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August 13, 2019

I don’t remember I bought this a while ago I don’t remember. Is it too dark around here Joe? No, it’s not too bad. Are you changing some kind of lighting right now? Do I open these things up? Just giving you a nice little rimlight. Ooh! Nice. Why would you- ‘Kay. You know what this is? mmm-carpet. Carpet? yeah. Carpet… This is not a carpet. This is a wooden… Marshmallow crossbow that you can get custom-made online… I originally was gonna do this for something else, like an Amazon or something but, I think it was two nifty to stand alone in an Amazon- actually-well… Not standalone. So technically it is standing alone right now. Hey! oh-I see you found another hidden gem over there, as well. This is called the Micro Blaster X. You know what this is? Its a… shoots toothpicks I assume. No! actually. It doesn’t. It shoots Q-tips! However, It was discontinued because people put toothpicks IN IT and shot. So that’s what we’re gonna do because it got discontinued so I bought it on Ebay. So this is- thisz- This is a deadly weapon. Kids take this shit to school, and they fucking shoot these bad boys out at each other, and they probably hurt… …I’d imagine. Toothpicks probably hurt- HWOA- aw dude I’m just so clumsy today. AAAAAAAae Let me get a Q-tip-wants to-to just see how it would work. are you… asking me for a Q-tip? yeah just kinda like check these out- Oh they got Q-tips already. Yeah, this is what you’re supposed to use for this off- for this uh… Crossbow. however… once- once it go- Once the word got out, things started to get a little bit… y’know- Dangerous. Ow!~ I don’t know-didn’t really work. I’m gonna open this up. Let’s try this again. Check it out. *gasp* *click* ooooooooo- Did that hurt? m… Not really. No? no. alright, well then… I-I don’t know if a toothpick’s gonna do any better. I assume it’s heavier than the uh… the Q-tip. *snap* Hoooo… That hurt my fucking finger. Hey watch that. That’s-that’s custom built dude. If you break that… eEEe This is a bunch of bullshit dude. I Can’t even get this to fucking actually… work. There we go. I got it. Finally. After 10 months. Hoh! I got it. areyouready? Yes- Hoh! -aaaAAAAAAAAAaaAAaAa I’m fine Gave me a little fright, but… I Don’t see any external damage to my… uh Skin. I think the process that the child would have to take in order to use something like this in the middle of their classroom is a little bit counter-productive. Not only would they be slacking off with their work, But they wouldn’t effectively be able to shoot anybody. Even- Someone across the…The classroom, they would not be able to be shot, by something, such as this. uh… I mean, the-the q-tips work decent enough I guess? ya know? but-uh… that’s-there’s no way. That’s a piece of garbage. Hello? Oh we got the couch? we’ll be right out be right out! (we got the couch) Be right out! -Be right out! t’s-new couch. That’s like where they transport like uh… The retired people? Yeah, look it’s a medical-what? What? Medical transport! I think- Should we just like-put it in? I guess we should just put it right over there. Yeah. what are we gonna do… What are we gonna do with the old one? uh… Blow it up. I don’t know. That’d be cool. If we could just put like-dynamite in it. and go to the desert? yeah. Um, that might be too much. I don’t know if we could do that. Look at thaaat. Put it right over… here. if you can. Get it like-out of the way. ooo! Y’know it’s like literally… Wait a minute. It’s like-pretty much like-the same but it has like… Yeah… It’s actually clean! We don’t have to worry about sitting and shit, or… blood, or… vomit or… pee. Or anything. yeah-We do weird stuff, so it gets stained. I Like it. It’s comfy. Nice. Cool. (cool!) Thank you! yep. MMmmmm… That’s a fresh couch. This is the real deal right here. This is the main event. almost done. here you go. it’s adjustable. Alright, now… Oh, man! Oooh! Hand crafted with pride, this came from Vancouver. …go like that? dude can you hurry up man? I’m sorry! I’m just really trying to figure out, like.. I think you unscrew this. I’m a-i’m a- My dad used to be a carpenter, so I… I know this kind of stuff. Anything wood related, I got it. Can you make this by hand? Make something like this? Dude he could probably make like seventeen of those. I got it . I think this is all you have to do. I think it was just that simple. And the objective here is to build… Build out a little bit of a shooting range. You can put that, uh… That jacket on there for your protection. Does this- uh, shoot- uh, big toothpicks? This? Yeah. No this is marshmallows. alright. Just marshmallows. safety first when it comes to huntin Did you know hunters get shot all the time when they’re hunting because people think they’re animals? That’s why you wear the vest. That’s why you wear the vest. You could wear camouflage but you look like dirt, so they shoot you, ’cause… …dirt’s dangerous. Whooh! Now that… Now that’s a weapon right there- Don’t put it in your fucking mouth! What are you doing? The things you eat, dude! sorry AAAAAAAAAAAAaAAaaAa Ohohoh- Fuhuhuhuhuck! ‘The hell dude? Holy shit, this thing’s awesome! I like this. You fucking stood there! Sorry, I didn’t know I thought you were a deer. You might ask what we’re shooting. as opposed to each other. I have… Selected. Hand-picked targets! you know what this is? what- Oh is that a freaking doughnut? that’s a doh’ nut. It’s not just a donut, and it’s not just a pillow. Oh it’s a Simpsons donut! it’s kinda… Smell it. Smell it. Oh it smells- Smells like cotton candy. Mmm! Wait-is it edible dude? Yep. Uh-uh. It’s not. No, it’s just scented. They’re scented- they’re scented. So I’ll put these-I’ll put these around and we can actually uh… Just shoot at some scented pillows. Wanna smell this one? mhm! hey what is this-this is um… Smell it. A rais-raisin cranberry pie. OOF that one… uhh! strong smell! wanna smell it Joe? Mmm! Why don’t you don’t get too much up in there. mmm… Brett you wanna smell this? yeah. Raisin cranberry pie? Just like what Momma used to make. It’s like-it’s slightly off. What do you mean “Slightly off”? it’s like… You wouldn’t wanna put your head on that while you sleep at night? It’s like a baker died sleeping on this pillow. y’know what i mean? Damn, that fucks up their entire brand. Just kidding, it’s nice That one smells like it’s supposed to smell. What is that? Is that a liver? Oh my god! This is the one! oh Dude that strong-that reminds me of like, -uh… what do you want to call it- um-um… One of those-uh… Scented markers. That is-that is strong as a scented marker. Yeah it does-it reminds me of that too. Imagine that you could sleep at night, with your head on a pillow that also gets you high at the same time! sshit… Watch where you’re aiming that. You have a-you have a-a grade-A weapon there. Take heed where you aim it! Hey-watch out guys! I’m hunting for deer! I’m… He’s si-he’s shaking. aw shit dude. where’d you shoot it? I missed. You’re gonna have to go recover that or else ants are going to invade the office. it’s true. Hoh fuck me! Smell that! Mmm! is that orange? No. That’s weed, dude. I see you’ve found another hidden gem over there as well! Thank you so much for watching this video! Hope you guys enjoyed it-if you did, Smash that like button Mavericks! Smash that like button. Don’t forget to hang out with your Logang-Paulgang and… The logang paulgang?!? Buy merch! If you like it, leave a like on it.

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  1. A quick question and I know you guys are probably broke as you guys have hinted in the past videos BUT, will you guys be doing a charity thing soon? It would be cool!

  2. classic spitballs are the only classroom weapon. and if you can find a thin straw long grain rice can shoot pretty far and is super accurate.

  3. We used to make blowdarts from shoelace aglets, sewing needles or pushpins, and mechanical pencil tubes or straws. Creative right?

  4. What do you guys use for equipment? I am a YouTuber that is trying to to figure out which cameras and lighting I will need to get. So figured I would ask all of you since you have more experience than I do.

  5. I really don't want to comment this but i'm just going to. Trevor has been looking like such a daddy lately, and i can't stop thinking about it when he is show. He's glowing like a pregnant woman.

  6. Why do I feel like the comments are going to absolutely lose their shit once a single drop of something is spilled on that couch?

  7. Back in middle there was a trend of taking plastic bbs and a straw and shooting them at people across the classrooms.

  8. Bros what the hell is that sound effect from they used when James shot the toothpick thing at Trevor I cannot figure it out

  9. "Yeah it's kinda like you can park anywhere. Sometimes I'll actually transport people. Kinda a side business- I mainly transport sofas."


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