NEW GRANNY UPDATE ( New Pet , Car Escape) – Granny Horror Game (Free android Game)
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NEW GRANNY UPDATE ( New Pet , Car Escape) – Granny Horror Game (Free android Game)

September 14, 2019

Superb! Superb! (Screams) Dude, I heard that Granny has bought a new pet, so I thought that I should meet her pet. Man, I’m a adventure lover and I am gonna meet her pet today who is a Spider And in this Granny Update There is a new feature that we can escape by many ways without passing through the gate and there’s a new way and we’re gonna watch it too. So, c’mon friends let’s meet Granny, irritate her and tell her pet that Who is BeastBoy. It’s been a long time since I met Granny. First lemme check if there’s something or not. Granny is a miser- she never keeps anything in my room. Hey Granny! Your locks have still not been modified. We got our Cogwheel, get out, A sound occurred and she will come like ‘buggy-buggy’. Hey ‘Open-Sesame’! Granny is coming slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. Hey Who is this? Something was here, I saw it. What was it? SPECIAL KEY! Now we’ll get new I items, my god! Go quietly- Granny’s Teddy Bear resides here. Hey Granny! Come, come ‘buggy’ come. Hey, look look look I have your Teddy bear, hey look, Granny! Poor Granny is angry, throw it here Let’s take our special key, hey granny! go from here. Go or I will beat you with a stick. Hey do you wanna get into the wall? Granny: ‘Do you want to play Hide & Seek?’ No Granny, I don’t have the mood. First you go from here. Let’s take the car key. I don’t know where to use the Special Key At least I know about the Car Key- where it will fit. Open the gate man, what’s here? A piece of meat and Cutting Pliers? By the way, I got the Car Key. So I will go the car first and let’s see. What we get there. But this Car Key doesn’t open the Garage Gate. I wish I could escape that way. That would be fun. Open Sesame! What the hell was it? I got the hammer and what is this? Game: ‘I need Gasoline” I need a Gasoline? Wow! Now Gasoline come in free drums? Came Granny? Don’t come here I am smoking my cigarette. You will just start a riot here. Understood? At least lemme complete my cigarette carefully. Granny: ‘I see you’ Hey Granny saw me having a cigarette. Come here I’ve got two pegs for us. Come and sit, sit, sit. Is Granny gone? Hey Granny, which one Which one would you like? Granny is gone. What’s here? Game: ‘I need a engine part’. Ohho! Game: ‘I need a car battery’. I need a car battery. We have a book too. So, I can escape by car or is there any other route? I just need a car battery and something else. (Granny kills the player) Granny caught me having a smoke. So, never smoke in front of Granny, okay? By the way, we shouldn’t even have cigarettes. I thought Granny would like taking a peg with me, but instead she beat me. Granny, I hate you. (Bottle Falls) Hey come buggy buggy. I’m gonna smash your table and everything. Come quickly. How many times did I tell you that you should knock before you come in? I think the glittering thing is the gasoline. I need tranquilizer for it. (pshhh) There’s nothing here. What’s this I got a lever, oh my god! But there was no lever the last time. I got it this time. They put many new things in this update, right? (Bucket falls) Hey what did I throw? Go, go, go, go, get out, get out, get out, get out. Go, go, go, go, quickly. I didn’t get her spider yet. Who is laughing? Oh, it’s our Granny. But this is the old message. I don’t need it. Wrench! Granny: ‘Do you want to play Hide & Seek?’ Hey Spider Web! Where’s the spider? I wanna show him his capability. Game: ‘A piece of painting’. What is this? A piece of painting? What is it doing here? Hey Granny! Take your piece of painting. Go, go out. Hey you gonna stay here? How should I get out? I should jump from here. Granny is shameless. Shit! I did a lot of sound. She’d come ‘buggy buggy’ like crazy. She’s breaking her own chair. Look, look, look- she’s getting mad. Are you drunk? She’s drunk. She drank too much alcohol. I died, Granny has come. I died, I died, I died, I died No, no, no Granny. Don’t do it. That’s a bad habit. I’m stuck. (Granny kills the Player) (laughter) My hammer and special key both are here, man! (Granny laughs) Granny’s laughing too much. I’ll hammer you, look forward to you. Shit! Sorry Granny! She’s angry with me. (Pillar falls) (Granny kills the player) That’s the Gasoline. It’s above me. I need the weapon key so that I can get the Tranquilizer Gun. But, man! Where are the other things, I can’t get them. Game: ‘I can’t start the engine yet”. Hey, I can start it I can’t start the car yet? Oh yes, I still need the battery. (Granny kills the player) Oh god, I just died. It’s okay, let’s try once again. Okay, so we finally got the Weapon Key, good job. It was important, and that means we got the Tranquilizer If Granny comes, we don’t have a problem. We’ll just shoot her. Hey Granny, I’m no more scared of you. Come, if you want to. Came, Granny, came? SHOOT! (Player shoots Granny with Tranquilizer Gun) Had fun, got stuck? I gave you an injection Game: ‘Granny is now gone for about 2 minutes.’ Gone for two minutes? Good job. I am pleased with you. Don’t come in front of me. I’m praying to you. Hey, hey, hey, hey! I left up everything, hey, hey, hey, Tranquilizer, hey! I got up on Granny’s head, hey! Hey gasoline! My favourite Gasoline! It’s here? Come here- I wanna escape with the car. Is there anything else? Granny: ‘I see you’. But you don’t! Sit quietly, I have the gasoline, I’ll set fire on you. So, Gasoline will be used here. But we need Car Key for it and drama. (Granny laughs) ‘Ehehehehehe’ She’s always laughing like crazy. I got the painting, what should I do with this painting? What is this? Game: ‘Playhouse key’. PLAYHOUSE KEY! Hey Granny I know you will come from here. I’m ready to shoot you. Come, come, come! (Player shoots Granny with Tranquilizer Gun) TAKE! (laughter) (laughter) ‘eheheh’ Granny, go, go, get out from here or I’ll push you. I’ll shoot you again. (Quack) Okay, Granny’s done her job. Game: ‘A part of a shotgun’ A part of a shotgun?! Wait for now, we’ll take it, take it, Teach Granny, hey I got the Winch Handle and where’s Granny? Is there a Watermelon or something? It’s a Cogwheel. We got our first Cogwheel, and let’s fit it quickly. Hey, my Tranquilizer, come here. You’ll kill me. It’s okay I’m feeling a bit safer If Granny There’s another Cogwheel in this Bathroom (yay!) Hope Granny’s not here. If Granny again comes in front of me, once again I’m gonna shoot her and then take the Cogwheel. I’m scared Came, came, Granny has came. (Granny kills the player) Hey, hey, SHOO…… I couldn’t even shoot, but I clicked. No, problem- we have our Tranquilizer there and it’s the second day- we can do it, man. It’s my fault- yes, I clicked (Player shoots Granny with Tranquilizer Gun) SHOOT! (HUH?!) Oh, I got scared. I worried what happened right now. OK, OK, OK, no problem, leave it right here. Quickly, quickly, quickly, take the Cogwheel from here and get out. Granny, you may sleep here I don’t have a problem. When will Granny’s pet spider come? I’m excited to meet him. Let’s see what’s here. Game: ‘Master Key’ Master key. But I need the Master key in the last. Game: ‘Engine part’. Engine Part! I got a part of an engine. (yay!) Granny please come once, I’m gonna shoot her. But where is Granny? Oh, Granny- you came too quickly, I gave you the injection Hey, hey, hey, sleep, sleep, sleep. We got the Engine Part, let’s take it. Let’s get out from here quickly. I just need to press the Shoot and (Player shoots Granny with Tranquilizer Gun) BOOM! Granny’s gone. Hey sleep, Granny. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Get out from here, but don’t disturb me. Why are you falling and dying on the stairs? Get outta my way. What is this? I got the Car Battery! What a thing! So, let’s take it- why waste time? Car Battery has fit here. What to do now? What and where am I missing? Shit! How did Granny come here? Ohhhhhh! What a safe I did! I’m saved! (fake laughter) Where did Granny go? I didn’t care. Did she just enter the Bathroom? We already know where to use the Special Key. There’s nothing to worry about. Fit here quickly. Now what will happen? SECRET WAY! We can go further up?! What a thing! New place! Wow! Superb! Superb! (screams) It’s the Spider here! Man, she’s deadly, right? Granny, a bit, a bit, venom. She’s put it and paused us. But she completely killed us. A part of a Shotgun, heh? I’ve completed my Shotgun. I don’t have a problem. I’m my Tranquilizer can’t do, this Shotgun can do it. Okay, so our Shotgun is ready dude. That’s the thing. We got the ammo. I’m gonna go upwards without showing something, seeing something, while running. And smash the spider. BTW Granny is following me. Granny, don’t disturb me. Go from here. We’re ready to kill the spider. Let’s smash that spider. But how may I kill it? It’s too fast. How will I shoot it? Oh, we got ammo too! HUH!? I need to close it. (Player shoots the spider with Shotgun) (The Spider kills the player) (screams) This spider is more scary than Granny, man! How may I shoot my shotgun quickly? I need to kill this spider once, and my job would be finished. No problem, but I have an issue How may I shoot the spider so quickly? How spider, boy, come here quickly! Why isn’t it coming? (Player shoots the Spider with Shotgun) YES! YES! Now say, now say, Hey Granny has also come. CRAZY, huh?! (Granny kills the player) If everyone comes at once, how can I tolerate? I shot this Spider after so much struggle, that domestic shit, and she instead killed me, man. And if she’s alive again then I’m gonna die. If it’s alive again, my gun is still there, is it a joke? Oh! Spider’s gone, hey! (whispers) Spider’s gone, yes! What is this? Game: ‘an empty plate’. An empty plate? So what should I do with it?! I killed the spider, I smashed it, at least, something good happened. Now what’s this, Game: ‘Padlock key’ Padlock Key, huh? Now if I take the Padlock here, then Granny will come, ‘buggy buggy’, so I need to kill Granny first. Come Granny, I’m ready. I know you’re gonna come ‘buggy buggy’ Our Granny’s coming. Come straight, yes. Don’t move. (Player shoots Granny with Shotgun) You slept for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, right? Fuck you, Granny! Die, Granny. Look, look, Granny, how she’s innocently lying down. She’s annoyed me. She doesn’t lemme leave. Now what and where should I search more? There’s nothing else. Here’s the toilet, hey what’s that, meat? Piece of painting? What should I do with the meat. I can navigate the spider with it. Maybe there’s a same feature according to me. The padlock opened with the Padlock key. Maybe I could keep the meat upstairs in the empty plate. There was one, right? Maybe something could happen with it. Granny is here, boy, this is the chance, get out, boy. If Granny comes, I’ll be in a problem. Get out, get out, get out, take the meat, take the meat, where’s the meat? Maybe it was around here. Oh shit, I’m gone. (Granny kills player) Okay spider, And I’ve come to meet you again. But I’m in doubt if it will die with it. Hey spider! COME Oh, it didn’t. MMMMMMMMM! Maybe I missed it. According to me, I should take the meat with me. So, let’s try taking the meat there. Let’s see if something happens. Look, I know where the meat is, we need to take it, Okay, we took the meat, now where’s Granny? But what to do with her, And I don’t know if it’s gonna get attracted by the meat. Hope it doesn’t bite me. Yes! MEAT! Thank you! Okay, where’s the Tranquilizer? OH SHIT! How did it finish the meat so quickly?! That means I have only one chance- Keep the meat there, and then kill it or… take out the things I need. This is injustice. And it’s still there and I don’t have meat. Come, spider bro. The moment you come, I’ll shoot you. So, come quickly. SPIDER! (Spider Kills Player) I MISSED AGAIN! Or will it die by shotgun only? So, I have limited time and I’ll first pick the Shotgun. Hey Tranquilizer, come to me fast, come here! Hey, no jokes, oh, shit! How did I even think? OK Guys, we had fun meeting Granny’s spider So, it’s more dangerous than Granny. So, you tell did you overcome Granny by some other way What happened if we couldn’t do it in this episode? We will surely do it in the next episode. Subscribe to BeastBoyShub above.

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  1. if you want to beat spider first you should place a meat when the spider go to eat meat the you can shoot with a shotgun only

  2. shoot the tranculiser on the red button connected to the spider's cage. So the cage of spider will close

  3. shoot the tranculiser on the red button connected to the spider's cage. So the cage of spider will close

  4. Hello Jab playhouse aap ko Dikhe Tu Uske side mein Chhota Sa Gufa dikhega Udhar usko Aaja kurta khol na aur uske andar ghus Nachu Aaj Ki Duniya


  6. You are not a good ? ? ? is that what u doing today 40th grade and he said that you are a very happy for u and ur family and friends and family and friends and

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