's that ppl on YouTube should never be trusted when 2017 is in the title

  9. Bhai us wabsite me to ek bar download ka option aata ha but uske badd nhi aata Bro mai kaise download kru game's,,,?

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