NEW 2018 Triax – Latest Hunting Bow from Mathews
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NEW 2018 Triax – Latest Hunting Bow from Mathews

August 17, 2019

new Matthews Triax let’s see what this looks like. Just released today in my
favorite Sitka camo It’s like Christmas oh cool matching new subalpine Triax lot different they’re claiming this is
the quietest bow and the smoothest just like the Halon so it doesn’t have sights
or just not where I’m gonna shoot it for very very far but we’re gonna shoot it
pull back let some arrows fly see what it sounds like see what feels like and
give her a test run should be pretty cool short maneuverable I think they
said that this is 28 inches axle the axle yeah let’s get out and shoot this
puppy alright so we’re out at the range it’s a little chilly outside obviously
November here in Wyoming the new Matthews Triax its first wheel towards
our target I have no sights and no stabilizers or
anything they sent this to us set up so that we could check it out the day it
was released when they didn’t obviously want us rolling around with it so they
set it up for us hopefully I at least hit the back well that worked right through the back
actually this is really quiet though gosh and I can’t believe how smooth it
is one more there it is the Matthews Triax 20-inch axle the axle
343 IBO brand new hot off the presses go check it out we’re gonna get this thing
all set up probably have Dan Pickar’s expertise come in and give us a full
review on this puppy so stay tuned check us out on YouTube Eastman’s hunting
journals that is quiet probably their quietest bow I’ve ever shot

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  1. so it's taken a whole 12 months for a top level bow company like mathews to make just 2 bows
    1 target bow and 1hunting bow a shorter halon.. REALLY I want a job at mathews if that's all they can so in a whole 12 months.

  2. Mathews has become the "we'll repackage anything that sells (s)cam" I'm still trying to figure out what the "real" improvements have been since the Helium days??? But keep your eyes peeled for the brand new super duper 2019 Mathews el fantazmo electri-bow

  3. The video is very well what happens is that this technology is changing, we are some people who are developing new arcs that are powered by gas and that surely the arc manufacturers like hoyt are studying for the near future. a greeting

  4. Absolutely awesome bow.>>> My 10 year old child thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the customary bow for their tournaments and so he was already using this in school. The added bonus of the other colors and items made it more fun for her.

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