NEW CHAIR!! ~ LILY MOMENTS #3 (◕ᴗ◕✿) ft. offlinetv & friends
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NEW CHAIR!! ~ LILY MOMENTS #3 (◕ᴗ◕✿) ft. offlinetv & friends

August 28, 2019

Lily: Rock paper scissors.
Fed: Whata!? Lily: Rock paper scissors Fed: Wait..
Lily: You slap me now Fed: Wait i don’t wanna slap you
Lily: Slap me !Lily: What the F#ck that’s it? Fed: I don’t wanna hurt you
Lily: Slap me harder! Janet:Intro
Lily: AAAaa Lily: Albert doesn’t like sweet stuff.
Why do you like me then? Albert: You think you’re sweet? Lily: Yo Pecca
Peccaa Pecca: Your real voice Lily
You let your real voice slip Lily: Oh no whatever will happen to that Pecca: You’re british too
Lily : Yo Pecca Lily: How ya doin babe? Lily: Yo wanna go get some drinks?
Pecca: Maggie let’s go, let’s get out Lily: Wait where are you going?
Wait Pecca! Josh: And if you draw a line down from where Lily is, right? And if you draw a line across to where Scarra is, right? Like this Cuz this is a sort of trajectory that i think Lily wants to be in But she is actually if you look closely it looks something like this Lily: F#ck you Josh! Lily: 🎶I don’t sleep anymore, I don’t sleep anymore🎶 Lily: 🎶Like i used to do🎶 Lily: – Joast ‘ll never die –
Yeah like you know they ‘ll marry and they be like Haha just a meme
They gonna have kids Just a meme Pecca: Yaay no more dentil chair Lily: WEEEE This chair is soo comfy Let me just relax for a little bit okay? Woah!!
I ‘ve never had- Pecca can you do me a favour? You know that pink blanket it the livingroom? Lily: Can you- can you bring the blanket? Lily: Aww yeah
Pecca: Blanketless Lily: Yesss Lily: Okay let’s really think about this Albert okay?
Albert: Alright Lily: With your 100 IQ and my 300 IQ there’s no way we can- Albert: I think you got them backwards Lily: Wait nononononohohoo
My 300 IQ Fed:Janet: OMG i sound like Toast
Lily: Its not like i want to sound like him or anything Janet: Nooo
Lily: Yeees Lily: What do you like Janet?
I feel like you know I like a lot about what you like but i don’t know what you like Well you see, I like you Toast
A lot Oohh Albert: Stop touching me!
Lily: Muny muny muny muny Lily: Woah
Nani the heck What did you do? Albert: You parry at the right time
this is how you play the game Lily: Can you not ?? on me
you’re being very mean right now Sub alert: Join us
Lily: HAA
Oh that’s my-I changed my sub sound [ Unintelligible words ] Josh: Oh let’s go Lily
Jummy: OMG Lily 2v1 Jummy: Lily- Josh: OMG Lily Lily: AAAAAAAaaa Lily:Yess Lily: Yeah Josh: OMG Albert: OMG Lily is a god Lily: I’m a god! Lily: Yes No Scarra: Yes
Lily:Scarra: What was that?!
Why that pause?! Lily:
Scarra: You weren’t confident enought to be able to say that? You were afraid you ‘d hurt my feelings? Lily: Nonono Scarra: Are you afraid of being honest with me?
I thought we were friends and all you know Lily: 🎶Everyone’s go to sleep, now Lily 🎶 🎶 While I’m playing piano 🎶
🎶 I wish they just let me play my piano 🎶 Lily: Just say it really fast
Lily: Blub blub blub blub blub blub
Aria: I can’t do it Aria: How do you-?
Both: Blub blub blub blub Albert: Okay chat what do you want? Lily: No don’t ask them what they want
They gonna be like: we want you to kiss And- and marry and have kids Albert: A solid 3
Lily: Okay Lily: I give you a solid like 5 Albert: What?!
Lily: What you gave me a 3 Alber: Yeah but you are not cool Lily: WHAT THE HE- Lily: No, I’ve seen this before its very-
Toast: Oh…Poki: Oh where are my hands? Oh sorry
Where do I- where do I Pu- Fed: See that’s what i was thinking-
Lily: I feel so violated
Poki:Lily: Hey i heard you were calling me a door- a doormat earlier Scarra: No that’s not what we said
We meant door Scarra: You are very easily accessable for on both sides Lily: Did you say I’m easy? Fed: Oh this is a keyhole dude
Toast: No
Oh sh#t Lily: What do you want?
Poki:Pecca: Guess who this is for?
Lily: I wonder who that-
Fed: Here Toast Lily: Whata.. f#ck
Everyone:Lily: Look they hug
You should hug me too Lily:He bought her flowers Aria: So i might have to sleep here
Lily: Okay my bed is big enough for both of us Lily: I’M IN Lily: Read your reply to Albert’s email
This was sent November 2015
I replied November 2017 Hey Albert that’s sounds great let me know what you want to do And then he replied f#ck you Fed: How do you tell a girl you like her
Lily: Just tell her Fed: Its too early to tell her
Lily: Then be patience and then tell her
Fed: M’kay Lily: Wait were you making a joke there?
Lily: That’s actually so funny
You know what’s hilarious? It was such an obvious joke but that it even crossed my mind, because you are so brotherzoned
Like how funny is that? Holy sh#t Lily: 🎶 I want to sleep but at the same time I really don’t 🎶 🎶At the same time i really should sleep
Cuz i know I’m not making any sence 🎶 Janet: Kiro kiro kiro
Lily: Whata f#ck Janet: Do you like it when i call you Toast-kun or Toast-senpai?
Lily:Janet: Kiro
Lily:What the f#ck? Janet: Onii-chan
Lily: You might aswell call him oppa Janet: Kiro kiro kiro
Lily:Lily: What the f#ck? Janet: Do you know what kimochi (it feels good) means? Lily: Janet what the f#ck?
I’ve never seen this side of Janet Lily: I’m twitch chat Ooo POGGERS LUL NOTLIKETHIS
Albert: No..oh gawd Lily: How fast can you blub?
Albert: Not very fast why are you asking it for? Lily: Blub as fast as you can
Albert: M’kay Blub blub blub blub Oh god its so difficult
How do you do it? Lily:blub blub blub blub
Albert: HOW THE HECK? Lily: Wait wait wait thats so next level
They used Kirby as the O in
Chris: I love it A 100 find this person lock him in a room and he’s going to do some amazing stuff
Probably find the cure to cancer He looks like he is fading
Like the existence is slowly fading and there’s nothing you can do Like he is cought in a black hole and he’s being torn apart So i love its Kirby in pink space in a pink black hole Lily: Are you okay? Lily: You are flat Albert: Ouch Lily:I did it
Blue is my lucky number Blue is my lucky number
Can we not clip that? Lily: If you wanted to fall into something hot
You could ‘ve fallen into me Albert: Aww
Lily: Aww you kissed me Fed. Oh aa Janet: I thought that was you
For a short time I swear i didn’t I saw the hand and I thought it was you
You came back or something Lily: He got food for her
Nooo Lily: Hey Albert
Albert: Yeah?
Lily: I lama you He just left the room
He just left Temmie:
Lily:Lily: Temmie scared me Lily: Albert this game is so hard
I don’t even know if am i even getting any better Albert: I don’ think you are you don’t build anything Lily: That’s not what you suppose to say
I’ve been playing all day what do you mean i haven’t gotten any better Albert: Lily has a lot of trap questions
She asked you: Do i look thicc? I mean how do you answer that? Albert: Hello?
Lily: Hey what’s up? Albert: Did you- Yeah What’s up? Nothing
Lily: Fine Outro

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  1. I've been looking for that anime that she dubbed about Toast for the longest time, I've found it, loved it, and excited for season 2

  2. I would do anything to live in the offlinetv house with my pupper and marry fed 😂👌🏻🐾

  3. I don't sleep anymore
    I don't sleep anymore
    I don't sleep anymore like I used to
    is a parody of BTS's
    We don't talk anymore
    We don't talk anymore
    We don't talk anymore like we used to

  4. 8:22 I was eating jello and when I saw this I was attractant and at the same time I started laughing hard while I was coughing, so suddenly my brother came to me and ask me why i was crying so loud, JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

  5. Lily “You said you don’t like sweet stuff, then why you like me then?”
    Albert: “You think your sweet?”

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