New 2019 Canyon Strive | GMBN Tech ‘Geek Edition’ First Look
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New 2019 Canyon Strive | GMBN Tech ‘Geek Edition’ First Look

November 4, 2019

– Canyon is well known for producing a huge and varied range of bikes, and in the last year we’ve
seen a lot of revisions to the range including a
total redesign on the Torque which is the bike park thrasher, and then over here of course
is the Lux 29er XC race bike, and even the all-mountain Spectral has seen some rolling updates, but it has left a little
bit of a hole in the range. We’ve been waiting for a
revision on the Strive, which is why Canyon invited me out here to their factory in
Koblenz to check it out. This is the brand new Strive. (fluid music) Classic spelling mistake. It’s GMBN, boys. You spelled it wrong. (fluid music) I mean, this is Canyon after all. As far as you can see, there are bikes in every single direction, but I’m not interested
in these bikes today. It’s only about the new Strive, so let’s go into this little
tech lab and check this out. Now, at a glance, you might think it looks fairly similar
to the previous model. Look a little closer
though, and you’ll see that there are some significant changes. First up, you’re gonna notice is rolling on bigger 29-inch wheels. It’s intended for racing, and 29-inch wheels tend
to work out best for that. Also, out back is a
revised suspension platform offering more support, and more importantly is
the new updated version of the Shapeshifter system, which really is key to the
versatility of this bike. We’re going to get into that in a minute. For now, let’s compare the older geometry in the older system compared
to this brand new 2019 model. Okay, so let’s get into the nitty gritty. Now, of course this particular
one is a top-end model, but we’ll get to that in a second. So there’s obviously, knowing Canyon, there’s a lot of different models and arranged with a lot of
different components out there, but if we compare this directly to the 2018 model and the previous model which of course was 27 and
1/2 inch wheels, that is when you’re gonna start seeeing
some of those differences. So, of course, this for the bigger wheels is actually running 150
millimeters to travel out back, and when you operate
the Shapeshifter system, it turns it into a 135
mil travel back end, and that of course naturally
steepens up the angles. Now, the angles are actually very similar to the previous bike. So it was running a 66
degree head angle previously and it still is, and
it turns to 67 and 1/2 when you operate the Shapeshifter system. Now, the bikes I’ve
got in front of me here are both size XLs of course,
so this is the older 2018 model with a 27 and 1/2 inch wheels,
and this brand new model. Now, look how long the head tube is, or how tall the head tube is
on the 27 and 1/2 inch model. It kind of has to be that way
to keep your geometry correct, and keep everything in relation. Now, that’s 155 millimeters, so it’s quite a tall head tube,
but look how good it looks on a 29-inch wheel modern version, so that’s down to 130 mils, so it’s far lower up front, and it looks, admire certainly,
it looks a lot neater. The whole frame looks a
lot more in proportion. Now, the Canyon’s designers
have worked incredibly hard to neaten everything up. There’s not just an overview of a bike. This thing has been
redesigned from the ground up. Even the actual rocker linkage
here itself is far cleaner, and look at those lines. They just follow from the top tube all the way down to the
seat stays of the bike. It’s a very clean looking bike, especially if you consider this is a 29er, and this is a size XL. I think it looks absolutely fantastic. Now, there’s two different
models of carbon fiber available in the 2019 model of the Strive. There’s the CF which is
available throughout the range, and there’s also the CFR
which is slightly lighter, slightly more high-performance build, and that’s only available
on the top two models. Those top two models
also have an additional 10 millimeters up front, so
our stocket runs 160, 150. On those top two models, they’re running a whopping
170 fork on there. Now, the older 27 and 1/2 inch model featured five sizes in
the range, and they varied from extra small all the
way through to extra large, but the new 2019 model
only has the four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large. Now, as explained, previous
models were available in carbon and alloy, whereas
there’s no more alluminium as far as the Strive is concerned. There’s only the carbon
and the carbon race models. Of course, there’s 300 grams
difference between them. There’s 2,700 grams for the carbon, and 2,400 grams for the carbon race. Seat angle remains the same
as 73.5 degrees and 75 degrees depending on which mode you’re on with the Shapeshifter system, and chainstay length out
back is nice and short at 435 millimeters,
which equates quite well to the 423 that it had
on the previous size. The Shapeshifter system,
of course, is the real key to the versatility of this bike, so this is where the
Shapeshifter system is housed. The Shapeshifter unit itself is something that’s designed by Canyon
and manufactured by Fox, so it’s very much a collaboration
between the two brands, and the way it works
effectively is it allows that top shock mount position to move and by doing so, it alters
the travel the bike has, it alters the suspension
characteristics on the rear end of the bike, and of course it
changes the geometry as well. In the standard position,
which is the open position, that means it’s in downhill mode, it offers 150 millimeters of travel. You’ve got there 66 degree
head angle up top there, and when you flick it in to
the climbing mode, it extends. Basically, it moves that
upper shock mount position just like this. It raises the bottom bracket. It shortens the travel. It firms the suspension. It feels fantastic, and one of the coolest things about this is it uses a stock shock. It’s not like other systems on the market that rely on a specially-produced shock. You could fit any shock in here with the correct eye-to-eye measurement. You could even fit a coil shock
in there if you wanted to. The point is this is the
bit that does all the work. The shock is just a shock absorber. Now, you might be wondering
what would happen, for example, if you snap
the cable that operates it. Now, nice and simple, you won’t
be stuck in the uphill mode. You’d actually be in the downhill mode to a 66 degree head angle. It’s perfectly usable
as an all-around bike. You just won’t have that
slightly enhanced ride quality that you want for climbing uphill, so there’s no bad thing there. The unit is pressurized itself. It has a Schrader valve to the left here, and it runs between 50 and 200
pounds of pressure in there. You can set it up to feel differently in different situations,
something I’m going to get into out on the trail shortly, but something is very cool which you see is a little reference window here, so when you’re in the
saddle, you can see exactly which setting you’re in if
you choose to look down there, so note you can see
half of it right there. As soon as I click the
shifter, everything changes. And when it comes to the
remote control itself, that is completely revised
and much, much easier to use, much more intuitive. So this particular version
has a RockShox reverb dropper post remote on here as well, and you simply got two buttons to change between the two, but if you wanna see what
the other one looks like which has a regular dropper post remote, come and check this out. So, over here, and I
actually think that this is a slightly cleaner design, so you got your Shapeshifter
font all around the side there. You’ve got your two buttons to engage it into climb mode or into descend mode, and you’ve got your dropper
post remotely over here, so this is for cable-operated droppers. This will actually work on
both types of dropper posts whether you’ve got the
cable, or the top end, or the bottom end, or whether
it has a nipple or not, so you can see it accepts the
cable nipple in the end here, but there’s also a grub screw so you can actually plant
the end of the cable, so it works on both systems, so very much looking forward
to having a go on one of these on one of the posts on
one of our own bikes. So you got the cable root,
it goes right down here, down the seat tube, and
up the down tube here, very simple and very easy
to work out what’s going on if you have a good look at it. This is the actual Shapeshifter 2.0 unit. Look closely here, and you’ll see what’s effectively a small stanchion tube. This is extended in the uphill position. When you click the
shifter and you sit on it, it squashes down, and
it dramatically changes the upper mounting place of the shock, and that is what’s crucial to how this bike performs
and how it rides, and I think it’s a really,
really neat system. The trouble is, all this
talking about the tech stuff and the numbers didn’t
really tell me that much, so I think it’s about
time I hit the trails and actually see how this thing felt. (rhythmic music) Now, any decent mountain bike
needs to have the ability to be able to get you to
the top of the hills quickly and as efficiently as possible, but a big, ol’ bike like
a 150 mil travel 29er, well, that’s never gonna
be that much of a joy, but using Shapeshifter means you’re effectively riding a 135 mil bike, and, well, that’s the name
of the game, isn’t it? (rhythmic music) So, in answer to the other question, what is it actually like on the trails? Well, I think you can tell
the state of me, pretty muddy. I had a wicked time riding it here on the home Canyon trails in Koblenz. Now, what do I need to say about the bike? Well, it’s quite dramatically different from the previous bike. Of course, you’re gonna
be able to find this out in another video with Neil, but I think the key
things for me are the fact that A) the geometry
has changed quite a lot. When I say the geometry,
I mean to take into fact it’s a longer sizing now, so that’s much better for us taller folk, and in fact, I think the
medium is very slightly shorter so it’s actually improved
for people like Neil or Blake as well as far as shorter riders go. Now, the angles, okay, so it might not be the slackest bike out there, but I think it’s completely appropriate for what it’s designed for. It feels really agile but not once does it ever feel out of composure. It’s a really comfortable bike to ride, and I’ve gotta say, the Shapeshifter system works really well. It’s much more intuitive to
use than the previous system. I mean that in two senses of the word. So, obviously, the shifter
itself is completely different to the previous shifter. The shifter before was
almost on top of the bars, was a bit of a reach to get to it, and also the system works
the opposite way around, so it’s basically this default setting is actually in the downhill setting. It’s much easier to
engage it into that mode because you just sit into the bike, and it’s very easy to get out the saddle, hit the other button, and you’re straight
into the climb setting, and it makes such a
difference when you’re out of the saddle, when you’re in the saddle. As soon as you point it
up, the high BB position, the way the suspension feels, it’s just a fantastic option
to have on a bike like this. I think actually the
thing I like about it best is the fact there’s no funny shock. What I mean by that is
a lot of manufacturers get around these sort
of issues by specking very specific shocks that
they have built for them. Shapeshifter enables you to use a stock shock of your choice. Obviously, this particular
one’s got RockShox Super Deluxe with a piggy back on it. It’s a fantastic shock, but even without lockout engaged, it climbs really, really well, but you also have the option, thanks to the internal
cable root in there, to run a lockout on there, and you could even run a coil shock. So the fact is you can set this up exactly as you want it to ride. So you go, that is the brand
new 2019 Canyon Strive. Now, if you want to find
out a little bit more about the bike and how
it rides in comparison to the previous model, click down here and check out Neil’s video. As always, don’t forget
to subscribe to GMBN Tech, and if you love Canyon bikes,
give us a huge thumbs up.

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